Whatever it is they’re trying to do, I can tell they’re doing it wrong.

fishwrapAnd now for something completely different

Something not so fresh, as usual, from the Fishwrap (aka National Schismatic Reporter).  The combox (in theory having a new policy) under that piece is not revealing wholehearted enthusiasm about the event.

I wonder how much the Clinton/Podesta team had contact with these … folks.

Catholic reform group seeks to build diversity with conference changes

On Nov. 11, just days after the presidential election, Call to Action (CTA) will kick off its national conference, titled “One Earth. One People. Una Tierra. Un Pueblo.” [I’ll bet there will be a lot of, tear wiping, hugging and consoling going on.]
The conference’s timing and title seem especially fitting for a country that, throughout the election season, has been fractured by divisive rhetoric surrounding immigration, women, religious affiliation and climate change.

“I think there has been a groundswell of Catholics that recognize that relationships in the church and the world are broken,” said David Saavedra, interim co-executive director of CTA. “It is only through the creation of authentic relationships that we are offered the opportunity to dialogue and come to greater understanding of people who have been marginalized.”


Interspersed throughout the program on Nov. 12 are four blocks of workshops, many of which focus on topics that remain taboo inside the institutional church, including sessions on sexual ethics, rethinking complementarity, and the transgender experience. Other sessions will consider the experience of Latina spiritual leaders, decolonization, environmental violence, and restorative justice.

Opportunities for prayer and liturgy are also abundant. Early morning prayer sessions will be offered by members of Roman Catholic Womenpriests, the Ecumenical Catholic Communion, Spiritus Christi and FutureChurch. The opening and closing liturgies will seek to honor the Native America spiritualities that are an enduring presence on the 19 pueblos of New Mexico.


Other than the fact that the word “Catholic” is spelled out a few times in this piece, is there much in there that seems Catholic to you?

And yet the Fishwrap – which had the word “Catholic” stripped from them by a former bishop of Kansas City – promotes this lunacy.

Just after the election, Fishwrap editors asked what Catholic Americans ought to do.

This isn’t it.

These people are really confused, dear readers.  And so are those who promote this sort of event.

Prayer for the Conversion or Downfall of the National catholic Reporter

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  1. Agathon says:

    “titled ‘One Earth. One People. Una Tierra. Un Pueblo'”

    . . . in CHRIST, right? One people in Christ?

    “It is only through the creation of authentic relationships that we are offered the opportunity to dialogue and come to greater understanding of people who have been marginalized.”

    . . . and also in CHRIST, right? We are afforded unity and understanding through Christ?

  2. scotus says:

    “fractured by divisive rhetoric surrounding immigration, women, religious affiliation and climate change”.
    Yes, Clinton, Democrats & Co, you’ve a lot to answer for. Well done to the Fishwrap for pointing it out so clearly.

  3. Kathleen10 says:

    Uh, yeah. This is just more navel-gazing, with a Spanish accent and a twist of pagan. It’s not Catholicism. Who is the bishop in New Mexico? Might he have something to say about this?
    When people are this confused, how is it possible to help them find God. They are looking for him in other human beings, earthly experiences.
    What galls me is that other people have time for this stuff. Geez I have to work hard and get to pull my head up at the end of the week for two days. What did I do wrong that I don’t have time to go to conferences and cry and hold hands with others while we contemplate the meaning of the raisins in our rice pudding. Somehow I seriously messed up. I’m trying to find God in living out my married vocation faithfully, going to Mass, learning more about our Catholic faith, going to Confession regularly, making the Five First Saturdays, prayer, the Rosary, and evangelizing when and where I can, and trying to get my family to think about God. Rather than attend silly conferences to talk about nothing important, I would in all charity recommend to these people they consider these types of endeavors as a replacement. They provide a solid foundation on which to build a life, messy as that life may be at times.

  4. Gregg the Obscure says:

    They’re going to be in Albuquerque, the home of Richard Rohr.

    Breaking Bad indeed.

