Fun with @OneMadMomBlog – BuzzFeed – Alt-Right and @SebGorka

In regard to the Hamanesque BuzzFeed hit piece, almost certainly arranged by a certain Jesuit, One Mad Mom noted that the writer attempted to link me with the Alt-Right even while saying that there is not “obvious” connection.  LOL!  She noted (my emphases and comments):

Oh ho!  “Fr. Z has no obvious connections to alt-right groups but we’re going to mention it just so you put the two in the same sentence.”  Can you say “Jumping the shark?!”

Wait for it!

But Fr. Z’s tone, politics, and tactics bring to mind the online mobs of Trump supporters who helped turn the current moment so divisive. Rhetorically, he’s a creature as much of the comment section as the canon, having honed his blogging style since the early 1990s, when he moderated CompuServe’s Catholic forum. He regularly rails against “libs,” “edgy social justice figures” and the “homosexualist agenda.” He has coined Trumpian epithets for his adversaries, referring to the progressive National Catholic Reporter as “fishwrap” and the “National Sodomitical Reporter” [I was calling it those things long before the Trump campaign.  Trump coins Zed-ian epithets.] and liberal Catholics as the “Red Guard.” [Another falsehood: I only call some liberal catholics that. And it’s the New catholic Red Guards.] He casts himself as a defender of Western civilization and culture; [Wow.  That’s pretty damning.] In a recent post, he encouraged followers to buy Defeating Jihad, by the far-right former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka. [BuzzFeed and Haman would consider anything to the right of Elizabeth Warren “far right”.] And his blog links to a webstore where he sells mugs and T-shirts reading “Holy Mass: Turn Towards the Lord Again” in the ubiquitous #MAGA font and color scheme.

Sorry. I cannot stop snickering.  “He has no connection to the alt-right peeps but he does!”  BTW, I’m for defeating Jihad too.

Thus, One Mad Mom, ladies and gents!  Bless her.

Speaking of “Defeating Jihad” now some fun.

I just received by very own hardback copy of

Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War by Sebastian Gorka.


More on this HERE.

BUT WAIT!  It’s inscribed!

#MAGA indeed.

And this book is really good. You should all, right now, go BUY A COPY and also a spare or two for distribution to liberals.

And speaking of selling gear…


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  1. msc says:

    I hope you will do more research into Gorka’s credentials and background. He is certainly right on the very big picture, but so are a lot of other people that recognize the clash of civilizations going on between Islamism and the west. My reading suggests that he is deeply problematic. It is probably safer not to associate oneself too much with him. He will almost certainly explode (metaphorically) and be discredited sooner rather than later.

    [So his book isn’t good, after all. Yawn.]

  2. chantgirl says:

    Leftist journos wearing their ignorance and bias on their sleeves? Yawn.

    They’re still so salty that they don’t control the media narrative everywhere now.

    And for all of their whining about bullying, the lavender mafia in the Church most ruthlessly engages in it.

  3. benedetta says:

    I guess it’s hugely easier for a certain few to orchestrate this than to answer truthfully the justified critiques that not only Father Z raises but many others.

    This reminds me of the way they used to attack Mother Angelica. Piece by piece ridiculed. Never acknowledging what the battle is all about. Never acknowledging that the salvation of souls hang on the outcome of the issues raised here, the questions legitimately asked. It’s all just another day in puffery for some I guess. One hopes their glimpses into what is at stake brings them to a better place.

  4. Kathleen10 says:

    At the risk of telling these people anything, it is liberals who must be told what to think and who to support, we don’t need that, not from anybody. They need to stop confusing us with the zombies who fill their comboxes. This is a great blog, and I’ve visited it for years, but I visit many other blogs too. Guess what guys, you can’t stop em, you can’t shut em down with your dog whistle. There’s too darn many now! And here’s another thing, we’re sharing information with our less informed fellow Catholics, waking them up about the facts. There’s not a thing you can do about that.
    I and my whole family are defenders of Western civilization and culture. We see that the West’s problem is we have too many people who defend every civilization and culture besides the West, and they hate their own origins. How very weird. It can only be a diabolical influence. Where on God’s earth did these people come from. They are a plague.
    Why do these haters of the West continue to live in the land that provides them the greatest standard of living as well as liberty, if they hate it so much.

