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Large group offers “filial correction” to Pope Francis for “seven heresies”.

UPDATE: 23 Sept: It is important to take all thoughts about this to prayer and perhaps with fasting. ____ Be careful about what you ask for. Pope Francis asked for “lío”. He got some more public “lío”. I had alluded … Read More

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23 September 2017

Here it is from Madrid. The Sun is up and Virgo rises with the Crescent Moon at her feet.  The other orbs are above in Leo forming 12 in all. Beautiful! And they just closed the door to my flight.


Sunday News? With some “correction”.

Rumors are bouncing and binging like pinballs.  Ooo the excitement!  What will it be?  Sites are rushing to talk about sources and possibilities.   How exciting it all is.  “I’m first!” Sometimes that’s great and benign.  Other times you are … Read More

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