ACTION ITEM! For the Covington men at a crucial turn in their young lives!

Since I have been in Tokyo, I haven’t been tracking the US news very much.  I’ve only slightly followed the disgusting Covington Matter.

This morning I caught up.

I learned that Bp. Foys addressed the school, but parents weren’t allowed in.  He seems to have said that he backs them, but ….   The diocesan website has been replaced with a single page statement.  The offices of the diocese had to be cleared because of a threat.

The sky is coming down on these young men.

Over in Cincinnati there are radio spots demanding that Foys back the boys.  Even the Archdiocese of Cincinnati is getting calls, because no one can get through to Covington.

There is something truly demonic driving this.   Remember that this world has its Prince.  Family and life itself are the, as Sr. Lucia said, the final battle ground.   The very first attack on humanity by the Enemy was an attack on creation itself.   It is no surprise that this mess arose from a public march in support of life.

May I suggest to the readership to pray for the boys involved in this storm?   This is a life changing event.   This experience could help some of these young men become true warriors of the Faith.   If the world hates them, it is because they hated the Lord first.  Hence, in their conformity to Christ, so insulted and abused, they could be given mighty grace.  In a time of formation of their manhood for the future, this is a pivotal moment.

Rosaries for them, please?  Hours before the Blessed Sacrament?  Friday penances?

Give these young men your spiritual support.   As St. Augustine says, where there is charity, there are no distances.

Si vis pacem para bellum!

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  1. GypsyMom says:

    My teenage son got family and some of his friends praying a Divine Mercy novena for them. We’re on day three today. Maybe through this some lukewarm Catholics will wake up to the reality of the fight for our souls that we face every day, and of the sad situation in the Church. Mainly, though, these students and their families need God’s protection.

  2. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    I’m beginning a novena to St. Peter Damian on the 14th of February and ending it on the 22nd, for the purification of the church, and a novena to St. Joseph (suggested by Lifesite) for the Conference on Abuse, or Whatever (headed by Cardinal Cupich). I shall offer the middle hours of my office for these boys for 9 days.

  3. FrAnt says:

    Maybe there are a few future priests in the group.

  4. Fallibilissimo says:

    You said it Father! Right on!!! I feel like my eyes have been opened to the great evil that has attacked these boys. It’s been with us all along and I’ve been to lukewarm, too much a spineless coward myself, to acknowledge it for what it is.
    There is something truly terrible inside our western societies and in our Church and we must fight it. Years ago, I would push back on these sort of statements: I was ignorant, forgive me.

    The merciless assault on these Catholic boys and the worse cowardly non-positions people have taken has to be stopped in its tracks. It is Satanic. Actually it’s now clear that he’s infiltrated, not just his smoke but his very self, our midst and the world is too eager to be his vector.

    Nothing short of defending these boys is what is called for. Right now! I don’t want to hear “oh but the hat”, no that’s nonsense. If you can’t support a legitimate political party in your country, then there’s something wrong with the country and each member of its citizenry must respond. They are NOT like young girls dressed scantily choosing to go down a dark alley, thus making a foolish decision. These are innocent Catholic boys who had the courage to defend the innocent, were attacked (in all sorts of manners), are being cut up to pieces by viperous venomous snakes and left in the cold by cowards. If they defend innocence, why the heck can’t we?

    This is a time for choosing for all Catholics and people of good will. You cannot stand back while this evil ideology feeds off your children. May Our Lady crush this venomous serpent.

    And finally, yes, this is war. This my friends is clearly and indeed a full scale war. Cultural, spiritual, ideological, and in many parts of the world physical war. I’ve been sooo blind. Many of you guys have been saying how Satan has been waging it, but I never realized just how and sometimes I even shrugged off the thought. That was stupid of me. This episode makes everything clear.

    Btw, let’s also pray for the other side. Especially Mr Phillips for whom I do not hold any ill will (following the admirable example of Nick Sandmann). He doesn’t seem well to be doing this sort of thing and looks like he needs some help himself. I hope he can find a better path in life.

