Comprehensive Sexuality Education – A demonic agenda targeting children

Horrible “sex ed” agenda aimed at children.

This is pretty bad.   Get children out of the room before watching.  Really.

I won’t post the video on this blog, but GO HERE.

See what the United Nations and Planned Parenthood, etc. have in store for children.

Big Business Abortion and Big Business Sex.

Hook children on sex.  They are future customers.

This is also tied into demonic gender identity propaganda.


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  1. Michael says:

    Our Lady of Fatima: “More souls go to hell because of sins of the flesh than for any other reason”

    Yes, this is part of the demonic gender identity propaganda, but in the long run, it is intended to cause more and more people to commit the grave sins of fornication, homosexual acts, masturbation, lust in the heart (adultery), and probably even bestiality under the LIE that “it is all ok”.

    If they succeed in corrupting the children and youth at those young ages, then it will be extremely difficult to change that mindset to practicing abstinence, waiting to have sex until marriage and accepting chastity, etc. Not to mention their psycho-sexual development will be corrupted wherein they will “feel” like another gender or even experiment with homosexuality and eventually “come out” around the time of sexual maturation (puberty, etc).

    This is all part of the overall demonic agenda to steal souls away from Christ through the various sexual sins. God forbid anyone dies in the state of unrepentant mortal sins.

    Also, look at this in the long run specifically regarding the future of the Church. These young children are our future priests, religious, and laity. Imagine if these people succeed in corrupting them, what will happen to future vocations???

    -Young/teen/young adult boys will be addicted to pornography, masturbation, hooking-up, experimenting with homosexuality, etc. All of these issues will present serious obstacles for men discerning vocations either to the priesthood or religious brothers. As for preparing to be men of the family, they will be immature and addicted to sexual pleasure. How can we expect them to take care of their wives and children as men of virtue and self-control?

    -Young/teen/young adult girls: The same situations which will then present serious obstacles to entering religious life and even preparing for marriage with their future husbands. The addictions to sexual pleasure can and will lead to failed marriages, instances of adultery, divorces, use of contraception, etc, etc. Same goes for men.

    Our Lady of Fatima: “The final battle will be on marriage and the family”

    We need to pray and fast now more than ever.

  2. bartlep says:

    Here is what two California Moms are doing to fight the raunchy sex Ed curriculum.

    Yes, the demons are out to destroy children and families.

  3. Spinmamma says:

    This is far worse than I had imagined. If such images were in possession of a pedophile, he/she would be prosecuted for possession of child pornography. Are we to throw out all of our laws about grooming children for the sexual exploitation of predators? This beyond perversion. Thank you to Bartlep for the link. I agree that it is on all of us if we stand by and do nothing while our innocents are corrupted and destroyed on a scale beyond anything any human society has ever done.

  4. Gab says:

    I managed to watch the video for 1.46 mins and couldn’t watch anymore. We in Australia have had this – what I call “grooming” – sex “education” for a few years now. Schools could sign up for it and many public schools have and some catholic schools as well. It has been exposed in some parts of the media, including all the lurid and sordid details, but no action/outrage by parents. A few tried here and there, of course, but the majority just let their kids be exposed to this muck. They probably feel helpless? Anyway, the focus here is more about homosexual/LGBTQI activities and lifestyles than heterosexual, because “gay marriage won’t change a thing”.
    I do not know what the answer is other than to pray.

  5. seeker says:

    But what does the Church offer as an alternative? Many parishes have just given up preaching anything about sexual morality at all, as have Catholic schools, as have parents. There are fewer and fewer people in those venues who have been properly catechized. Religious education and preaching usually offer some vague exhortation to mercy and/or acceptance (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but give no real information or help in navigating modern life. It has been decades since morality was taught in schools, release time or CCD. So long that Father can’t explain it, Mom and Dad can’t explain it and an awful lot of them have some bad habits themselves which, at best, inhibit them and at worst…well, suffice to say, we’re in millstone territory.
    If the Catholic Church offers the beauty of truth, salvation, real happiness, etc. in regards to God’s plan for sexuality why don’t we have a curriculum for spreading it? Theology of the Body could be a good start. With immorality openly advocated (c.f., drag queen story hour; Neflix pg14 rated shows; grindr, et al) what is the Church doing? Waiting for the Scandals to blow over so people don’t laugh out loud when a priest brings up morality?

  6. Lurker 59 says:

    @Gab “I do not know what the answer is other than to pray”

    1. Showup at local School Board meetings. Interact. Get informed of what is being taught in your local school, speak up if you have a chance to speak up.
    2. Network with likeminded people.
    3. Run for positions on your local School Board.

    Speaking generally —

    I can guarantee you that the majority of parents do not know what is being taught in the classroom ESPECIALLY methodology and rational. Knowledge of what goes on is much less for those who do not have children currently in school. The educational system of my local school is radically different than when I went to public school. Some of it is better, some of it is much worse.

    Things can be just as bad in private as well as christian/catholic schools. Remember, the teachers all come from the same universities and the textbook materials are really all the same textbook materials.

    Speaking about “Sex Ed”.

    Consider the banality of modern sexuality and how dehumanizing it is when compared to pagan sexuality in all its robust vivaciousness. Bacchus would look upon this age with contempt.

  7. HvonBlumenthal says:

    It reminds me of Tom Lehrer’s satirical song about the Dope Peddler:

    He gives the kids free samples
    Because he knows full well
    That today’s young innocent faces
    Will be tomorrow’s clientele

    It also reminds me of the White Witch in Narnia giving Edmund Turkish Delight.

  8. ChesterFrank says:

    I noticed that the American Federation of Teachers and the New York State Department of Health are listed among those that approve (endorsement) this education. It’s the fruit of tax dollars, union dues, powerful political (LBGTQ/Planned Parenthood) lobbyists and a progressive government (under the leadership of Catholic Cuomo) at work.

