Registered members comment posting test after BLOG UPDATES


So, …

… how’s the weather where you are?


I think that some people are trying to log in and, if they fail in a couple of attempts, they get a lock out message. The lock up should last only 15 minutes. I’m looking at the settings for this.

In any event, it might be time to rethink ALL your passwords, friends. Change them occasionally and make them strong.


Soooo… I have re-activated over 17K registered users! Manually.

That should help.

However, please post a comment to make sure you can get in.

And for those who haven’t been around for a while… WELCOME BACK!

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Eric says:

    Fall chill in the breeze

  2. JabbaPapa says:

    Autumnal, at last !!

  3. Lurker 59 says:

    It is a beautiful fall evening. Loving every minute of it.

  4. benedetta says:

    Gorgeous day here.

  5. Benedict Joseph says:

    Bright blue and blazing!

  6. Andrew says:

    Ineunte autumno dies fiunt breviores.

  7. acardnal says:

    Not a cloud in the sky. Just stars.

  8. Josephus Corvus says:

    Fantastic…for one more day.

  9. Mike says:

    Three days of shirtsleeve weather before the sweaters go back on.

  10. jskelley says:

    Just turned to colder weather

  11. Marion Ancilla Mariae says:

    Brisk and pleasant! Thanks be to God.

  12. Unwilling says:

    quam bonum

  13. Andy Milam says:

    Seasonally temperate.

  14. baileymxd says:

    Gonna be in the 80s tomorrow. Whaa?

  15. Anthony Zarrella says:

    Cool, but beautifully sunny (well, it was during the day…).
    My account hadn’t worked for about two years prior to now, so I’m glad to be back!

  16. Clemens Romanus says:

    Very nice down here.

  17. acountrypriest says:

    I’m on vacation in New Zealand. Wintery by Aussie standards. But so beautiful!

  18. eymard says:

    It was a day like any other…And you were there…And now you know the rest of the story… From Hawaii it is a balmy 84 and sunny

  19. EcclesialKnight says:

    New account I setup the other day, just logged in for the first time with the reset password. First post!

    Weather is currently fighting between autumn and summer. Cold in the AM and warm in the evening.

  20. Deo volente says:

    Beautiful evening….

  21. Glennonite says:

    Perfect Autumn on the mtn.

  22. JacobWall says:

    I’m logged in. And the weather is warm and sunny. Not much like late October in Ontario.

  23. Deo Optimo Maximo says:

    70s, too hot.

  24. amont says:

    72 degrees and lovely (Despite a headcold !)

  25. Closettraddy says:

    Too warm for autumn.

  26. aliceinstpaul says:

    God is good. Weather’s perfect.

  27. HealingRose says:

    4 out of 5 stars. ??

  28. clairefbonilla says:

    Nice and cool here

  29. Treebeard says:

    Cooler than normal.

  30. Nan says:

    Beautiful weather.

  31. Adaquano says:

    Beautiful night for fish nachos

  32. Matthew the Wayfarer says:

    Puyallup, Washington
    Cold, Rainy, Windy. Love it here! Come visit sometime. Tacoma has an FSSP parish, St. Joseph’s you cold visit.

  33. DN Australia says:

    Cool & cloudy. 66 °F

  34. JKnott says:

    Beautiful evening. Dry and 70’s.

  35. Pro Caritate Veritatis says:

    So that’s the reason for the random username password email! I was cautious that it might be some sort of phishing scam.

  36. MarieSiobhanGallagher says:

    Thanks for re-activating me!! Weather’s gorgeous. One last day of sailing before our boat is pulled!

  37. KateD says:

    We started up the woodstove…so far, so good….

  38. rainman919 says:

    Unseasonably warm! Gorgeous. Thanks for reactivating!

  39. MikeM says:

    Weather was fantastic today. And I got to spend some time outside in it!

    Father, it looks like you’re reregistering some of us. I got the email 25 minutes ago and had no troue logging in with the new password. So, it’s working, at least for me (unless you have no idea what I’m talking about, in which case there may have been a glitch).

