Francis’ circle of ardent defenders uses “diabolical cancer” against all whom they wish to silence

During the Wednesday General Audience, Francis strongly rebuked those who, in an organized way, as accusing people of being schismatic simply because they are exercising parrhesia.

Here is something of his address (my translation):

And the Apostles create seven deacons, and among the seven “deacons”Stephen and Philip are distinguished in a special way. Stephen evangelizes with strength and parresia, but his word meets the most obstinate resistance. Finding no other way to get him to stop, what do his opponents do? They choose the basest solution to annihilate a human being: that is, calumny [calunnia – slander, libel, detraction] or false testimony. And we know that calumny always kills. This “diabolical cancer”, which comes from the desire to destroy a person’s reputation, also assaults the rest of the ecclesial body and seriously damages it when, due to petty interests or to cover up one’s own inadequacies, a coalition forms to smear someone[For example, a coordinated effort to label critics of Francis as “schismatic”.]

Conducted in the Sanhedrin and accused by false witnesses – the same thing they had done with Jesus and the same thing they will do with all the martyrs through false witnesses and calumnies – to defend himself Stephen proclaims a reinterpretation of sacred history centered on Christ. And the Easter of Jesus, dead and risen, is the key to the whole history of the covenant. In the face of this superabundance of the divine gift, Stephen bravely denounces the hypocrisy with which the prophets and Christ himself were treated. And he remind them of history, saying: “Which of the prophets did your fathers not persecute? They killed those who foretold the coming of the Just One, whose traitors and murderers you have now become”(Acts 7.52). He doesn’t use half words, but he speaks clearly, he tells the truth.

This provoked a violent reaction from his listeners, and Stephen was condemned to death, condemned to stoning.

This sounds very much like, in Francis’ telling, what the coalition who have put themselves forward to defend his every off the cuff remark as if it were an oracle of the Fifth Apparition of Vishnu, are doing to people like Card. Burke… who, in the College, is a Cardinal Deacon.  He is a Cardinal Deacon not afraid to wear the red cappa which recalls the blood of martyrdom.

Team Francis are flinging stones of calumny.   I hope they will take Francis’s words to heart.


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  1. arga says:

    Exemplary judo move.

  2. Johann says:

    This message from his Holiness is very true and long overdue, but sadly it will be ignored by the likes of Poison Ivereigh, Ratty Mickens, Beans Faggioli, Dawn the Merciless and Brokeback Martin because they aren’t really loyal to the Papacy or even to our current Pope, but only to their nefarious leftist agenda to destroy the Church.

  3. The Astronomer says:

    I thin this message3 from Pope Francis was not aimed at people in his cheering section like Ivereigh, Mickens, Faggioli, Martin and Winters…et al.

    I think Pope Francis was referring to those orthodox St. John Paul II/B XVI Catholics who disagree with with his communications and praxis to the Church and those of his supporters.

  4. Joe in Canada says:

    Who do you think they put the quotation marks around the word ‘deacons’ the second time it appears?

  5. Les Buissonets says:

    Astronomer: I suspect that Fr Z. is well aware of the Holy Father’s real targets – but irony is an excellent weapon!

  6. Spinmamma says:

    As I was listening this morning to the Pope’s words on compassion, these very thoughts passed my lips–but where is the compassion from the Pope for traditional Catholics? How difficult it is sometimes to maintain a hopeful attitude without anger as we watch the anguish of Holy Mother Church. Thank you again, Dear Father Z, for your untiring messages of hope, common sense, beauty and and love.

  7. FrAnt says:

    It’s obvious that self-awareness on the Holy Father’s part is seriously lacking.

  8. ChrisP says:

    Francis also said recently, “think precisely, but speak loosely” or words to that effect.
    Pope Francis should be more concerned with something falling from the sky into Rome and prompting the DanceoftheFlamingTeutonic Heretic™ during the month of October.
    I’d pay money to see that.

  9. Kathleen10 says:

    It’s all kabuki theater, say this, then say that, one day this, slip something mildly Catholic in once in awhile, etc. Monday flog the faithful, Tuesday insult the clergy, Wednesday shake your fist, Thursday kiss babies, Friday invert dogma, Saturday praise heretics, Sunday, promote dissenters, and so on. So much to do!

  10. tho says:

    Perhaps I am being a little strident, but as person who has a great admiration for St. Joan of Arc, Pope Francis and his cabal, remind me of the bishops who prosecuted her.

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