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UPDATES – More of and about The Letter™ of Benedict XVI on the booklets

Because I have about 60 emails having to do with this, and since I’ve already made a few comments about this odd story elsewhere, here is a follow up, for the sake of completeness. Sandro Magister posted the full text … Read More

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Fr. Stravinskas breaks it down to the essential

At Catholic World Report, we find an address Fr. Peter Stravinskas recently gave to a chapter of Legatus about liturgical issues.   He breaks down, Barney style, some super important issues which, today, are controversial. Inter alia he: strongly endorses Robert Card. … Read More

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The Three Days of Darkness 2018 are underway in LA!

The Three Days of Darkness are underway in LA! (aka Religious Education Conference) I wasn’t invited. It might be interesting to have a photopost of your favorite moments. Videos HERE We can start with the front page, where there is … Read More

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