ACTION ITEM! 100 Cassocks for 100 Seminarians

You know about the BIRETTAS FOR SEMINARIANS PROJECT.  I reminded you of it the other day.

I had a note from a seminarian in these USA:

First, I wanted to thank you on behalf of my seminarian brothers and myself for all that you do. Also, we signed up for the biretta program (seven of us in our theological studies) and were told this week that they are on their way. [HURRAY!]

Second, we were moved by the program with the birettas that after talking to my brother seminarians, we thought we should do something similar. [That’s the spirit!]

We had recently purchased cassocks through a company out of India. The cassock is roughly $140, and they are quite nice. For some of us though coming up with $140 was a struggle which is why we came up with this idea.

100 Cassocks for 100 Seminarians.

Ideally, it’s your concept, people donate to the gofundme account, and we send cassocks to seminarians who wish to have one.


That being said, we hope to spark an increase in love for the traditions of the church, and we think we can accomplish this by supporting those who are now becoming aware of what Holy Mother Church truly expects from us.  [Form your habits now, early on.  Get ready for a tough ride.  I don’t say this to discourage, but to let you know that we are in for a real fight down the line.  But you guys have perhaps already figured this out: hence, the cassocks.]

We have realized that most seminarians and younger priests are moving towards the traditions of the mother church. So we would like to do our part.

The gofundme account is;

We were hoping you could help by sharing it. Thanks again for all that you do Father!


P.S. Last week we sat in choir in our cassocks and surplice at a
Tridentine Latin mass. It was beautiful. After a group of people came up to us, saying how awesome it was to see seminarians/ future priest in their cassocks.

Well, folks, there it is.

Biretta by biretta… cassock by cassock… brick by brick.

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