Previous unknown letter of Sr. Lucia to Pope Paul VI: “diabolical revolt”

I just read at CWR a fascinating piece about a newly revealed letter of the last seer of Fatime, Sr. Lucia, to Pope Paul VI predicting dire things for the Church.

It is in interview with the author Kevin Symonds who has a new book called: On the Third Part of the Secret of Fatima – US HERE – UK HERE

Now CWR article:

The Third Secret of Fatima and the “Hermeneutic of Conspiracy”

“I am convinced that we are entering into a new phase of Fatima’s history,” says the author of a new book on the controversial Third Secret of Fatima.

Kevin J. Symonds ( is the author of the recently published On the Third Part of the Secret of Fatima (En Route Books and Media, 2017), which offers a scholarly challenge to those who claim the existence of a yet-unrevealed text of the third part of the secret of Fatima, given to Sr. Lucia de Jesus dos Santos by the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1917. In response to the publication of his book, Symonds was invited by Angelus Press to debate Fatima controversialist Christopher Ferrara at the traditionalist publisher’s annual conference in October.

In the following interview with CWR’s Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, Symonds discusses his research on key issues of controversy in the debate over the text of the Third Secret, and his recent debate with Ferrara. He also reveals the existence of a heretofore unknown letter from Sr. Lucia to Pope Paul VI regarding a “diabolical revolt” against the Church that seems to refer to themes from both the second and third parts of the secret.


Symonds: In June, I visited the Sr. Lucia museum in Coimbra, which is overseen by the Carmelites of Coimbra, Sr. Lucia’s convent. On display was the first page of an unpublished and undated letter of Sr. Lucia to Pope Paul VI. She wrote him a beautiful, encouraging letter that was similar to one that St. Pio [of Pietrelcina] wrote to the Holy Father in September 1968.

In her letter, Sr. Lucia spoke about a “diabolical revolt” that was being “promoted by the powers of darkness” with “errors” being made against God, his Church, her doctrines and dogmas. She said the Church was going through an “agony in Gethsemane” and that there was a “worldwide disorientation that is martyring the Church.” She wrote to encourage Paul VI as the Vicar of Christ on earth and to tell him of her and others’ steadfastness to him, to Christ and his Church, in the midst of the revolt. Perhaps I am biased, having studied the third part of the secret, but I was struck by how similar Sr. Lucia’s discourse appeared to the second and third parts.


There’s a lot more.

There’s also a roundup at LifeSite.


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  2. dafrenchman says:

    I wonder which Sister Lucia wrote the letter pre 1959 or post 1959?

  3. Fr_Sotelo says:


    I wonder which John Zuhlsdorf is maintaining this blog? The 1977 John Zuhlsdorf, or the 2017 Father John Zuhlsdorf we see in public? The 1977 one was Lutheran, and much more handsome, while 2017 one is mysteriously aged, and a Catholic priest. I think the real John Zuhlsdorf is still locked in a basement, hidden away, at St. Agnes Church in St. Paul, and is still a Lutheran, while the impostor John Zuhlsdorf has been presented as a Catholic priest for the sake of leading many souls away from the true Lutheran Faith LOL.

  4. Irish Timothy says:

    Very interesting! I think the reference might also include the changes made to the mass and the errors from it. I read once about changes to the mass were included in the 3rd secret. True or not I do not know. With that the message of Fatima is Our Lady reminding us of the importance of the rosary, confession, penance, the mass and not offending God. That’s as simple and clear as it gets.

  5. Sonshine135 says:

    I must admit that I am a poor soul when it comes to understanding prophecy. I have often thought that the 100th anniversary of Fatima would be a turning point for the church, with more eyes opened to the truth and returning to the faith. As I now read many of these articles though, I now wonder if Our Lady was not staying the Lord’s hand for those 100 years, and the time to repent of errors is now over. I can’t see God allowing this mockery of Him to continue much longer. Humanity may be more loving and civil in some ways, but the evil in this world today makes much of the evil in the antediluvian period look like child’s play.

  6. NBW says:

    This is very interesting and kind of scary. We are living in some very frightful times and seeing all kinds of rebellion in the world. My best comfort is to go to Confession on a regular basis, pray hard, and try to stay in the state of grace in this crazy world.

  7. KateD says:

    “Her cause for canonization is now in Rome. The process requires an environment free from polemics. Once this occurs, and experts have a better sense of matters, more information will become available…”

    Kind of a catch 22.

  8. Kathleen10 says:

    I wish no more saints were made under this papacy.
    Fatima. Always fascinating, but as it turns out, it’s become a weirdly consoling apparition. The older Lucy looks to me just like the younger Lucy, I don’t agree at all with the thoughts on a fake Lucy.

  9. siculocatholic says:

    So I bought the book and while a page turner, one thing seem to knaw at me: Why all the fuss? Isn’t it enough that the BVM asked us to pray the Rosary and do all the prescribed devotions? We know that the children saw hell and it’s horrors and know that the end will come for us one way or another. I guess what I am saying is that why are we wasting time with the “fourth secret” when enough was revealed to us to light a fire under our you know whats and to get busy? Wasn’t the miracle itself enough?

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