PHILIPPINES: Muslim terrorists kidnap Catholic priest, 13 others at cathedral

I haven’t read much about this in the news, have you?  The Religion of Peace is at work in the Philippines.

From a reader…

The reason for the email is a story coming out of the Philippines. Muslims kidnapped a Catholic Priest and 13 lay Catholics at the Cathedral of Our Lady help of Christians:

In case you didn’t know martial law has been declared in parts of the Philippines.

This attack is important in part because Our Lady help of Christians explained here represents a great Catholic victory against the Muslims at the battle of Lepanto.

So the fact the Muslims picked the Cathedral of Our Lady help of Christians the day before the feast day of Our Lady help of Christians is hugely symbolic. The demonic Muslims flew the ISIS flag over the the Cathedral of Our Lady help of Christians before they burned it to the ground. Can you help getting more attention on this story?

Catholics need to know about Father Chito Suganob and the 13 Catholics being held. Sadly the so called “Catholic” media has not helped and the American media ran a few stories of no importance. The clergy has been useless as well. I hope I never get kidnapped by Muslims our people won’t even know to pray for me! So anything you can do to help getting eyeballs on this would be helpful. The SSPX does great work in the Philippines:

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  1. PostCatholic says:

    You highlight these outrageous incidents so often, Rev. Zuhlsdorf, but I am not a aware of your desired proscription. What should Western nations (most of which are only nominally Christian) do that they are not already to combat religiously motivated violence?

    [Try this – HERE]

  2. majuscule says:

    I have seen this news a lot on Facebook…but I don’t think it’s because of media attention. I don’t generally monitor the mainstream media.

    I think it’s because I have a lot of concerned Facebook friends who are sharing the news. All are asking for prayers.

  3. YoungLatinMassGuy says:

    islam is the problem.

    Until we all have that mindset, we won’t do anything about this, and we can expect more of this.

  4. siculocatholic says:

    I am trying so hard to be Christian in my attitude towards all of this but I must admit, I hate them (muslims), I hate their religion and I don’t trust any of them, even the moderate ones. To me the moderate Muslims are like nominal Christians but they (moderate muslims) become serious about their faith (born again if you will) they become murderous NOT because they are fanatics BUT because their religion tells them too. Not so with Christians. Try to explain that to the lefty liberals in Boston and they write you off as a hater, racist, etc. God help me but I hate them.

  5. Joy65 says:

    I pray all terrorists and those that hate Christians would be converted and know the love of Our Lord God, Father Son Holy Spirit.

  6. Hate sin more than or rather than hate them and you will do more good then you could ever dream. Do the good good you can, go the extra mile and leave yhe rest to God. Most people underestimate the good God can work through them.

  7. siculocatholic says:

    Joy, while all things are possible with God, I believe as Jesus said, only through MUCH fasting and prayer, they will be converted. They are followers of the demonic, not God as others would try to have us believe.

  8. siculocatholic says:

    I should clarify that it is only their religion that I hate but sometimes I cannot seoarate the two especially after Manchester and the atrocities committed against the Christian children in Mosul.

  9. PostCatholic says:

    I had read that rant. I don’t see much there in the way of suggestions for combatting religious violence. (One possible solution would be to eliminate religion, thereby eliminating religious violence. What would be left would be irreligious violence. Of course, that’s probably indistinguishable…)

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  11. otsowalo says:

    To the reader:
    I think it’s rather unfair to say that the clergy in the Philippines are useless. Have you spoken to them personally? Have you heard the bishop’s plea to the government? Have you heard their personal prayers? Would you rather they personally go in the war zone and rescue the kidnapped priest? Would you?

    The SSPX plug at the end of the post is a non-sequitur.

    [Aren’t you a ray of sunshine!]

  12. otsowalo says:

    Dear Fr. Z,
    Indeed, some clergy in this country may be useless, and some can say and do the cookiest things (except saying the black and doing the red). But not all. So, if I get the SGA™ because I challenged a foolish keyboard warrior making unfounded remarks, then, sure, I will humbly and shamelessly receive the award. Thank you.

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