REMINDER: Registration, passwords, moderation

First, a reminder that a few weeks ago, after a rocky software update for the blog I had to recertify 17K user accounts manually which somehow were put into “pending” mode.   In that process you you were sent an email (to the address you registered with) with a new password.   Some didn’t find that email.  Hence, some of you lost access to the combox here.

If you have had a hard time posting comments, drop me a line and I’ll get you a new password.  PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR USERNAME!

When I reset passwords they are very strong and scary looking. For example:


You can change them in your profile.

Second, since the renovation, an important plugin I used to control the knuckleheaded stuff that sometimes arrives in the combox stopped working.   Hence, I have – until a new solution presents itself – switched on combox moderation for ALL POSTS.  Every comment of every user now will go through the queue.   I am sorry to have to do this.

Next, only registered users can comment.  Please register.  NB: Don’t neglect the field where I ask for “biographical information”.  No one will see it.  It doesn’t have to be long… just something that no bot or spammer would fill in, like your confirmation name, name of your parish… I rather enjoy the longer descriptions, however.

Moreover, if this blog is helpful to you, please consider subscribing to make a monthly donation.  This keeps the blog going.  No income, no blog.  I regularly pray for benefactors here, and say Masses for your intention.

Some options

Say a prayer when you use the blog, please.  Perhaps the “Internet Prayer”.

And maybe add one for me.  This blog is always under attack from spammers and nefarious ne’erdowells.


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