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VIDEO: It looks like the Shroud of Turin isn’t a photograph, but rather a movie that shows Christ’s first breath, movement of the Resurrection.

So, yesterday (technically), I posted the previous post (HERE) in which I reflect on how scientific advancements tell us more about things like the Shroud of Turin. Little did I know when I posted that, that I would stay up … Read More

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VIDEO connecting the Shroud and Eucharistic miracles examined by experts

This video is just over a half hour long.  Riveting.  A lot of us know most of these details, but this fellow swiftly makes the connections in a comprehensive way. NB: His comments at the end about Eucharistic miracles and … Read More

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Just Too Cool: The Shroud examined with a new dating technique…. SURPRISE! (Not!)

I am ever delighted when I hear news that some new technological development has been used to discover a hitherto unimagined detail in one of our famous miraculous objects.  For example, the development, pun intended, of photography reveal that the … Read More

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Contemplating mysteries in the face of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Gazing at an image crafted by a true master who intended to open us up into mystery can, over time, produce great fruits. For example, the 6th c. Byzantine icon of The Christ Pantocrator reveals two attitudes, in the two … Read More

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Scientific connection between the Shrouds of Turin and Oviedo?

Here is something of great interest, especially as Passiontide begins. Via Pewsitter I read that it has been determined that the Shroud of Turin and the Shroud of Oviedo were likely wrapped around the same person.   BTW… did you know … Read More

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Just Too Cool: Measuring instruments altered by electromagnetic disturbances when placed on Christ’s tomb

I just finished writing a brief piece about technology (for the Catholic Herald) and I ran across this from EWTN UK.  You may have read that restoration work and scientific examination of the Edicule which encloses the Christ’s empty tomp … Read More

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Italian police investigate Our Lord

This is pretty interesting.   Apparently the Italian police have been investigating Our Lord. HERE Police Create Image of Jesus as a Child Using Shroud of Turin, coolComputer Forensics The National Police in Italy have reportedly created a digital image … Read More

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New experiments show that the Shroud dates to 1st century AD

From Vatican Insider: New experiments on Shroud show it’s not medieval ANDREA TORNIELLI romE New scientific experiments carried out at the University of Padua have apparently confirmed that the Shroud Turin can be dated back to the 1st century AD. … Read More

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Shroud lore

Once upon a time I was in Chicago to address a Legatus chapter and I met a fine from from Skokie (I really enjoy writing Skokie!).  As I was saying, he is from Skokie.  You may I heard of this … Read More

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Fascinating news about the Shroud of Turin. WDTPRS POLL

For your Just Too Cool file. From Vatican Insider Pollen is evidence that the Holy Shroud is indeed a winding sheet According to university researchers the pollen found in the Turin Shroud corresponds to that of flowers used for funerals … Read More

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Summit “Soap Sisters” Sighting on TV. Involves also the Shroud of Turin. No. Really.

On FNC there was a great spot about the Soap Sisters in New Jersey, the Dominican Sisters of Our Lady of the Rosary. Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com I have written about the “Soap Sisters” quite a few times … Read More

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Something new found on Shroud of Turin, WDTPRS POLL!

I find it fascinating that as new technology develops, we start finding new things in the Shroud of Turin. As you may know the Shroud of Turin was recently placed on display in Turin, Italy.  Here is an interesting story … Read More

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Interesting article about the Shroud of Turin

CNA has a cool Shroud article. A detail I did not know: [W]e know that the blood contacted the shroud before the body “because there’s no image beneath the shroud.”   Pope Benedict has announced that the Shroud will be … Read More

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