New book from Card. Sarah

I was very pleased to see this tweet:

If you have not read Card. Sarah’s books, give them a try.  They make good gifts to priests.

The Power of Silence: Against the Dictatorship of Noise.


And if you haven’t read it yet…


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  1. Diana says:

    Just started reading The Power of Silence! Looking forward to the new book! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Gab says:

    The title of the book, from the Gospel of St Luke, is very, very apt.

  3. acardnal says:

    Gab: why?

  4. Gab says:

    Acardnal because she had the virtue of humility.

  5. Gab says:

    Oops wrong response to acardnal. Sorry.

  6. Gab says:

    acardanl because in Luke Ch 24, ” [28] And they drew nigh to the town, whither they were going: and he made as though he would go farther. [29] But they constrained him; saying: Stay with us, because it is towards evening, and the day is now far spent. And he went in with them. [30] And it came to pass, whilst he was at table with them, he took bread, and blessed, and brake, and gave to them.”

    The times we live in now feel as though it is heading “towards evening”, when night is nearing and darkness will surround. What better time to ask the Lord to stay with us than when impending darkness will fall?

  7. JARay says:

    Thank you “Gab” for your explanation of the source of the title of the book by Cardinal Sarah. How very apt this title is right now! I have every intention of purchasing this book. I think that Cardinal Sarah is a very percipicatious cleric with a clear grasp of what besets the Church right now. I would that there were more like him.

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