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Sometimes I receive pretty serious email.  This just came in. Please pray for my Grandfather, he just signed the paperwork to be euthanized. God bless Father and thank you  

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Alexa gizmo laughs randomly. Creepy.

Do you have one of those Alexa gizmos? Brrrrrrr! No thanks.   At Engadget I read: Alexa is randomly laughing, and it’s creepy as hell (updated) Mercifully, Amazon is fixing it. If you have an Alexa-powered device, you’d be forgiven … Read More

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IMPORTANT: What’s being done to men? Systemic attacks on masculinity.

I urge everyone to watch this segment on the status quaestionis of MEN in these USA. For decades there has been an open war on boys, men, masculinity. This has had devastating effects on society at large and on the Church … Read More

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UPDATED @NCRonline #Fishwrap croons for ordination of women as bishops. Pray daily for their conversion or downfall.

UPDATE BELOW Originally Published on: Mar 5, 2018 The next time the Fishwrap (aka National Schismatic Reporter) criticizes anyone for having a faithful, conservative understanding of the Church’s discipline or doctrine, point them to this article.  The next time writers for the Fishwrap such as Michael Sean … Read More

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Pew Research Center looks at Pope Francis’ numbers 5 years into his pontificate

At the site of the Pew Research Center you can read about the survey about Pope Francis five years into his pontificate.   The numbers are on the move.   They also, in surveying Americans, break the numbers down according to political leanings. … Read More

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