UPDATE! Navy Chaplain’s replacement vestments – DELIVERED!

Do you remember the project to replace the travel vestments of the Navy Chaplain whose plane crashed into the river on landing?  He lost everything.  HERE and HERE

I started a campaign to have new vestments made and YOU AMAZING readers made it happen.

I received word from Commander Father Johnson that he received the new travel vestments and alb!

Thank you and your extremely generous readers from the bottom of my heart! These are truly beautiful and yet very practical. I will remember you and all your benefactors at the altar frequently.

Here are a couple photos he sent of the vestments.  These are reversible.  So, you have, below, views of the different sides in two pics.

Green/Purple – Red/White – Rose/Black

They have all the pieces need for the Extraordinary Form, which Father celebrates regularly.  When I subbed for him at GITMO I, too, used the EF.  Then I asked Angelus Press to send him some hand missals and other materials.  They are squared away.

When I was in Rome last May I purchased the fabric and took everything to Gammarelli, who had made my travel set.  The photos don’t quite capture the depth of color and the texture.  They are silk.

I am very pleased at the results.  As a matter of fact, Fr Johnson chose better combinations than I did with my own travel sets (which several of you donated).

What a great project and good cause. HOOYAH! You people are the best.

And when my buddy Charlie says he’ll remember you at Mass, he means it.  He’ll remember you at Mass.


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  1. Suburbanbanshee says:

    People don’t think of silk as practical, but it really is durable and light as well as being pretty.

    One thing — I seem to remember that silk doesn’t get along well with linen, so you put some paper or plastic inbetween, if they are in the same drawer, suitcase, closet, etc. And keep silk out of direct sunlight when you are storing it (close the closet door, etc.).

  2. Spinmamma says:

    Hoorah! They are beautiful. How happy he must be.

  3. Semper Gumby says:


  4. PostCatholic says:

    A question about the reversible sides: I remember from my Catholic days that violet and white was common as a convenient reversible stole in a priest’s coat pocket, since last-minute baptism, unction and reconciliation required these colors in the Novus Ordo. Is it different for the Tridentine sacraments?

    [Not at all. Those small pocket stoles in two colors are handy for what you described. There are also larger versions for, for example, baptism. Father uses the purple side for the first part including exorcisms. Then he changes to white for the last part, including baptism itself.]

  5. PostCatholic says:

    Thanks for the helpful reply.

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