ZMIRAK: Hawaii Sen. @maziehirono Is Right. We Must Intern the Knights of Columbus in Camps

Go read John Zmirak’s scorn-laced send-up of the moronic statements by Sen. Mazie Hirono (PartyOfDeath-HI) about federal a court nominee who belongs to the Knights of Columbus.  HERE

Senator Mazie Hirono Is Right. We Must Intern the Knights of Columbus in Camps

Hawaii Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono has sounded the alarm. American freedom is menaced. By whom? A secretive paramilitary organization named for a genocidal invader. One devoted to controlling the bodies of American women — as surely as ISIS does its captured sex slaves.

This group takes orders from a foreign government. It champions causes starkly at odds with the core American liberty: to look at the “mystery of life,” then shrug and say “Whatever!”, as codified in Justice Anthony Kennedy’s landmark decision, Casey v. Planned Parenthood. Just as bad, this organization demeans the human dignity of millions of fabulous Americans, by rejecting their right to a whole new form of marriage. So the same justice noted in Obergefell v. Hodges.

Yet crucial court decisions such as these, and the freedoms our Founders implicitly guaranteed between the lines of what they wrote and said, are now in danger. President Trump has taken the reckless step of mainstreaming this fringe group, the “Knights of Columbus.” What else can we call it when Trump tries to appoint to a U.S. federal court a member of this neo-feudal hate organization, in the person of Brian Buescher. That’s the “knight” whom Trump wants to serve as a federal District Court judge for Nebraska.

Secret Conquistadors Who Want to Control Women’s Bodies
And Senator Hirono has rightly called out this dangerous concession to un-American values. She publicly asked whether Buescher should be confirmed, given his membership in this armed, uniformed group committed to the code of the Conquistadors.

This groups has branches all across the country. It holds secret rituals. It has infiltrated thousands of seemingly innocent places of worship. The Knights even funnel money into educational ventures, skewing the curriculum of places such as the John Paul II Institute, in misogynist, homophobic, and transphobic directions. True, it pours money into the center-left online publication Crux, which seems to harm Catholic causes more than help them. But that is surely a smoke screen. Or are we supposed to think it’s just a mistake?

No, the Knights are too clever for that. They fund their collusion in politics and media with a nationwide insurance business, that rakes in tens of millions from “ordinary” Americans. The group’s controllers teach them to use a special term for other members. They are not just neighbors or fellow citizens. They are “brother knights.” And where does that leave the rest of us? Out in the cold, wondering what the insiders are really up to.

It can’t be anything good.


Read the rest there.   Yes, he sustains it through to the end.

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  1. rollingrj says:

    Brilliant! But how dare he turn traitor to the cause.

  2. JMody says:

    I wonder if my sleeveless junior Senator will pick up this fight? All she wants is to fight for Arizonans against injustice, and for their right to join the Taliban, so this should be right in her wheelhouse.

  3. veritas vincit says:

    Holy cow! As a fourth degree Knight (one of those “armed uniformed” Knights) I better watch out! LOL!

  4. JARay says:

    I’m trembling in my boots. No, I am not a member of the Knights of Columbus. They do not exist here in Australia, but I do belong to a similar organisation of Catholic men which took its origins in England but has now spread somewhat across the old British Commonwealth so that we have members even in the old Rhodesia i.e Zimbabwe and Malta, even in the old Portuguese colony of Goa and yes, we are nearly spread all over Australia although some States have not yet got active Circles.
    Who are we?
    We are The Catenians from the Latin “Catena” which means a Chain and we have that in our Logo.
    surrounding a Maltese Cross and a motto “Floreat Catena”. We also call each other “Brother”! And you have to be a practicing Catholic to join.

  5. Felipe says:

    Someone should let Zmirak know that President John F. Kennedy was also a member to this group “committed to the code of the conquistadors”

  6. Gabriel Syme says:

    No politicians need worry about Catholics mens organisations of the Vatican II era.

    While I am sure they still count faithful Catholics in their number, in my experience they are today little more than social clubs which contain an equal portion of members who reject Church teaching.

    Accordingly, their core identity and purpose is somewhat confused. Scratch the surface and you soon encounter an uncertainty among members as to why they even exist and what they should be doing. In this respect, they are like little models of parts of the mainstream Church, which doesn’t want to convert anyone and doesn’t want to lead anyone.

    I was a member of the Knights of St Columba (UK) and knew members of the Cantenians (UK). Both in my own personal experience and anecdotally, if you asserted Church doctrine you could expected to be attacked as fiercely as by any secular opponent. Especially if the matter was one where authentic Catholicism jarred with secular mores- such as sexual morality, for example.