  40. APX says:

    4°C (feels like -3°C) and pouring rain.

    Weird. I can login if I’m connected to my wifi, but if I try to login on the LTE network, it says I’m locked out for too many failed attempts at logging in.

  41. Mary Beth says:

    Beautiful day today. Sunny and 75 degrees. Thank you for all you do, Fr. Z

  42. Thank you for adding me. The weather in Vancouver is heavy rain in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon. Heavy rain is expected tomorrow. God bless.

  43. un-ionized says:

    Warm for October, roses blooming nicely.

  44. Sandy says:

    It worked with the new password. God bless you, Father!

  45. wondering04 says:

    Confusing – one day cold, the other days hotter than fall should be. I’m praying the hot holds out because it saves on heating.

  46. Matthew says:

    Florida is too hot and humid.
    Had to change the pw, but then I could log in, obviously.

  47. It worked! Thank you Fr Z for your help! The weather finally turned to a touch of Fall but alas it’ll be back in the 90’s next week. I miss having Seasons!

  48. chuckc777 says:

    Making a comment…thanks be to God.

  49. tzard says:

    Kind of cool tonight. Had to wear a sweater. Am now out to dinner with my wife after work. Using mobile interface.

  50. egallaher says:

    New England leaves are in full color.

  51. jazzclass says:

    It’s nice, but WordPress changed my password after a reregistration.. weird. ?

  52. walk by faith says:

    Partly cloudy 51 degrees. Late night reading, cat curled up beside me, and a tall insulated ‘Keep calm and’ cup of tea. Also eyeing a bit of chocolate to accompany the tea.

  53. tradcathwife says:

    Perfect weather here and that’s a good thing because we have a lot to get done before winter hits. And I suspect it’s gonna be a brutal winter too. ~

  54. Zilla says:

    Clear & cool in NY’s scenic Hudson Valley!

  55. servusfidelis says:

    A beautiful day in the neighborhood.

  56. Anne C. says:

    67° with a nice breeze here in Robbinsdale, while I babysit and watch Netflix . . . (Took me 3 tries to get in. Had to use email address with the new assigned pw, rather than User Name… ) On my Samsung S7.

  57. Seppe says:

    Benedicite, frigus et aestus, Domine!
    Cold and chill, bless the Lord!

  58. Susan says:

    Quite warm for late October, but cannot complain!

  59. JBBIII says:

    Dark, but only for a while

  60. ocleirbj says:

    Dark and clear right now, warm sunshine promised for tomorrow.

  61. Shepherdess says:

    Cool and foggy tonight.

  62. churchlady says:

    Cloudy at the moment, rain expected.

  63. Fr. John says:

    Glorious autumn day! Cool night. More of the same tomorrow. ?

  64. Tom Ryan says:

    I don’t remember registering, but I just got an email!

  65. Tom Ryan says:

    Awaiting moderation

  66. Grodegang says:

    Log in did not work with my password but did work with the password received with todays email approving my registration????

  67. texas84 says:

    I’m in

  68. Gerard Plourde says:

    Logged in with new password. Thanks for the security reminder. You and your work remain in my prayers.

  69. Facta Non Verba says:

    I think this is the last day of 70s weather. I will see 20 below before I see 70 again.

  70. Dark, cool, rain expected, meteorites and jazz.

  71. nine man morris says:

    Ante portam latinam

  72. CaliCatholicGuy says:

    Los Angeles Archdiocese weather is mild today, with heat expected early next week.

  73. Emcam says:

    Not too bad. A bit warm for my taste, though.

  74. anna 6 says:

    Perfect Fall evening…
    Go Yankees!

  75. gvhorwitz says:

    It’s quite pleasant, this day was one of the finest days for weather – surprisingly, no one complained.


  76. bobbortolin says:

    Cool this weekend – 80’s next week!

  77. KateD says:


    I hear the forecast for next week is ~BLUE!

