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News From The Chaplain: “Bomb go boom”

You long-time readers will remember my good friend Fr. Charles Johnson, presently chaplain on USS Ford, which is undergoing various tests and trails as they shake her down.   We had travel vestments made for Father, when his airplane went into … Read More

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Navy Chaplain posthumously received the Navy Cross

Here is something that I had readied for posting and then, given recent events, the draft scrolled away from my view. Take a moment to check out this piece at the Navy Times about the posthumous awarding of the Navy Cross … Read More

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An altar set up at sea

From time to time, I give you updates from a Navy friend CDR Johnson, who is chaplain on USS FORD, which is being put through its paces. Today (happy B-Day Marines – ‘rah), after he saw one of my masthead … Read More

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UPDATE! Navy Chaplain’s replacement vestments – DELIVERED!

Do you remember the project to replace the travel vestments of the Navy Chaplain whose plane crashed into the river on landing?  He lost everything.  HERE and HERE I started a campaign to have new vestments made and YOU AMAZING readers … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! Navy chaplain’s vestments lost in the airplane crash – UPDATED

UPDATE: Since in 24 hours we completed our objectives and exceeded expectations, it’s time to close this down. However… go to the bottom and read my 7 May update for more. UPDATE: I’ll add updates at the bottom, but this … Read More

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IN THE WILD! Clement XIV joins the Navy!

My friend Fr. Johnson, USN, sent me a photo of his newly acquired Papa Ganganelli (aka Clement XIV Of Glorious Memory) coffee mug. Here it is, strategically situated in Father’s stateroom aboard USS KEARSARGE (LHD3). Fr. Johnson regularly celebrates the TLM … Read More

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TLM: We need it everywhere!

A friend of mine, Fr. Charles Johnson, is a Navy chaplain serving in Afghanistan. The TLM: You may remember that Fr. Johnson gave me a tour of USS Theodore Roosevelt a few years back. Please support the Archdiocese for Military … Read More

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Afghanistan: Marines and Holy Mass

On Weasle Zippers, one of the best names eh-vur, have a look at some photos of US Marines on the job.  Scroll down to find a photo of … Navy priest Lt. Carlos Davantes holds up a communion wafer as … Read More

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US Navy Chaplains: the devil to pay and no pitch hot

I am sure this will inspire men who want to be priests and chaplains in the United States Navy, who are also the chaplains for the Marines. From The Navy Times with my emphases: Once the military’s ban on gays … Read More

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