  9. teomatteo says:

    My wife has been teaching in public ed for 33 years and recently noticed that the national teachers union has endorsed an ‘abortion as a right’ platform. She has informed her local rep that if her dues goes in part to the national union she will need to end her affiliation with the union (national, state and local–she can because of legistlation in our state). Her letter to the powers that be included, “We want children to educate- not dead ones.”

  10. William says:

    the national teachers union has endorsed an ‘abortion as a right’ platform. …
    Her letter to the powers that be included, “We want children to educate- not dead ones.”

    Well, I guess that's ONE way of addressing the problem of over-crowded classrooms.

  11. adriennep says:

    To “seeker” and others: We don’t have to wonder what the Church is doing about this and “where is the curriculum?” There is a huge document at the USCCB web site which lists all the approved curriculum for religious education. The excellent Faith and Life series from Ignatius Press is on it. I have taught Catechism classes with that, along with the trusted Baltimore Catechism as a continual reference. There are other publishers listed, who unfortunately are not quite so traditional. But you can be assured that all of them teach on the Sixth Commandment. I also know that the online video classes are used in a local parish RCIA class, and that parish is quite charismatic and different. So any Catholic school, Catechism class, or RCIA program is held to these standards. And the teachers therein—all volunteers, mind you—are responsible for transmitting the faith in word and in their example. Hence the recent controversy over firing of gay couple on parish staff who suddenly “married.”

  12. Fuerza says:


    My union at work officially endorsed Obama during the 2008 campaign. I was able to take advantage of a NYS union regulation that allowed me to protest and demand a refund of any portion of my dues that went towards campaign contributions. Perhaps your wife has a similar option available.

  13. ChesterFrank says:

    Fuerza: Nope, I made the same request (a few years later). My rep basically told me to go to the place the Church is trying to keep me out of.

  14. KateD says:

    In addition to the Planned Parenthood profit element, these types of programs make children more succeptible to sexual abuse and normalizes pedophilism.

    Such raw evil that targets children.

    They should pray for the millstone.

  15. RLseven says:

    Parents should investigate the sex ed curriculum, if their children attend public schools, and they can opt out– if they commit to educating their children themselves and can provide a general curriculum, or if they are utilizing parish education in this area.

    Bottom line, morality ed and sex ed are the responsibility of parents. Most parents are intimidated by this and drop the ball. So then, don’t blame others for what your kids learn.

    I do think, if this videotaped curriculum or a version of it is being taught in some places, that it is harmful and does seem to have a liberal agenda.

  16. Semper Gumby says:

    This is the diabolical future that Progressives and Leftists yearn for. Somewhere a millstone factory is working overtime.

    The problematic UN is digging its hole deeper. From the UNICEF Sexual and Reproductive Health manual pg. 89: Sexual responses can be directed towards inanimate objects, animals, minors, and non-consenting persons. The WHO Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe begin with children aged 0-4. And there are various apps, videos, and courses online aimed at children and teens. Then there is “SexTech” which is, among other things, exploring robotics.

    Our Lady of Fatima had something to say about this.

  17. seeker says:

    Faith and Life series is very good, and used mainly by homeschoolers and conservative parishes. What is being offered is not enough to match what they are offering. It is not the past where indirect language might have sufficed. Every day life is now graphic and almost all children are exposed to it, to some degree or another. Church attendance is dropping, belief in dogma likewise. What we are doing is not working. God’s truth, beauty, love and plan for the individual is not being communicated effectively to enough young people. With sympathy and respect for the Bishops, we have not turned things around yet.

  18. RLseven says:

    I think the Church misjudges it’s correct audience for religious education. Our religious education programs should be for adults. Instead, we offer religion classes in Catholic schools and religious ed programs in parishes to kids who–let’s be honest–don’t want to be there. So, most of what’s said goes in one ear and out the other. The reason the Baltimore Catechism was a successful teaching tool is because there were good sisters ready to whap a kid with a ruler if he/she didn’t know the answer. So the catechism was memorized, but was it internalized and lived out genuinely? Perhaps it was, by some. But I run into Catholics every day who were raised on the BC, and ran for dear life from the Church the first chance they got.

    Love children and teens. Celebrate key moments of their lives. Promote more family time and less screen time. Talk to them. About everything! But save the “meat” for adults (ALL Catholic adults, not just parents.) Let’s design really impressive religious education programs that adults will be attracted to, find worth their time/commitment, and then give them the tools to pass on faith to their children.

    The scandal about most Catholics not knowing the Eucharist is the real Body and Blood of Christ? I don’t think it’s because Catholics weren’t taught that. Anyone who’s made their First Communion has been taught that. Rather, they weren’t listening. They were jumping through the hoops they were told to by their parents and their parish, but not necessarily learning anything. Then they graduated from Rel Ed, usually right after Confirmation. And that was that. Obligation complete!

    I offer this opinion as a former DRE. Sorry–I’m cynical on this topic. Without buy-in and real passion from parents, kids don’t benefit from much of anything we offer them, regardless of the curriculum. It’s the parents we need to be forming.

  19. Semper Gumby says:

    RLseven wrote:

    “Our religious education programs should be for adults.”

    Recall that the topic here is a diabolical attack on children. Religious education for children could be useful here.

    “Instead, we offer religion classes in Catholic schools and religious ed programs in parishes to kids who–let’s be honest–don’t want to be there.”

    That’s insulting to those children who do want to be there. Note that the interest of other children can wax and wane day-to-day and year-to-year.

    “The reason the Baltimore Catechism was a successful teaching tool is because there were good sisters ready to whap a kid with a ruler if he/she didn’t know the answer.”

    The problem here is obvious.

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