  5. Thomas Sweeney says:

    Groups like this remind me of character’s in many Woody Allen movies. They are so above the common man with their “I care” pronouncements, while the rest of us unwashed struggle to support a family and keep our eye on eternity. Where do they get the financing to attend all of these meaningless conferences? Wouldn’t it be good for our morale to have a Bishop denounce these self-righteous nincompoops.

  6. RobS says:


    Albuquerque is in the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, so here you go: https://wdtprs.com/2016/11/elections-issues-so-what-is-a-parish-priest-to-do/

    I’m sure the Adoration chapel will be packed at this Catholic event, right?

  7. I think it is time for another Call to Holiness conference.

  8. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    As Mrs. Clinton might say, if she hasn’t already, ‘It takes Un Pueblo’.

    They seem so many and varied I’ve lost track – are any of these among the bogus ‘Catholic’ cats’ paws Mr. Podesta boasted about having cooked up in one or another e-mail (yuck: that ended up sounding like ‘Spirit’ Cooking…)? Or, of the ones ‘Father’ Dermot Rodgers of ‘St. Peter of Rome Roman Catholic Mission’ also belongs – or used to belong – to? I’d imagine they’d like to picket Fr. Perozich and the Immaculate Conception Church, too, if they haven’t been already.


    There is also “sicut in Adam omnes moriuntur” (1 Cor. 15:21).

  9. iamlucky13 says:

    So…if an orthodox Catholic happened to attend to experience this “One Earth, One People” and were to follow the principal written in Call to Action’s mission statement that “Every individual has the right to…promote the equality and dignity of all people” in continuity with Catholic teaching, would they, as they say, offer that person an “authentic relationship” and “the opportunity to dialogue,” or would they force that Catholic into the ranks of “people who have been marginalized?”

    I’ve seen a lot of hypocrisy lately, so I ask to make sure this inclusive language is genuinely a two-way street, unlike the people who last week were ranting about Trump being coy about whether he’ll accept the results of the election if he lost, but are now rioting in the streets and demanding the electoral college reject their mandate.

  10. MmeScherzo says:

    “Call to Action (CTA) will kick off its national conference, titled “One Earth. One People. Una Tierra. Un Pueblo.”

    I dunno, padre. Kinda reminds me of “Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer.”

    The greatest evils are always done on behalf of, and in the name of The People.
    Just sayin’.

  11. Benedict Joseph says:

    Was it 1966 that I first held in my adolescent hands the “National Catholic Reporter?”
    It is still plying its craft, and it has moved ever so much further away from anything resembling family friendly protestantism. The United States hierarchy, despite its admonition to the editors thirty-five – forty years ago, has not really done anything to leash it in.
    How could one possibly do that? By forbidding all clergy and religious from contributing and subscribing to it and by holding them accountable.
    The only individuals subject to discipline in the Roman Catholic Church in the United States are clergy, religious and laity who by their orthodoxy give credence to the admonitions of the hierarchy. Otherwise you have a free ride.
    The “National Catholic Reporter” despite its ageing readership, is the locus and the lifeline of virulent heresy in the Church in America. It is a scandal. The fact that it is not actively and loudly receiving rebuke from our hierarchy – and from Rome – accounts for its continuing existence and the credibility with which it masks itself. That is a far greater scandal.
    Why isn’t this a topic at the USCCB next week? I’m sure a few other inconvenient truths will be discussed. But they will have nothing to do with the heterodox.

  12. Absit invidia says:

    “Early morning prayer sessions will be offered by members of Roman Catholic Womenpriests, the Ecumenical Catholic Communion, Spiritus Christi and FutureChurch. The opening and closing liturgies will seek to honor the Native America spiritualities”

    …Wonder what and how many spirits they are conjuring in their little Catholic Burning Man festival?

  13. RichR says:

    why even claim the word “Catholic” when you are obviously espousing ideas contrary to the Catholic faith? It’s intellectual dishonesty, plain & simple.

