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ASK FATHER: Questions about Pope Francis’ Easter Mass in St. Peter’s

I received a couple questions about the Pope’s Mass for Easter. From a reader (this was NOT in the Ask Father Question Box… I usually ignore questions that don’t come through that link): Was the Pope’s Easter Mass on EWTN … Read More

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ASK FATHER: “Private Mass”… Mass “without people”

From a reader… I hope your’e doing well and that you’re able to answer my question. Is a private mass simply any mass not listed in a parish’s bulletin/website? On one side, I hear/read that a Missa Sin Populo or … Read More

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URGENT: Benedict XVI’s new text about Sacred Liturgy – The Russian Preface™

For years I have contended that if we do not revitalize our sacred liturgical worship, every initiative we undertake as a Church will wither and face.  Everything we do must start in worship and must be brought back to liturgical worship.  We must … Read More

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