  78. michael de cupertino says:

    introibo ad altare dei!

  79. bcstudent says:

    A beautiful fall day here in New England.

  80. SheilaT says:

    Logged in, although I first registered about two years ago and never heard a word until I got your email. Weather here is cool and sunny!

  81. Oliveira says:

    Beautiful night, with clear skies and 73° in Central Florida

  82. Luvadoxi says:

    Beautiful fall day in Georgia–in the 70s!

  83. Great to see my registration registration request finally approved! Thanks for your blog, one of my favorites

  84. but when i try to update my blog (from old “Maude’s Tavern” to current, change doesn’t go through.


  85. Well, it’s cool and raining here in Seattle. But it’s Seattle, ya know?

  86. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    It rained here last evening, which helped the fires north of here if only a little bit.

    On the other hand, we had a Solemn High Mass for the feast of St. John Cantius, in honor of the visit of the Prior General to our little corner of the world. In addition to Propers this choir has never sung before — and sang well — we sang Byrd’s Mass for 3 Voices, a motet called Paradisi Porta, the hymn Jesu Dulcis Memoria and (most interestingly) the Office Hymn for the feast of St. John Cantius during Procession 4 verses) and recession (last 2).

  87. rbbadger says:

    Here in central New Mexico, it’s actually kind of warm right now. It’s hard to believe that a couple of weeks ago, we had the furnace on and blazing.

  88. Matt R says:

    60s, not really the crisp fall weather that I like…

  89. chcrix says:

    Pleasant early autumn in St. Louis.

  90. Fr Mark Elliott Smith says:

    Fifty shades of grey and autumnal.

  91. cor ad cor loquitur says:

    Deo gratias.

  92. frmh says:

    Wet and miserable morning on the Kent coast.

  93. Rev. Basil Lawrence, OSB says:

    Rainy season has begun in Oregon.

  94. JabbaPapa says:

    Bright and sunny and not too hot — the password protocols seem to be fixed now, Father Z, good stuff and God Bless !!

  95. James in Perth says:

    Oi! What a job! Thanks Father Z!! The weather here is quite beautiful and comfortably cool. I spent some time on the streets with some homeless and had an interesting experience praying with a native Lakota speaker.

  96. Ivan says:

    Howdy fr.Z,
    Thank you and God bless you.
    U have re-activated over 17K registered users. But, manually?
    Thank you and God bless you again fr. Z!
    Indeed I’ve got this morning an new registration-mail in my E-mail box.
    And the weather is in Holland today rainy, after having a few days nicely around 22C very sweet and sunny weather.

  97. Vincent1967 says:

    UK braces for storms, but happily away in Crete on holiday. A pleasant 25 degrees

  98. LDP says:

    Very bleak today unfortunately.

  99. Tony McGough says:

    Atlantic storm “Brian” is blowing southerly. Kathleen Ferrier knew all about that …


  100. (X)MCCLXIII says:

    Yes, it helped. Thank you, Father.

    And last night’s rain has stopped.

  101. MamaKid says:

    Glory be to God, Who maketh the sun to shine and the rain to fall on good and bad alike. Amen.

  102. Ef-lover says:

    Beautiful, mild days and chilly nights

  103. Dry, a little hazy but not too cold. A pleasant autumn day, DG!

  104. Tom says:

    The weather in central Ohio is starting to get cooler, but it’s very nice and warm during the days. 17,000 users registered manually? Quite an impressive display of legerdemain on the part of Fr. Z, I’d say.

  105. Vincent says:

    I got back from Rome last week to find a horribly humid and overly hot England. Not so much now, it’s finally autumnal. The only sad thing is that the leaves have lost their nice colour and look more rotten than anything else. Ah well.

    As for reactivating 17k users – have you ever thought about getting some of your commenters to help with moderation Father? 2 or 3 can really help share the load.

  106. Isidor says:

    Raining, fog,… Europe.

