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PHILIPPINES: Muslim terrorists kidnap Catholic priest, 13 others at cathedral

I haven’t read much about this in the news, have you?  The Religion of Peace is at work in the Philippines. From a reader… The reason for the email is a story coming out of the Philippines. Muslims kidnapped a … Read More

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A long time ago, I wrote a prayer for people to use before they got online and used the internet. Originally composed in Latin, it has been translated into many languages (sometimes more than once). My page with all the … Read More

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Jesuits here, Jesuits there

The latest from Sandro Magister involves Pope Francis, a writer for the Jesuit produced journal La Civiltà Cattolica, the bishops of the Philippines, Pope Francis, and Fr. Joseph Fessio, SJ. ROME, January 29, 2015 – They have not gone without … Read More

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More reasons for the promotion of Summorum Pontificum

The Congregation for Divine Worship in Rome received a new Prefect last November, His Eminence Robert Card. Sarah.  He should be a good, solid Prefect.  At the same time, however, there was a bit of a purge of, say, the … Read More

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The Philippines: Priests or Phoenixes? YES!

A friend and reader sent me a note: Peter Ayaso and his class will still be ordained next Friday, the 25th of Nov. IN THE CATHEDRAL!!! He writes: You’re all invited still to my ordination to the priesthood on Nov. … Read More

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PHILIPPINES: “Spiritual Marines”, priests, arrive to help the living and the dead

From the Canadian Catholic Register: ‘Spiritual Marines’ head to Tacloban to bless bodies after typhoon MANILA, Philippines – After days of watching televised scenes of dead bodies scattered around Tacloban, Order of Augustinian Recollect members organized a group of priests … Read More

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The Philippines: typhoon aftermath getting worse

Again, I ask you – dear readers – do you have a plan?  Do you have some kind of plan, even a slim one, if your area floods or there is a freight train wreck with some lethal chemical or … Read More

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“People are walking like zombies looking for food. It’s like a movie…. It’s like the end of the world.”

I can hear it already: “There’s goes crazy ol’ Father Z again! Every time there is a big disaster, he posts about prepping!” That’s right. That’s because it could happen to you. Natural disasters happen. Man made disasters happen. They … Read More

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The Philippines: vast super typhoon, devastation, death

A massive storm has devastated the Philippines. Thousands are dead.  Some 10,000 are dead.  Who knows how many are injured and displaced. I will say Mass for the dead from the storm tomorrow, Monday.  I am sure you will join … Read More

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PHILIPPINES: St. Michael Prayer approved by Bishops Conference after all Masses

Even though I hear about some liturgical craziness in the Philippines, here is a positive sign: From the news service of the Bishops Conference of the Philippines: CBCP urges revival of St. Michael the Archangel Prayer Filed under: Headlines | … Read More

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