  5. JabbaPapa says:

    I don’t know who coined the term “Alt-Left” in response to all of this “alt-right” slandering of anything and everything that’s not mad-enthusiastically 100% gung-ho “liberal”-“progressive”-“absolutist”-“New World Order”, but if we did know, IMO he’d certainly deserve a “Father Zed challenge coin” for want of a medal …

  6. Malta says:

    “But Fr. Z’s tone, politics, and tactics bring to mind the online mobs of Trump supporters who helped turn the current moment so divisive.”

    Lol! Let’s look at that phrase carefully: “tone, politics, an tactics” mean Fr. is in mind a Trump supporter! And what about turning “the current moment so divisive.”!

    Socrates be damned; with such logic, who can confute!

  7. Kennedy says:

    I pray that the Buzzfeed article has the effect of drawing a few of its readers to check out this site to scoff at the “mad Alt-Right Catholics” like Fr. Z and then finding that it is populated by reasonable people who are committed to the truth revealed by scripture and tradition. It might result in some conversions and the salvation of souls.

  8. Dan says:

    When I first read that buzzfeed piece the only word that came to mind is typical. It is headline journalism (I use that term here very loosely). It seems that liberals can’t really be bothered to actually look into an issue so their pliable minds are easily manipulated by just the headlines and main points. They have a formula, first imply something horrible about the person (that Father Z condones praying for the death of the Pope) Then associate him with Donald trump, because libs hate Trump so much just putting the names next to each other will be enough to convict. Then imply that the person has no real credential or accountability. Gasp! no salary from the diocese? a self supporting priest! Of course many priests work for stipends vs a salary but that would be lost on them. IF Fr z did take a salary they would have said he takes money from the church despite his ability to be self sufficient, he sleeps on a bed of gold coins. Finally bring in the more “reasonably minded” (I use that term not only loosely but as a complete opposite of reality) alternative to claim that Fr. Z the loose canon, who prays for the pope to die and is out of control because his jurisdiction is from Italy and not where he lives and he is not financially dependent on the church hates gay and muslims people because he doesn’t understand that the church always takes the easiest possible path to get people to sit in a pew.
    Of course the simple minded libs don’t realize that it is exactly this type of reporting that got Trump elected in the first place. They treat their readers like morons who can’t see they are attempting to manipulate an opinion vs report on what actually is. I have come to dislike the term but this type of article is the definition of “Fake News.”
    In fact, having watched the Olympic coverage of North Korea’s participation in the Olympics the alt-left seem to hate Trump so much, they now seem willing side with the devil in order to try to make Trump look bad. I guess they are taking the phrase “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” to heart. The latest headline that no lib will read past is “Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s ’10-Foot-Tall Baby’ Trump thinks he’s a madman. CIA veteran Jung Pak says he’s got it all wrong.”

  9. Docent says:

    The uncharitably false ad hominem attacks against Fr. Z just keep on coming in various forums, even in those purported to be faithfully Catholic. I responded directly to one malicious attack by Mr. Mark Shea in the comments section of his recent article on Cardinal Marx and gays:

    chezami Mod (aka Mark Shea) :

    “Fr. Z’s cult of personality prefers his personal theories to the Magisterium.”

    Docent to chezami:

    “Nice libel of Fr. Z, Mark. Shame on you. I challenge you to pore over the article I mentioned (…, and then do an objective review of it without mischaracterizing it, or cherry-picking this or that to set up straw man arguments, and so on. It is a loving piece based on expressing the truth about sin and how to really evangelize those afflicted with homosexuality. You could learn a great deal from Fr. Z if you were not concerned more with libeling him as you just did.”
    So far no response from Mr. Shea who should know better, and should also think a bit more about the cult of personality that may be more applicable to him since he continues to make various statements in defiance of magisterial teaching he does not care for.

    In a broader sense, once again we also see that traditional teaching and those who explicate it are not to be seriously engaged. Smear, mischaracterize, and ridicule such teaching and those who profess it, all the while hypocritically presenting oneself as the epitome of intellectual honesty and fairness in the leveling of such unwarranted attacks.

