ASK FATHER: How to shop online with your Amazon thingy?

From a shopping reader…


In order for you to get your kickback from the Amazon link, is it necessary to do each search from your link, or just when a purchase is made?

I don’t buy that much (not a Prime member) so I might find something and put it on a list or in the cart and after some stuff accumulates (and I get free shipping), I’ll place the order. So do I need to re-search for everything from your link, or just go there when I’m ready to purchase.



If you are purchasing multiple things within the same session (shopping trip) amazon will keep track of how you got there.  If you purchase things far apart in time, then you should go to my search box and start your shopping session that way.  Then amazon will track you again.

But within the same session, you don’t have to look up each thing through my search box.

Think about getting your Christmas shopping done early.

Everyone… please… do your online shopping through my links and search boxes.  The US amazon box is always on the sidebar near the top.  The UK box is down at the bottom of the blog’s main page.  Go look for it.

When you start thinking about shopping online, repeat to yourself

“Must help Fr. Z… Must help Fr. Z… Must help Fr. Z… Must help Fr. Z… Must help Fr. Z… Must help Fr. Z…”

Alternatively, you libs can chant, “Fr. Z needs help… Fr. Z needs help… Fr. Z needs help… Fr. Z needs help… ”

Chant what you want, just use my search boxes.

For your convenience, here they are.



I have no idea who orders what.

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