  14. JabbaPapa says:

    The group Call to Action (CTA) was denounced and its members excommunicated by Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz in March 1996 for promoting positions he deemed “totally incompatible with the Catholic faith” — this excommunication was upheld and confirmed by the Vatican in 2006.

  15. Filipino Catholic says:

    There is a strong urge for me to use a few Mexican swearwords that crept into the Filipino language, so I can properly express my thoughts about this whole state of affairs. For heaven’s sake they’re only doing this because there are those who are afraid minorities and women will be relegated to second-class citizens under the President-elect, or that white supremacist / racist groups will be emboldened to attack them on the streets.

    While they’re either misinformed or prepared to believe the worst, that gives them no excuse for these workshops, let alone the questionable ecumenical prayer sessions.

  16. JonPatrick says:

    I got confused, when I saw CTA I kept thinking Chicago Transit Authority. Does that mean my Ventra card would get me access to this conference? That CTA has about as much to do with Catholicism as Call to Action does.

    On a more serious note, when I read about “broken relationships” I was thinking the broken relationship that needs to be mended is the one between us and God. Maybe if they worked on that they would accomplish something.

  17. Kerry says:

    Christ did not call us to ‘Action!!!!’ The word is, “Repent”.

  18. Ellen says:

    I thought that I could be happy at the election results, but at work I am hiding deeper and deeper in the closet. Funny, I can’t remember all the anger and violence from the opposition when Obama won – twice. The place where I work is offering grieving and counseling session for the snowflakes who are oh so traumatized. As for me, I work, I pray more and more and especially pray the St. Michael’s prayer that he protect our Church from the assaults that seem to be increasing in virulence.

  19. mike cliffson says:

    For myself I think that in Castillian , European Spanish , at least, ( in modern North and South American spanish , well maybe) One Earth one People would be better rendered “Una Tierra Una Nación”, or more locally customary “Una Tierra Una Raza” (raza being a good deal less genetic than you might think , it’s akin to the cymru idea in welsh, he who you can understand is a brother).
    I really can’t think why they didn’t so translate, being so universal and all, but there, it’s a very ignorant man I am after all.

  20. majuscule says:

    And now they have a petition going around to ask the Electoral Collage Electors to change their votes. People in my liberal area are pushing it in local email groups and on Facebook.

    I find it interesting that when gay “marriage” is the law, we are bigots and homophobes to say that marriage is between one man and one woman. (“It’s the law you bigot”)

    But now many of those same people will not abide by a law that has been on the books for generations.

    Ironically, I think there’s an Alinsky rule regarding this.

  21. frahobbit says:

    iamlucky13: perhaps we faithful Catholics (travel ability considered) really ought to infiltrate them. After all, isn’t that how the opposition made such inroads into true Catholic parishes and programs – by infiltration and one-to-one winning over a few a little at a time?

  22. AnnTherese says:

    Ellen, I’m guessing the reaction was different because Obama’s not a sociopath. Yes– prayer is critical now more than ever.

  23. Semper Gumby says:

    Venerator wrote: “(yuck, that ended up sounding like Spirit Cooking…) *chuckle*
    Good question, and nicely put, about how many of these groups like CTA are “bogus Catholic cat’s paws”.

    That CTA term “Un Pueblo” and MmeScherzo’s comment referencing “Ein Volk…” reminds me of Jonah Goldberg’s book Liberal Fascism. Fortunately, these groups apparently cannot decide whether to unite under the Hammer & Sickle or the Swastika. This CTA stuff indeed resembles a (c)atholic Burning Man festival per Absit invidia’s comment.

    JabbaPapa: Thanks, did not know that.

    Ellen wrote: “Funny, I can’t remember all the anger and violence from the opposition when Obama won – twice.” Excellent point. Among the many news items since Tuesday a pro-Trump 11-year old boy is now on crutches after being beaten in the classroom, possibly with the teacher present. And a pro-Trump high school girl was also beaten. In Portland last night, I only saw the headline, a small number of anti-Trump zealots started fighting each other. As Kathleen10 observed: People this confused are not easily brought to God. Hang in there Ellen, no doubt many across the fruited plains are in the same predicament. Perhaps discretion is the order of the day, until wild emotions and confused thoughts cool.

