IN THE WILD! Clement XIV (Ganganelli) Mug Shots

Updates to be added, below!  (Hint: fun!)

Originally Published on: Mar 2, 2017

The other day I shared a photo of my newly arrived Pope Clement XIV mugs. Clement XIV’s family name was Ganganelli. At that time I also said that it would be great to receive your own photos of your very own mugs “in the wild”.

Today I received from a famous Catholic writer…


I’ll keep his name to myself for now, unless he writes to say that I can use it. In any event, he has good taste.

And the mug has great company! That’s the coveted Innocent III action figure nearby!

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Clement_XVI_Mug_01 Clement_XVI_Mug_02


UPDATE 3 March:

From a priest… in front of his diploma from the Jesuit-occupied Pontifical Gregorian University.


Those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to spend time in Rome might not know the tomb of Clement XIV found in the Basilica of the Twelve Apostles, Dodici Apostoli, close to the aforementioned Gregorian University.  His memorial figure was carved by Canova.


Here is something uplifting.  Seminarians from the Jesuit-occupied Greg would bring flowers to Clement XIV as an homage.


From a priest…

Oh, yes, I most certainly joined in with my STB classmates from the NAC in that tradition (which I hear isn’t done with as much pomp since my days in the late 1990s).

After our last class of the STB cycle we Americans walked out of Ma’ Greg, crossed the Pilotta, and rounded the corner to the Dodici.  In my year we were (humorously enough) joined by Franciscans who came from the Curia there or the sacristy to participate.  [The Basilica is tended by a flavor Franciscans, who have an HQ next door.] We went inside the church to lay red roses at Pope Clement’s tomb and paused for silent prayer.  Then we went outside to the front of the church in the piazza, popped champagne, and had some dolci!  All the while hoping that some of our more irascible Jesuit professors would not know or see.

Excellent.  This tradition must be revived!  C’mon

UPDATE 5 March 2017:

From a priestly reader…


UPDATE 8 March:

From a reader and now proud steward of Papa Ganganelli drinkware:

It arrived last night, and is pictured on the bookshelf by my home desk. I plan to keep it at work, to further boost my rep there as that “very Catholic guy*” (as I’ve been called).

PP xiv cup

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  1. Andrew says:

    I like also that little statue of someone (Innocent III ?) with the reference to the Hohenstaufen dynasty. A future mug perhaps?

  2. Daniel W says:

    George W?
    (Not a relative!)

  3. marcpuckett says:

    Yes, the ‘Innocent III’ is an amusing abbreviation of so much history!

  4. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    May we presume that the Holy Father’s scroll also has reference to the Feast considered here?:

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  5. Iustinius Defensor says:

    Is the tradition of placing roses at Pope Clements feet only on the day one finishes first cycle or is it more frequent?

  6. padredana says:

    Is there a cultus promoting his cause for canonization? If not, why not? Maybe someone could compose a prayer for his canonization. I know I would bring him many intentions.

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