  107. Warm for fall. Ready for cooler weather. Sweating at the pumpkin patch with the kids.

  108. Cloudless sky over Rome and 22°C at the corner of Vittorio and Piazza Paoli.

  109. Gaz says:

    The weather is fitting for a pilgrimage. Christus Rex begins on Friday in Ballarat, Australia.

  110. To really learn how to talk about the stormy weather, I’ll have to HAM it up a bit.

  111. bslamble says:

    Too warm for fall but it’s been beautiful!

  112. BAILEY WALKER says:

    Cool mornings and clear sunny afternoons here in Northern Virginia.

  113. JMGriffing says:

    Leaves are a-changing. Overall, a beautiful day to drive from NEPA to Vermont.

  114. Liz says:

    It’s very windy and rain is expected. Please say a prayer that the weather clears, if God wills it, as we are supposed to have a party for seminarians and a recently ordained priest.

  115. FrCharles says:

    Up and running. Coraggio, Fr. Z! Thanks for your work!

  116. jbosco88 says:

    I can smell the incense from all the way over here in Blighty.

  117. LindaLD says:

    Very windy this morning and expecting a t-storm. Thank you, Father Z.

  118. dahveed says:

    It’s mild and calm outside, at the moment, given that it’s just past seven in the A.M.; thank you for all that you do, Father.

  119. Rachel K says:

    All sorted re login, thanks for your work on this.

  120. JFoushee says:

    Overcast and cool.

  121. Barbara Rickman says:

    Trying to grow cotton. Knocking on heaven’s door for help. Temps in the 40s at night and 60 t0 70 in the day. Live in central CT. Open cotton bolls…OPEN! I know you can do it. Please Lord…I just gotta spin!

  122. Paul Lemmen says:

    Clear and in the upper 30’s here in Saginaw, Michigan on the 8th of October (Old Calendar). Thank you my Brother, for accepting this Orthodox priest in your registered followers! May the Most Pure and Holy Lady Theotokos intercede for you in all things! ~ Fr. Paul

  123. Ann G. says:

    Thank you for all you do Father!

  124. TomG says:

    Lovely, crisp fall morning.

  125. stpetric says:

    Beautiful sunset over Lake Mendota, enjoyed from the fifth-floor terrace of the new St. Paul’s University Church. Construction is nearing completion, and it will be spectacular!

  126. FrNigel says:

    Expecting Storm Brian!

  127. MichaeltDoyle says:


  128. crbelcher says:

    Whatever the weather is now, it will be the exact opposite tomorrow!

  129. emj says:

    Thank you, Fr!

  130. Felicitas says:

    Cool to mild with partly cloudy skies are forecast for today here, a little north of Atlanta, Georgia.

    Funnily, I had completely forgotten about Fr.Z’s excellent blog until I received an email telling me that I’m an approved registered user. Who could ignore such a kindness? I’ll be putting this blog back on my list of sites to visit regularly. Thank you so much, Fr. Z!

  131. MacCheese says:

    Grand, Father.

  132. rhurd says:

    The weather’s great here. Keep up all the good work.

  133. mabvet says:

    A perfect Indian summer day! Thanks be to God

  134. JudithMaria says:

    It’s Florida, so the weather is always the same. Except for the hurricanes, of course.

  135. GrumpyYoungMan says:

    Chilly and gray skies, rain expected.

  136. OCDFriar says:

    Tis a fine morning. Ready to spend it in service of God and Our Lady.

  137. Gilbert Fritz says:

    Very nice weather here.

  138. Sunny, cooler fall weather here in Atlanta.

  139. Titus says:

    Les sanglots longs
    Des violons
    De l’automne
    Blessent mon cœur
    D’une langueur

  140. Admiral-GER says:

    Check! Works now.
    Rainy weather in Germany.
    Now I can see the Article and the Comments. That was not possible 1hr before. :-)

  141. mbarry says:


  142. fairkaye says:

    I did get on this morning, using the password they sent me. I hope the program saves it, because I accidentally hit send before I wrote it down. But I did get in! Sorry about the glitches causing problems. Technology is absolutely miraculous — except when it doesn’t work. ;-)
    PS The weather is typical Southern Fall: sunny with a high of 75 and a low around 56.