    Hopefully these organisations will “come good” but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  7. Clinton R. says:

    It’s amazing that these Democrat loud mouths, whether it be Pelosi, Shumer, Waters, or in this case Hirono, are not at all known for any concrete accomplishments. Rather, they are famous, or perhaps more to the point, infamous for their inane comments and relentless grandstanding and attention seeking.

  8. Archlaic says:

    Alas, we are living in the post-satirical era… dollars to donuts that Zmirak’s piece will in due course be quoted by a moonbat politician or commentator as a serious and factual source!

    Perhaps we will hear it cited as “gospel” at the next confirmation hearing for a Catholic judicial nominee: “…as even respected conservative Catholic journalists have noted…”

  9. WmHesch says:

    With a couple exceptions, most papal knighthood orders aren’t much older than the KofC, and have been rebranded (eg Order of Pius IX).

    Perhaps it’s time for the aging KofC to do the same. Columbus was only chosen as the patron in an attempt to assimilate immigrant Catholics on the eve of the 400th anniversary of the “discovery” of America.

  10. Pius Admirabilis says:

    Is this actually satire?

  11. Maximilian75 says:

    I thought the view of the KofC as some secret evil society died with the Know-Nothings… I guess not

  12. GM Thobe says:

    Time to double down and reverse the regrettable regalia regulation revolution and bring back the plumes and swords.

  13. Bellarmino Vianney says:

    One major error above: Crux is not “center-left”; Crux is radical left-left-left-left ad infinitum ad nauseam ad etcetera-um. The only difference between Crux and CNN is the letters following “C”.

    Words from Pope St. Pius X accurately describe Crux this way: “…the partisans of error are to be sought not only among the Church’s open enemies; they lie hid, a thing to be deeply deplored and feared, in her very bosom and heart, and are the more mischievous, the less conspicuously they appear. We allude, Venerable Brethren, to many who belong to the Catholic laity…”

    The Knits of Columbus probably should not be generalized, but overall they, along with Crux, are among the enemies of the Church that “lie hid” and are mischievous and conspicuous in their evil works. In fact, that group is probably a major contributor to the attempts at the protestantization of God’s Church, which is the Roman Catholic Church.

    Right now the priesthood is wrongly being attacked for harming God’s Church. Indeed, there are a few very bad priests, and those priests should be duly punished and removed from ministry.

    But very few people are paying attention to the pressure that priests receive from laity – particularly the Leftist laity that often forcefully take over over parishes and dioceses (in paid and non-paid roles).

    This commentator use to think the main problem was bad priests, but that may not be the case. The main problem may very well be overly powerful laity combined with priests and bishops that do not withstand laity’s relentless pressure and end up “going with the flow”.

    Giving the laity more power and roles seems to provide the enemies of the Church with more power and more opportunities to destroy the Church covertly, which, again, in the words of St. Pius X, is ” a thing to be deeply deplored and feared…” because they are “more mischievous” and less conspicuously appearing. Wolves in sheeps clothing is what they are, and there appear to be many with the ranks of the Knights of Columbus.

  14. Semper Gumby says:

    Hopefully, Alert NewsHound John Zmirak will stay on the trail- the Truth is out there.

    The Knights started World War I, faked the Moon landings, invented New Coke, and bludgeon baby seals while chanting the Pater Noster. And they hate Vatican II.

    (thanks for the satire John Zmirak and Fr. Z.)

  15. iamlucky13 says:

    Senator Hirono also recently shared her thoughts about how difficult it is being smarter than everyone else:

    “We need to speak to the heart…And we have a really hard time doing that (a, and one of the reasons that was told to me at one of our retreats is because we Democrats know so much that is true, we have to kind of tell everybody how smart we are”

  16. FromVicBC says:

    Clearly the ultrasound machines that we provide are making a difference:

    Give to the Knights of Columbus
    Vivat Jesus!

  17. Semper Gumby says:

    iamlucky13: Thanks for the Hirono quote and a chuckle. I’d bet my last doughnut that Margaret Thatcher (or Nikki Haley or Star Parker) never whined about how she was “smart yet misunderstood in people’s hearts.” Perhaps the taxpayers should cough up fainting-couches for brave SJWs like Hirono who are clearly exerting maximum effort for the greater glory of Karl Marx, Wile E. Coyote, and Aleister Crowley.

    JMody: That Sinema somehow defeated McSally for Flake’s seat is unfortunate. No doubt Sinema and Rashida Tlaib will have alot to talk about, such as how wonderful the life of Congresswomen will be under Sharia law. Meanwhile, Jeff Flake will haunt the Green Room at CBS News, gorging on stale pastries before unleashing his Wisdom on an unsuspecting public.

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