Brick by Brick: D. Venice (FL) – new TLM parish

From a reader:

Today it was announced that Bishop Frank Dewayne of the Diocese of Venice, FL has given permission for a non territorial parish for the Latin Mass. The pastor will be Fr. Stephan DuPre, FSSP. There will be 2 churches, one of which is already built and paid for and one to come. Each church will have 2 priests.

This is a large brick. Please offer prayers for Bishop Dewayne and Fr. Dupre.

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  1. jlmorrell says:

    Can someone from the TLM community in the Diocese of Venice fill us in with additional details in the combox?

    How large is the TLM community?
    How long has it had a regular Sunday Mass?
    Why two churches? Both eventually staffed by the FSSP?
    What has developed to prompt Bishop Dewayne to allow this positive development?
    Has Bishop Dewayne always been friendly to the TLM folks or has he warmed to them over time?

  2. stuartal79 says:

    These “brick by brick” stories truly make my day.

  3. rmichaelj says:

    Hey, I vacation in Florida, therefore I will be writing a thank you letter to Bishop Dewayne- letting him know that how much I appreciate this effort as we always have a hard time and long drives to get to a traditional mass while traveling.

    There is no reason too small to thank a Bishop for supporting a new traditional parish in his diocese.

  4. Mary Jane says:

    This is great news!

  5. jaybird says:

    Can this news be confirmed as new? I checked the ‘Locations’ tab on the FSSP website and it appears they have a parish (Christ the King) in Sarasota, FL, along with masses in Naples and Fort Myers.

    FSSP locations:

    Additionally, the Christ the King website has info concerning a building campaign where it appears they’ve raised $1.7 million. (Great job, CTK!)

    If anybody from the Diocese of Venice can weigh in, I would very much appreciate it. I’m confused as to what is being built, where it is being built, and how much of this is new.

    Christ’s Blessings to all!

  6. RAve says:

    Bishop DeWane is very friendly to TLM as far as I know. Since its founding as a quasi-parish 9 years ago, we have had TLM every Sunday and a few times a week. The NO Masses use altar boys (and young men) only. He just elevated us from aquasi-parish to a regular parish and purchased the Ave Maria oratory building from Ave Maria University. I find our bishop to be a good shepherd and very solicitous of his people, including those who are devout and pious. This is great because the diocese is growing like crazy. We have TLM Masses about 30 minutes away in Naplea, too, at a seam busting huge newer parish where fiery anti-planned parenthood homilies are delivered – and that parish will split into a new parish and build a new church very soon.

  7. RAve says:

    And he is also building a new church building for the low-income community of Immokalee which is 20 minutes away from us. It is great to see him caring for all of his people.

  8. Anne 2 says:

    I live in Venice FL diocese.
    To answer questions – the Diocese is very large geographically.
    Originally we have 3 FSSP priests who had to spend Many hours of time travelling each Sunday.
    In addition there were only daily Masses . Holy Hours, Processions, etc., in northern part of Diocese in Sarasota. None at other locations.
    Altar SET UPS for Latin Mass in southern part had to be set up and taken down each Sunday.
    We will have 4 FSSP priests and 2 Churches.
    Last Sunday, Mass attendance in Sarasota & Ocala (northern part) was approx. 370; in Naples & Ft. Myers (southern part) was about 260.
    We had to split our Sunday offerings with the OF Parishes who were kind enough to allow us to have TLM.
    This is a new development and very good. Benefits to being a real Parish are wonderful as well.
    Thank Bishop Dewane and pray for him.

  9. Gratias says:

    Here in Los Angeles the Latin Mass is expanding big league. What changed was the arrival of the FSSP by grace of good Archbishop Jose Gomez. Led by Fr. James Fryar, they have every-Sunday sung masses at 7:00 pm at St. Victors in West Hollywood. Also daily masses there in the early morning and at San Felipe chapel in East Los Angeles. The FSSP recently took over the Chaplancy of St. Mary Magdalene Chapel in Camarillo in Ventura County, subsuming a 200-300 strong group of faithful that existed for 19 years (for the first 16 years Mass was held at Mission San Buenaventura until we were ignominiously expelled by auxiliary Bishop Thomas Curry and, in one of his lasts official acts, Roger Cardinal Mahoney). This magnificent high mass meets at the convenient time of 10:00 am in Camarillo (however, the Easter Triduum is still prohibited there and in West Hollywood so we hold it in Inglewood). The FSSP started a monthly Sunday mass in Santa Barbara. So far they have not gobbled up the Alhambra Sung Mass every Sunday at 1;00 pm nor the every-Sunday 1:30 Mass at St. Anthony’s in El Segundo, with Sung Mass on Second Sundays and low mass for the other three for now. My only worry is that as the FSSP moved in, they closed down Una Voce Los Angeles and Una Voce Ventura, wonderful organizations that petitioned Archbishop Gomez to let them come in. While this creates the potential problem of Ghettoization, we are rewarded with 4-5 most beautiful Solemn masses a year. A great advance in these particularly trying times. Faith seems unstoppable.

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