  143. Deo Credo says:


  144. Akita says:

    Sunny, 42 degrees here at Tumbleweed Junction.

    God Bless You and Keep You Safe.

  145. Iconophilios says:

    It is a pleasant Canadian Fall day where I am. May God help you with your blog, Fr. Z!

  146. Christopher Meier says:

    Pleasant day here. Or would be if I weren’t stuck inside a soccer arena with several hundred Irish dancers.

  147. tigger says:

    It’s warming up quickly in Southern California – I don’t like Indian Summers but will gladly offer temporal heat up, in exchange for avoiding eternal heat later!

  148. msouth85 says:

    We have a cold front moving in tonight. Fun stuff.

  149. petitor says:

    It’s a beautiful fall day here; I’m hoping to get lots of yard work done as the snow will be here soon.

    Thank you for all the work you do to maintain this blog!

  150. KnitFoole says:

    Finally getting cooler, but not quite cool enough.

  151. Semper Gumby says:

    The weather here is excellent- not a hailstone, frog, or locust in sight.

    Titus: I barely know enough French to find my way around a croissant shop, but your French poetry selection is intriguing. No doubt you know that that bit of Verlaine is of 1944 pre-D-Day radio-code fame, so if you’re preparing to land troops in Normandy in the next 48 hours to deal with the jihadis count me in. I’ll bring a case of Spam, a toothbrush, and a bad attitude.

  152. internicola says:

    Just testing my new registration password. Anyway, the weather in Toronto, Canada is unseasonably warm. We’re at about 50 degrees F. (10 degrees C) for our Canadian and European friends. Usually we’re in the low 40s.

  153. mediocrepriest says:

    I saw my email giving me a new password before I saw this post. I thought someone was using my login to spam Fr. Z!

  154. Front Pew View says:

    Beautiful weather, except it’s “raining” oak mites. Be thankful if you’re somewhere without them!

  155. SaintJude6 says:

    Texas in October.

  156. Charlie says:

    Sunshine and great temperatures in Canada’s National Capital

  157. caputvero says:

    Winter is coming.

  158. Fr. Andrew says:

    Warm for October. Threat of rain.
    Go big, go blue, go Jackrabbits!

  159. Charivari Rob says:

    Ah, finally back on! Lockout lasted quite a while, even with the new password.

    Lovely weather the last two days here in Boston – low 70s, clear, dry, sunny.

    I have an online friend or two around here complaining about unseasonably warm and can’t wait for skiing. Pray grant me patience.

  160. iPadre says:

    Beautiful day. 68, sunny.

  161. Michael Haz says:

    WordPress was being a jerk for a while this afternoon. I made it through, though. So, hey y’all!

    It’s a wonderfully gorgeous day here in southeastern Wisconsin. Clear skies, warm temperatures, pleasant breeze. We are headed out to a grandson’s 4th birthday party in a little while where we’ll fill the grandkids with love, cake, and treats, then happily make our way back home under the starry sky.

  162. leftycbd says:

    Sunny with a hint of fall here.

  163. A drop in temperature of 12 degrees.

  164. Rich says:


  165. Patrick-K says:

    70 and sunny. I took my daughter for a walk and we saw an Alaskan husky puppy! Yay.

  166. MaryW says:

    A “cool” 83 in AZ right now, but back up to 98 at the beginning of next week, UGH.

  167. TKS says:

    Getting cold.

  168. oldCatholigirl says:

    Yay! Finally got in. Was locked out this morning because I did not notice the very first component of the password. Duh. The weather has been balmy in SW Michigan (Bp. Morlino’s old stomping grounds), and the trees are lovely–partly vivid and partly dappled.

  169. SophiaGrace says:

    The sun has now set after a sunny, 75-degree Saturday by the sea.

