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ACTION ITEM! “Church Madness” Championship 2017 – FINAL!

Your attention is urgently needed. Last year, St. John Cantius in Chicago ascended the brackets to be Numero Uno in the Church Madness tourney. This year we see that the last surviving churches are the Institute of Christ the King’s … Read More

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Wherein Google confers a new ecclesiastical title upon His Eminence

Pewsitter can be useful in finding, quickly, what’s going on.  One of my gripes, however, is that they link to googly-translated pages.  Grrr. Today, however, that produced an amusing moment. They linked to an interview in German with Walter Card. … Read More

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New, traditional Carmelite community for men

From my email: Thanks for all you do. I’ve enjoyed your blog for years. I’m just contacting you to spread word of a new religious community starting which is called the Hermits of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (“Eremitae Dominae … Read More

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Pray. Please, pray.

Pray.  Please, pray. One of the reasons why in today’s LENTCAzT I included a prayer for priests is because I have had emails and other contacts from good, traditionally oriented priests who are being persecuted by their superiors.  Even today, … Read More

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Attacks on the magisterium and liturgical translation – Wherein Fr. Z rants

The Magisterium is under attack.  There are strong, highly placed forces in the Church today who are undermining, firstly, the magisterium of John Paul II.  Of course it won’t stop there.  It can’t.  Each pontificate’s magisterial teachings ought to be … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Vocation to priesthood, but I want only the Traditional Mass

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I have been reading it for 4 years and it has greatly helped me as a Catholic and in discerning my vocation. I am 18 and strongly feel called to the priesthood. My question is, are … Read More

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