What’s next? Beg pardon of the serpent for having brought Adam and Eve to knowledge?

The other day I put a link on the sidebar and on the top menu to a page I made with the longer, original prayer to St. Michael the Archangel.  I’ve started to use this prayer daily.  The times call for such measures.

Marco Tosatti has something today which echoes many items that arrive in my email right now.  The St. Michael Prayer figures in it.

He posted a letter which he says was written by a serious person whom he nicknames “Pezzo Grosso” (“Big Shot, “Big Cheese”).

The letter laments current and ongoing negative developments, for example, the wave of admiration of Luther by such as Bruno Forte, the statement that “transubstantiation is not dogma” by Andrea Grillo, the public humiliation of Card. Sarah, and an upcoming congress about reconciliation with Masonry.

He goes on to say…

But now I’m frightened, above all about the tight sequence of events; it’s as if we were close to a due date (that of the visions of Leo XIII? The prophecies of La Salette? Of St. Bridget? Of the Madonna of Akita? Of St. Vincent Ferrer?…). What must we brace for as the next move? Should we imagine that the next “reconciliation” will be with the serpent tempter of Genesis of whom we have to beg pardon, “justifying” his “good intentions” in bringing knowledge to Adam and Eve? Must we consequently rebuke St. Michael the Archangel for having booted him out? Or maybe we have to ask Mary Most Holy to say she’s sorry for having crushed his head? Or even ask Jesus Himself to do it, for not having let himself be tempted in the desert, and in doing so opening himself up to a multicultural and pluralistic dialogue between them?

Dear Tosatti, you won’t believe it, but I’m really starting to be afraid. I reread the exorcism prayer to St. Michael the Archangel, written by Leo XIII (recited after Mass until 1964, when it was inexplicably “cancelled”). I’m asking myself whether I have the strength to respond without the assistance of my Holy Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, nay rather, feeling her to be more and more against the Gospel and the Truth that she taught me. Cardinals and Bishops who still believe in the Truth of Christ must do something now! I fear we are in the end times, dear Tosatti. Big Shot, but Scared To Death (Pezzo grosso ma terrorizzato)

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  1. LarryW2LJ says:

    Personally, I started to be afraid a while back; and am still uneasy, but not as fearful as I was. I will continue to say my Rosary daily ( I carry a concealed Rosary in my pocket and I know how to use it). I will also remember Jesus’ promise that the gates of Hell will not prevail against His Church and Our Blessed Mother’s promise that in the end, her Immaculate Heart will triumph. I will also keep in mind, Fr. Z’s admonition that, while these times may seem really bad, they are a blip in the timeline of history. I will remain Catholic and will do my best to keep a level head, to remember and keep true to the Truths that I was taught in the Baltimore Catechism.

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  2. DavidR says:

    Well yes, things do look dark now, but I suspect that we’ve had darker times than this. The LORD will not allow His faithful remnant to be lost.

    Ave Maria, ora pro nobis.

  3. GordonB says:

    It’s time to reread The Grand Inquisitor piece from Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamozov. The scenario in that piece has a certain resonance with the above letter and current events.

  4. padredana says:

    As a priest I can say that the fear is growing among both clergy and laity alike. There is a sense among many that there is something coming…and soon. I keep telling my parishioners and friends that they should go to confession, pray the rosary daily, and wear the scapular. The fact that so many of them are taking me up on that suggestion tells me that the fear is real and they are taking it seriously.

    On another note, a number of prophesies were mentioned in the quotation above. I have heard of them all except the prophesies of St. Vincent Ferrer. Could someone possibly provide a source for these prophesies?

  5. Sandy says:

    I fully agree with padredana about the sense among so many. Yes, there have been dark times in history, but this is different. The Lord does not leave us orphaned and as Tosatti’s letter writer says, there are many “signs of the times” and prophecies which apply to our present age. Of course we must not give in to fear, but continue day by day using all of our spiritual weapons. As for me, I will bring my family in prayer to huddle under Mother Mary’s mantle, and stay close to Jesus.

    I hope, Father Z, that “reconciliation with Masonry” is dark humor! [Alas, no. There is going to be a conference on this.]

  6. jaykay says:

    “an upcoming congress about reconciliation with Masonry.”

    Surely “reconciliation” implies that there was really an actual time when the Church was “in conciliation” with Masonry, but somewhere along the line we just kind of fell out? And we need to get back together in huggy-wugginess? Well, I know certain elements have been throwing the glad eye at The World for a long time, flashing their ankles at it and all that, but why, oh why, would we want to enter into dialogue – or worse, probably, knowing them – with a system that is antithetical to what we stand for?

    O.k., I’m definitely not one for a lot of the conspiracy theory stuff, but the words “Alta Vendita” do spring to mind.

  7. Kathleen10 says:

    These days are what was told to us were coming. How stunning to find ourselves as part of biblical prophesy, we were chosen for these times!

  8. Karteria says:

    Hilaire Belloc in his marvelous 1930’s work, THE GREAT HERESIES, draws critical distinctions between prior heresies and modernism (and Islam which Beloc points out is not a true heresy) with respect to its diffuse nature and subtle resistance to the historical and cultural factors that caused the decline (to the underground) of earlier heresies such as Arianism, etc. When one takes a broad view of the current happenings, such as the apparent success of the “Alta Vendita” to infiltrate the church, the apparent fulfillment of numerous Marian Warning, e.g Fatima, Akita, Quito, etc, or the apparent collapse of Catholicism in Europe with the attendant clerical apostasy in “high places”, the surrender of secular Europe to Islamic invasion, as well as the troubling growing doctrinal rifts between bishops and priests even in the US, the strong suggestion of an urgent drive to complete the dark plans of Satan cannot be denied. Not only is he the father of lies, but the originator of the concept of “useful idiots” so often attributed to communism. And today there have a lot of “useful idiots” inside and outside of the church.
    As is painfully obvious, it was not without good cause the Jesus asked 2000 year ago, “When I return, will find faith?” Luke 18:8.
    All of that said, I pray constantly for our Holy Father, all bishops and priests, and despite the darkness of these days, I never despair because we know the outcome of the final battle even if we of the present may be its victims. As Father Z reminds, we cannot pray enough or GO TO CONFESSION to often and admonish our loved ones to do the same.

  9. IloveJesus says:

    All Catholic school boys and girls should know that the Freemasons cannibalized the priests during the French Revolution!

    Popes receiving “awards” from them and taking smiley group photos is NOT KOSHER!
    And this “reconciliation” is an ABOMINATION!

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