  170. OK_doc says:

    Windy the last two days, but what do you expect in a place that has a musical and song named after it that says “where the wind comes sweeping down the plains”!

    And this evening severe thunderstorms as a cold front sweeps through.

  171. skjensen says:

    The most beautiful late October weather ever.

  172. hald says:

    I’ve been around, but just haven’t had anything to say. I will almost certainly continue in that vein.

  173. SimonsDad says:

    Crisp and portending winter

  174. Susan C says:

    Thank you for fixing this Father! It’s just beginning to feel like fall in Southeast Iowa.

  175. aviva meriam says:

    Logged in.
    Weather was weird but warm. Don’t worry: autum appropriate weather will return tomorrow.

    Sorry you’re coping with all this stuff.

    Be well

  176. mamafrog says:

    Thanks for re-adding me!

  177. thomistking says:

    Weather is a bit warm . . . but what do you expect in Florida?

    Glad it finally works!

  178. Fr. Kelly says:

    It has been unseasonably warm here, but a front is coming through

  179. ppojawa says:

    Here in Warsaw, we enjoyed some days of warmth and clear weather after the Rosary day.

  180. Reginald Pole says:

    A might warmer than usual.

  181. humbledeciple says:

    Dear Father:
    I’m a radiologist living in Ontario, Canada.
    Our weather is great just now. Keep up the faith.

  182. KGH says:

    Checking in and thanking you for your wisdom and perseverance in the rising tide against our beloved Church!

  183. fenetre says:

    Lovely fall weather here in Toronto Canada. Cool and sunny. Maples make a golden skyline.

  184. Sue in soCal says:

    I’d like to make the comment on the comments that there are a lot of comments – weather or not noticed!
    I also would like to let you know that there was a great point made by a visiting priest for Mission Sunday at my parish.
    The point made in the sermon this morning from Fr. John Bosco (who says he’s not a saint – yet!): In order to have more vocations to serve the needs of the Church and spread the Gospel, have more children!
    This transcends proportionality. Generosity begets more generosity. In the economy of God, cooperating with the will of God reaps more than what you give and generous hearts beget more generous hearts, willing to do what God wants of them, including responding to His call to be a priest or religious (or a faith-filled husband or wife).

  185. s i says:

    Thank you for my new password. It’s working. ;-)

  186. VeritasVereVincet says:

    (Twitter person who was having 403/IP issues here. Whatever it was has apparently resolved.)

    Bright blue and windy here, a gorgeous day with the sun through the leaves!

  187. Credoh says:

    Also had ongoing 403 total lockout (not 15 mins), now resolved. Weather was cool and sunny earlier, now rainy. God Bless!

  188. HeatherPA says:

    Thank you for the new password link. I have been offline the past few days.

  189. ReadingLad says:

    Autumnal -“… season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”? Season of windfall fruit and overturned yard furniture, more like! But presumably for God’s good reasons…

  190. sarcops says:

    sunny and warm here in WV

  191. Choirgirl says:

    Weather conditions are dark, with continued dark until astronomical twilight at 6:00AM.

    I’m glad the new password worked!

  192. frjim4321 says:

    I’m logged in

  193. Julia_Augusta says:

    Your site is working again. Weather in Kyoto: last night, a typhoon passed but not much happened (no floods, no destruction). The Japanese are well prepared for emergencies.

  194. Jonathan says:

    A little humid in DC after a splendid weekend.

  195. JohnE says:


  196. Imrahil says:

    Working again, thanks Father.

    We’re still in “lovely October” mood around here, not raining, though I guess it’s starting to be a bit cold for just going out with a shirt.

  197. Imrahil says:

    Still working after changing the password.

  198. jeanne says:

    I finally took the time to get logged back in and change my password. Thank you Fr Z for your blog and news and insites.
    You are an amazing help in these times.
    Here in SouthEast North Dakota we are looking at the first snowstorm tomorrow eve and into Friday.

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