    Keep up the good fight, Fr. Z. As you continue to present the teaching of Christ involving one of the left’s major causes du jour, the attacks against you will likely intensify, but as you know very well, the Lord is With you,…and so, too, are many faithful sons and daughters of the Church.

  10. KateD says:

    “Every time a liberal screams an angel gets his wings” -my teenage daughter

  11. tamranthor says:

    I’m still trying to figure out One Mad Mom’s point. I’m fairly certain all she said was: “oooh, icky, a priest who is, um, Catholic.” Not a particularly enlightening nor constructive observation, particularly since she was correct in her assertion that Fr. Z defends Western Civ. I suppose we are left to assume she prefers…. what, exactly?

  12. One Mad Mom says:

    Tamranthor…I’d go to the link to my blog post. I think you’ll find it a bit clearer I’m way on Fr. Z’s side. He used quotes of mine PLUS the Buzzfeed dude’s and it’s not clear in the snippet posted.

  13. tamranthor says:

    One Mad Mom: Mea Culpa.

  14. Semper Gumby says:

    Well this was quite a spectacle, I’m glad I made popcorn. One Mad Mom steps into the Squared Circle with BuzzFeed and pile-drives them into oblivion.

    My guess is that One Mad Mom does not have a fainting couch in her parlor. In fact, if I was a boy in her household my room would always be clean, I’d eat my peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches over the sink just in case, and I would never, ever, even think of shooting my eye out with a BB gun.

    As for BuzzFeed, that is a powerful crystal ball they have, and as I am one of Fr. Z’s “ilk” they know me better than I know myself. Apparently, I read the “Gospel of Roger Ailes” daily, and at Vespers I chant the latest “FoxNews” headlines. I “think the liberal Catholic establishment must be dismantled…and anything that can get to that goal is fine.” (Hmm…anything…how about slingshots? a high-fat high-sodium potluck dinner? Taunting Them a Second Time?) I have “no obvious connections to alt-right groups,” but one reason I’m here is for a good “bourbon” discussion. (Ok, that might be true about the occasional bourbon or Guinness discussion). When not discussing bourbon, I spend my time here “trafficking in cruelty and hatred” and “lavishing Fr. Z with gifts.” (Hmm…I wonder if that ostrich-feather coat and silver vase filled with emeralds arrived at Fr. Z’s PO Box…I’ve got a tracking number here somewhere…) Finally, I “belch loudly at my computer screen” as I “toss beercans over my shoulder while I type.” (Ok, I made that last one up, but it was implied by BuzzFeed).

    The huddled snowflakes at BuzzFeed might never understand that it can be edifying and fun to be aboard the dreaded pirate ship WDTPRS with a “rogue blogger-priest” at the helm. Now if we could just convince Fr. Z to wear an eyepatch.

    msc: I’d bet my last doughnut that I know where you’re going with that. So I’ll sum up.

    1. Dr. Gorka says that not just militant Islam but Islam itself is a problem.
    2. One can disagree with Dr. Gorka (diplomatic reasons for example), but there is more evidence supporting Dr. Gorka than you can shake a stick at.
    3. Because of #1 Libs get enraged or hide under their beds.
    4. When you engage Libs in dialogue to help them understand, then #2 comes into effect and worsens their condition.
    5. Therefore, according to Libs and a clever disinformation campaign, Dr. Gorka is a Nazi.
    6. And according to Libs, George Soros, who actually assisted in the confiscation of property from Jews during WWII and has never expressed remorse, is not a Nazi. Soros enjoys celebrity status in Lib circles.

    For perspective, msc, take a look at Operation Paperclip. Then, Fr. Z has posted about “Disinformation” by Gen. Pacepa. See John Barron’s books on this also. Then there is the case of Pius XII, Rolf Hochhuth, and leftist secular, Christian, and Jewish groups. Notice news reports from the last few days about “Russian involvement in both pro-Trump and anti-Trump events to sow discord in the U. S. political system.” Welcome to the Wilderness of Mirrors.

    p. s. Mighty fine book you got there Fr. Z.

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