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It is customary on Holy Thursday, after the jubilant Gloria introduction, to stop ringing bells in church during the Triduum and, instead, use some kind of clacking or ratchet noisemaker called a crotalus in Latin.  More on those HERE. Here’s a poll.  At … Read More

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ASK FATHER: About delegation and the proper form of SSPX marriages

From a reader… I recently read your post regarding the recently-announced changes to the validity of marriages witnessed by SSPX priests, and I am confused. How does this change anything? Doesn’t Canon 1108 already give bishops and pastors the power … Read More

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ASK FATHER: I’m 80 and I can’t kneel for Communion at a Traditional Mass

The other day Bp. Morlino told the priests of the Diocese of Madison that they should encourage their congregations to kneel to receive Holy Communion on the tongue. This is a wonderful development which will make a great difference in parishes … Read More

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Good Friday Reminder: Fasting, Abstaining, and You

Tomorrow is Good Friday. Let’s review our obligations before the day arrives so that we aren’t taken by surprise. Two days of the year we modern Latin Church Catholics are asked both to fast and to abstain from meat. According to the … Read More

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Is the SSPX in “schism”?

Some people in the media, especially liberals, when the mention the SSPX, bray that they are “schismatic”.   No matter how many times this is clarified, they bray that the SSPX is “schismatic”. No. When I was at the Pontifical … Read More

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