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Question to readers: churchy hardware

Do any of you know of a source for a decorative cross with a threaded bolt, the sort that could be screwed onto the top of a procession banner? Let me know.  I need something concrete, rather than “Have you tried…?” … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! Woven Palm Crosses

Thinking ahead to Palm Sunday, which is upon us, I would like a contact who could execute and deliver in time, three substantial decoratively woven palm crosses for the procession on Palm Sunday. Anyone?  Contact me.  HERE  Put PALM CROSSES … Read More

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Clever Clogs at Rorate

Rorate today has a rather unflattering piece about His Holiness of Our Lord, Pope Francis.  You might be saying, “In more news today, water is still wet!” I point to today’s offering, however, not for the sake of its negative … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Mortar board (cap) etiquette during academic Mass

From a reader… QUAERITUR: What is the appropriate etiquette for those wearing academic dress during an OF Baccalaureate Mass? I understand that academic dress is not in any sense equivalent to the priestly garments, be it liturgical vestments or choir … Read More

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Fr. Z’s prayers for before and after making confessions

A while back I posted prayers in Latin and English which a priest confessor might use before and after hearing sacramental confessions.  These prayers are from an old prayerbook for priests which I’ve had since before my ordination.  They are … Read More

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