AUDIO Longer St. Michael Prayer. @fatherz calls upon priests and bishops! 

I’ve been mentioning – and finding mentions of – St. Michael often of late.

I’m praying the longer, mighty St. Michael Prayer daily now.  As a matter of fact, I just said it again as an important meeting about which I know is just getting underway.

It may be that you readers would like a recording, for your own use.  I’ve added it to the page.  HERE

Let’s stop temporizing and excusing.

It’s time for war.

I now call especially on priests and bishops:

Fathers!  You have the graces of office and of orders.  Each of you is alter Christus.  When you pray, God hears and the powers of Hell tremble.  Do your part.  Let’s stop kidding ourselves about what’s going on.  We can fight with awesome spiritual effect, if only we will buckle it on and DO IT.

Pray your vesting prayers.  Pray your Rosary.  Pray the Michael Prayer.  Pray the Litanies with your people.  Bless and distribute sacramentals.  Use the blessings in the Rituale Romanum.

For the love of God and neighbor, FIGHT!

Archangeli Michaelis interventione suffulti, supplices te, Domine, deprecamur, ut quos honore prosequimur contingamus in mente.


On Twitter, Matthew Balan observed that Beans used the same term about the Rosary as a left wing, Muslim, UK politician: “weaponize”.  Reported at HuffPo.  She is pro-abortion, and so he doesn’t like the Rosary outside abortion clinics.

Interesting that they’re minds work similarly about praying the Rosary.

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  1. Henry Edwards says:

    This post is especially addressed to priests and bishops. Knowing that exorcisms are restricted to ordained ministers, some time ago I inquired of an experienced and episcopally appointed exorcist as to whether it would be appropriate for laymen also to pray this longer prayer to St. Michael. He replied in the affirmative—that, it not being an exorcism it would be entirely appropriate and salutary for laymen to pray it.

  2. Dan says:

    I believe there is a yet higher level St. Michael exorcism prayer that is not to be said by laymen (like a toddler playing with a gun)

    I agree with the call to war. and we all need to put on the armor of God and wield the weapon of prayer, particularly the rosary.

    What weapons can we provide to us laypeople through that are largely at the mercy of their priests and Bishops? There are many good ones but imagine living in Chicago or DC?

    The catechism is wonderful but daunting for many, and there are so many laypeople that would not even take the time to look. They have fallen into that happy get a long and go along Catholicism. Dancing in the forests and playing in the fields. Being Catholic has always meant being at war against the powers of Satan. It would be nice to have a small series of booklets, pamphlets that could be distributed to educate people. Many have never heard of Ad Orientem and can’t imagine a situation where everyone and their brother (sister) isn’t invited into the sanctuary, to read or distribute communion.
    We need to pray pray pray to find an effective way to pull the blinders off.

  3. Karteria says:

    The Long St.Michael Exorcism prayer by Pope Leo XIII:
    The 1962 Missal states that this prayer may be said in private by laypersons, but only by a priest or bishop in public.

  4. KateD says:

    I also met with a diocesan exorcist to ask about prayer in front of abortion clinics. The Protestants didn’t want the Catholics praying the rosary and we were being instructed to pray silently so as not to offend them. Since demons cannot read our minds I wondered about the efficaciousness of mental prayer.

    He assured me that mental prayer would work just as well, since laity have no authority over demons, therefore our prayers are appeals to God to drive them away and He hears our interior prayer…(Nevertheless he felt that we should not be deterred from praying the rosary aloud).

    Unsolicited, he warned me NOT to pray the longer Saint Michael’s prayer, that it was for priests only. The analogy of a child playing with a gun is a good one. More to the point, the war waged by the fallen angels against God and His angels has gone on from time immemorial and involves powers and principalities of awesome strength and intelligence….we, in comparison, are like ants. They are intently engaged in this battle. We are nothing to them, and should we attempt to engage them directly, thereby making ourselves vulnerable, and if they turn their attention to us, they destroy us in an instant and continue their assault unphased in the least. Our Heavenly Father subdues/restrains them when we appeal to Him, He is a Good Father and protects us, His children.

    I had already been praying the longer Saint Michael prayer, because my missal said it was okay for lay persons (which is confusing!). It caused me and my prayer partner incredible difficulty. The….oppression(?)…let up on the first day of that 54 Day novena that Cardinal Burke called for to end abortion when the CMP videos came out. It was like being let up for air. We were instructed to go to confession….it has made it better. (Those 54 day novenas appealing to God are really powerful).

    Father, would you clarify (again) which Saint Michael prayers are okay for us laity to recite and maybe better…which is not?

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