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Jesuit Homosexualist Activist James Martin’s recent spittle-flecked nutty. Reactions.

As the canonization of St. John Henry Newman rolled up and rolled over us in Rome, I had anticipated that the Jesuit homosexualist activist ringleader, James Martin, would weaponize the saint because of Newman’s strong friendship with a man. It … Read More

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One Mad Mom spanks James Martin, LGBTSJ – UPDATED

UPDATE: I had a call from a friend who underscored her real shock at Martin’s ghastly suggestion in his tweets.  The more I think about it, the more loathsome the true content of Martin’s tweets appears. He told people that … Read More

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Fun with @OneMadMomBlog – BuzzFeed – Alt-Right and @SebGorka

In regard to the Hamanesque BuzzFeed hit piece, almost certainly arranged by a certain Jesuit, One Mad Mom noted that the writer attempted to link me with the Alt-Right even while saying that there is not “obvious” connection.  LOL!  She … Read More

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