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Fr. Murray on the Covington Matter and NY State abortion debacle

My good friend Fr. Gerald Murray was on EWTN commenting on the Covington Matter and on the abortion debacle in NY. You won’t find a better commentator.

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Msgr. Pope and canonist Ed Peters on NY Gov. Cuomo: “It is time to end the charade”

Canonist Ed Peters responded to Msgr. Charles Pope’s implicit request for canonical clarifications in the matter of NY Gov. Cuomo and his complicity… nay, rather, full-throated promotion of infanticide.  If there were ever a case of application of the law … Read More

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US bishops asked about women deacons

A CNA piece at the Catholic Herald looks into women deacons, deaconettes, whatever.    Yesterday, I posted about a brilliant piece at Touchstone which shows, incontrovertibly, that the reasoning behind support for ordination of women (to any grade of order) is the same … Read More

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Bishop of Covington does a 180, apologizes.

Say you set out on an errand by foot to the post office.  Trudge trudge trudge.   Suddenly you realize that you made a bad turn and you are going in the wrong direction.  Someone might say, “Hey, buddy!  If … Read More

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25 January 1959 – 60th anniversary of the calling of Vatican II

On 25 January 1959, just under 3 months after his election to the See of Peter, John XXIII, at St. Paul’s outside-the-walls, stunned his listeners and the rest of the world. 60 years ago he announced the summoning of an Ecumenical … Read More

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