  5. Sportsfan says:

    Word in the tri-state is that the boys weren’t too happy with Bishop Foy’s address to them and are actively considering how to respond to it. I pray they respond appropriately.

    The Catholics of the Diocese of Covington (and Lexington too) should not give another dime to their diocese. They should put a note in their collection envelopes that they will not give another dime to the bishop until he apologizes to the boys of CovCath.

  6. JustaSinner says:

    Fooey on Foys!!!
    For what it’s worth, those young Catholic men showed poise and humility. I’m not sure how I would have acted taunted and insult by the Hebrew Israelites (black hate group) while having a bongo banged inches from my face. But God calls out the best in Hus flock; and these young men answered amazingly well!

  7. MrsMacD says:

    One novena to Saint Joseph for them, by the whole family. Thanks for the push to do that Father.

  8. Fr. Kelly says:

    They are included daily in the intercessions at Mass in my parish

  9. Fallibilissimo says:

    I just want to attract the readers’ attention to an item. Even after all that we’ve seen, the nasty wile mob does not relent. They will stop at nothing to promote their identity politics and destroy young kids like Nick. They’ll use all the sick devices in their cruel bags of death.
    You see, Nick doesn’t conform to their culturally demented ideals. He’s pro-life, young, Catholic and apparently supports one of the most pro-life admins in recent history. That’s his cultural sin. So, in their mind, he must be vilified and punished for his non-conformity.
    Here’s what I’m talking about. Another vile screed made to portray this horrific episode about racism, rather than about the total lack of moral character in the Media and elsewhere by slithering cowards:

    That kid could have been of any race, or a girl instead of a boy, I don’t care! But this monstrous lot only looks at that, violating MLK’s famous speech on the value of a person’s character.

    Nick and those kids have my respect and more. These people, on the other hand, have my fiercest ire which I promise I will not soon forget. I wish Mother Angelica were still with us, I’m sure she would express it better than I could.

  10. KateD says:

    I’ve read some liberals post,”Leave me out of the next cycle of outrage”. And then they comented on how foolish they felt for being duped (Yet again) by a 30 second clip. After having watched the several minutes long interaction which clearly shows the boys did nothing wrong, they acknowledged the boys were taunted by the black militant group and then the one boy smiled pleasantly despit the fact that a man was screaming in his face and pounding a drum less than an inch from his nose, all while the boys were simply waiting for their bus in the designated place.

    Personally, I was proud to hear they were Catholic boys. They deported themselves well through the whole thing. I’d never heard of Covington prior to this incident. However, seeing how well those boys behaved despite the bizarre circumstances, if it were anywhere near us I would be moving heaven and earth to get my boys into that school.

    The boys did well and have subsequently spoken spoken coherently and effectively in defense of themselves, their actions and their school. Well done boys!!!

    Keep up the good work of raising solid Catholic leaders of tomorrow, Covington!!!

    We will be praying for the school and the boys.

  11. AA Cunningham says:

    These students have undergone a baptism of fire and been exposed to the brutal ugliness that Satan seeds throughout this world. They’ve also witnessed that they have many enemies among the ordained and those they once considered allies. May they learn the valuable lesson that the father of lies is everywhere and he has many foot soldiers in his army.

    “Behold I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents and simple as doves.” Matthew 10:16

  12. rally1042 says:

    Fallibilissimo – My wife and I have thought the same about Mother Angelica. Oh how we would like to hear Mother speak clearly about this travesty. And from the secular side to hear Charles Kauthammer’s take. Alas, now we can only take courage from them, and pray, pray, pray.

    Thank you Fr. Z for speaking out.

  13. rally1042 says:

    Sorry – Krauthammer.

  14. Liz says:

    We have been praying a lot for them, but it’s a good idea to pray extra prayers for them maybe a litany to St. Joseph or something. I hope and pray that good will come of all of this and, hard as it was, I prayed for the bishop too and the whole office (seeing as I have been calling almost daily all week.)

  15. Olecrochet says:

    Our weekly rosary group, dedicated to Bartolo Longo and Our Lady of Pompeii, is praying for the Covington boys.

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