Book which Pope Francis mentioned in address to Roman Curia

16_12_23_Acquaviva_Industriae_titlepageYesterday His Holiness Pope Francis addressed himself to the Roman Curia for the annual Christmas greeting.

He mentioned Industriae ad curandos animae morbos, that is, “Initiatives (for superiors) to cure illnesses of the soul”, a work of Jesuit formation by Claudio Acquaviva, S.J. (+1615) who was the 5th Superior General of the Jesuits and is known as their “second founder”.  There was recently issued a new version in Italian.  I mentioned that I would like to see that and a whole bunch of you found it on line and sent me the PDF.  Thanks!  I right about you: the smartest readers anywhere.  Wanna see it?  HERE

The Pope said that he had had to read this book. Industriae may be at the core of what Francis did in 2014 when he rather viciously beat the tar out of the audience.  This year he offered “remedies”.

I have been going through the work.  It is very interesting. I may use it as a kind of examination of conscience.

I found especially interesting Chapter IX. Chiusura e mancanza di chiarezza“Lack of openness and lack of clarity”

Here is a sample from IX:

3. Know that no other defect more than this one open the door to Satan, spirit of shadows, which operates freely, as it wishes and without any obstacle on this type of soul, easily persuading it; and know that there is no other defect more than this which closes the door on all remedies. Therefore, being opened up he will easily defeat all temptations; otherwise, remaining silent, he’ll be defeated.

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  1. bombcar says:

    But it’s not in English?!?

    Why do you hate Vatican II? ?

  2. julieculshaw says:

    If you google Pope John XXIII tried to shut down Vatican II, you will read some evidence there that even its found, the Pope, wanted the Council to stop. It seems that it was going off the rails and was not what he had intended. We are living with the damage of it now in the Church.

  3. cl00bie says:

    I guess if you’re “open enough”, there’s no sin. No sin, no temptation. Everyone goes to Heaven.

  4. Pigeon says:


    If St. John XXIII wanted to shut down the council, couldn’t he have done so at any point?

  5. Andrew says:

    I like in chapter II the section (3) dealing with things “quae debilem remissamque gubernationem faciunt” such as “si superior contentus monitis, cum ostenderit sibi errata displicere, putet se jam satisfecisse, nec rebus ipsis efficaciter medeatur, et quasi Heli arbitretur se omnia perfecisse si dicat non est bona fama quam ego audio etc.

    The instruction “Redemptionis Sacramentum” comes to mind, which is being neglected precisely as if the Magisterium left it all up to the whims of individuals with a simple “non est bona fama quam ego audio”.

  6. EMF says:

    Hello bombcar –


    I don’t see what an article referencing the pope’s talk to the Roman Curia and the book that the pope just recommended to the Curia has to do with Vatican II…

    I am also baffled as to why you would think that a book written in the seventeenth century for the formation of Jesuits would be written in English…Perhaps the Jesuits will soon produce an English translation, since there is a recent edition.

    Two years ago the pope was reminded that in this book his very own Jesuits had an answer to his question of how to avoid and heal the illnesses he had just described in a talk to the Roman Curia. It’s not clear to me that he has of yet read it , although he recommends it to the members of the Curia.

    Best wishes for a Happy Christmas !

  7. TimG says:

    So this document states a Lack of Clarity opens the door to Satan?

    Frankly….I completely agree! Hopefully Pope Francis reads it (and soon.)

  8. MBinSTL says:

    I recall that Father General Aquaviva gets just under a dozen mentions in that Jesuit masterpiece Practice of Perfection and Christian Virtues, by Fr. Rodriguez, S.J. I always found them interesting, and meant to one day get hold (if possible) of some translations of the texts referenced in PPCV… but I forgot to do so, until now. :-)

  9. bombcar says:

    EMF – it’s the classic Fr Z Quaeritur joke.

  10. Traductora says:

    I read that this book was recommended by Cdl. Brandmuller (one of the dubia cardinals) in a private conversation with Francis two years ago, at the time of the synod. I suspect it was recommended for the enlightenment of the Pope and not of the Cardinals.

  11. EMF says:

    Dear Bombcar –

    Iterum ?

    Happy Christmas !

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