ROME Day 0: Feet on the ground and … dragging a little

I have arrived in Rome to great tales of rain.  Apparently there was so much rain that runways at FCO were flooded.  One this is for sure: there was flood of people at passport control… it took over an hour.  Total bedlam.


Having obtain entry to the apartment I went on hunt for groceries, etc., in Campo de’ Fiori.

Lunch.  I went, of course, to my customary vegetable stand.

In the late afternoon, Mass was said at Ss. Trinità.   They had flooding there because of the rain.  All sorts of stuff was out and drying off.

Back home, supper (fettucine rustiche with pesto rosso con tartufo, a big mixed salad, a few slices of milanese), and bed.  I ate on the terrace and watched the sunset fade.

Meanwhile, on this anniversary of 9/11 here’s my sentiment today:


And hail to the first responders.  BTW that’s my NYPD Holy Name Society challenge coin.   I am a proud honorary member.  ‘Rah!



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  1. ResMiranda says:

    Insalate Caprese! Will you enjoy some for me? It’s one of the things I miss most about Italy.

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