FOLLOW UP: Fr. Z asks help from priests: Can you take a Gregorian Mass set, stipend?

UPDATE 22 September:

Since I updated, 10 priests have contacted me to say that they can take Gregorian Masses, in either the Ordinary Form or Extraordinary Form.  You can work it out with them. If you need Masses said, drop me a line and I will try to connect you with the priests… and then I will get out of the way.

UPDATE 21 September:

I just crossed the last priest off the list of those who had written to me saying that they could take a Gregorian Mass intention.  That makes 11 people connected to 11 priests.

Priests who can take a Gregorian intention can drop me a line.  Put “PRIEST CAN TAKE GREGORIAN MASSES” in the subject line.  Indicate if you can do all of them Extraordinary Form or only Novus Ordo or mixed… etc.

If some of you readers need a Gregorian Mass set said for a loved one, drop me a line and I will try to set you up with one of the priests who might write to me.  I promise nothing but to pass your email along to a priest who might write.  After that you can then work it out yourselves.  Indicate if you want all of them Extraordinary Form or only Novus Ordo or mixed, no preference, etc.

I am not vouching for any of the priests.  That’s up to you.

And, just to be crystal clear, I have no part in the stipend or anything else once you have made your contact on your own.


Originally Published on: Jun 9, 2016

I had a call from a friend of many decades to ask if I could take a stipend for a set Gregorian Masses.  Alas, when I also have to take parish intentions that makes a Gregorian set hard to do.

For those of you who don’t know, I wrote about Gregorian Masses HERE.

So… I need to shake the tree a little.


Are any of you priests out there, diocesan or religious, able to take a 30-day Gregorian Mass set using – NB – the Traditional Latin Mass? 

Please drop me a line and I will get you in touch with my friend who asked.  Put GREGORIAN MASSES in the subject.  Indicate if you will accept Novus Ordo also, or only… whatever.


Some priests really need the stipends, friends.

You will have to work out the stipend between you.

However, I noted on a page of the SSPX that they recommend $800.  Keep in mind that a Gregorian set is a big undertaking for a priest, because he has that one intention for 30 days.  He would have to find a priest to take the intention for him where he impeded for any reason.


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