  24. HyacinthClare says:

    My thought when I read this was that the country had hardly been “fractured” by “divisive rhetoric” as much as it as been “fractured” by illegal invasion, women who hold the other half of humanity in contempt, blatant religious persecution and spectacularly expensive waste in the name of “stopping climate change.”

    Kathleen10, I’m still chuckling over “the meaning of the raisins in our rice pudding.” And Kerry, YES. OH YES.

  25. AvantiBev says:

    “And yet the Fishwrap – which had the word “Catholic” stripped from them by a former bishop of Kansas City – promotes this lunacy.”

    As a deplorable, irredeemable, Italian American chauvinist / nationalist I would strip the appellation “Roman” from these folks too.

  26. Venerator Sti Lot says:


    If you are indeed psychiatrist or even non-medical psychoanalyst to both Mr. Trump and Mr. Obama, I’m not sure it’s ethical for you to be divulging your diagnoses online like this.

    I don’t know that any of those of us who had been following Mr. Obama’s career on the state level and found him behaving like an infanticidal maniac (‘like’: not an attempted diagnosis!) and hoped a certain Catholic old diplomat interestingly referenced in The Audacity of Hope would keep him out of the U.S. Senate, ever behaved in the way Ellen is referring to, whatever office he came to occupy.

  27. AnnTherese says:

    Sorry, Venerator Sti Lot, I meant– narcissistic sociopath. The profile fits him like a glove. It’s a personality disorder, a mental illness. He can still serve as President. And people are rightly concerned about how this will present while he is in office. Newt Gingrich calls Trump’s threat of building a Wall and making Mexico pay for it “a great campaign device,” but likely not something he’ll actually do. That’s just one example.

    One more thing to pray about…

    I’ll add this: I voted for Hillary. I know her years in office as first female president would have been hell, and I’m glad she doesn’t have to endure this. Although I’m grateful she was willing to. I think Trump is exactly what our country needs– and deserves. An implosion. I’m sorry the most vulnerable people will suffer intensely for it. I fear for our children and grandchildren who will get swept into war for it. But I think it might be a necessary part of our evolution.

    Again. Praying!

  28. Venerator Sti Lot says:


    Despite Secretary Clinton’s disastrous Libyan policy which has directly and indirectly contributed to the intense suffering and agonizing deaths of countless people and will continue to do so, I did not know what to think of widespread recent fears of her as a ‘warmonger’. But I was impressed by Lord Richards, former Chief of the Defence Staff in the UK, saying, of her plans for no-fly zones, that, “Unless she’s prepared to do this properly and go to war with Russia, she shouldn’t talk about no-fly zones and nor should we” and “We would have to shoot down Russian aircraft in order to impose it. Do we really want to go to a shooting war over Aleppo?” And, in contrast, seeing Mr. Trump as “wise enough to get good people round him and probably knows that he’s got to listen to them and therefore I think we should not automatically think it will be less safe”.

    I am glad she will not be able to pursue her outspoken dedication to guaranteeing intense suffering for the most vulnerable people in the womb and even while they are being born – for the rejection of which she deemed so many of us “irredeemable”: not any Methodist teaching I had ever heard of before. Nonetheless, I do not see she is irredeemable – but in need of thorough repentance, which, recalling Dr. Nathanson, let us hope – and pray – she comes to.

  29. un-ionized says:

    How can obama not be a narcissistic sociopath? Look at his behavior for the last decade+.

  30. CrimsonCatholic says:

    It looks like one from the comment section of the Fishwrap made it to the comment of Fr. Z’s blog.

  31. hwriggles4 says:

    Has anyone mentioned that 4 out of 5 attendees will be senior citizens?

    The last Call to Action conference that I know of was in Detroit, and Archbishop Vigneron publicly told Catholics NOT to attend, and the Archdiocese of Detroit did not support the event.

    U.S. Catholic is another publication that belongs under my cats litterbox.

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