28 November 2017 – @MadisonDiocese – Confirmation in the Traditional Rite

confirmation_tradHis Excellency Most Reverend Robert C. Morlino, Bishop of Madison, has graciously consented to confer the sacrament of Confirmation according to the traditional form of the Roman Rite on the evening of Tuesday, 28 November 2017 at St. Mary’s Church in Pine Bluff, WI.

Bishop Morlino understands that there may be some confirmands from outside of the Diocese of Madison.  However, the opportunity is intended primarily for subjects of the Diocese of Madison.  Anyone outside the diocese should take care that they consult properly and cordially with their local pastors.

Anyone who is interested in being confirmed, should quickly take steps to make contact and send the proper information no later than 20 November[If you rush NOW you might be able to do this.]

If you are interested in confirmation for yourself or for your child, please take note of this letter from Bp. Morlino. Click  HERE

If you have not been confirmed, consider the graces you are offered in this wonderful sacrament.

From last year

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  1. jskelley says:

    Excuse my ignorance: Was a white cope used because no red one was available, or is this part of the Extraordinary Form? I notice the antependium is red, so I assume the former.

    [In the traditional rite of confirmation the bishop wears white.]

  2. rdowhower says:

    Have you heard of anyone from the Archdiocese of Minneapolis/St Paul having their children confirmed in Madison using this route?

    [Yes, last year.]

  3. Ave Maria says:

    I had my children confirmed outside of the diocese where I lived because my diocese was waiting until about the age of 18 and also the preparation was not good. I informed my pastor and got permission from the bishop of the other diocese and prepared my children after taking catechists courses myself.

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