Jesuits and Drag Queens. Tautology?

From the Louis Joliet Society.

Drag Queen Story Hour Brought to You by Catholic, Jesuit Marquette University

The Louis Joliet Society has learned that Marquette University hosted a Drag Queen Story Hour as part of its Community Day celebration on October 12, 2019 at the university’s Haggerty Museum of Art

According to an article about the event in the student-produced  Marquette Wire, “The Haggerty used to hold Family Days once a semester, but this is the first time the event is being held after being rebranded to Community Day. Family Days was also based around an exhibit on display at the Haggerty at the time, but the activities were targeted toward a different audience.”


Everyone should be pleased that Wisconsin’s premiere Catholic educational institution has courageously joined the bandwagon of depraved lunacy hell-bent on warping children (the American College of Pediatricians calls these events “child abuse”), mocking women and, most importantly, mocking God. Once again, note: this is NOT some rogue student group activity. This is a Marquette University funded event. Presumably tuition dollars are at least part of this funding.


I’ll bet it has full endorsement from certain homosexualist Jesuit quarters.

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  1. majuscule says:

    Women especially should be offended by the mockery of femininity that these drag queens portray.

    Sure, they have freedom of expression. But as a woman I have the freedom to find it offensive. It is especially offensive and immoral to be parading in front of and even in contact with our children.

    Speak up women!

  2. albinus1 says:

    But of course if someone were to propose “Blackface Story Hour,” which to me seems just as demeaning and involves the same kind of exaggerated mockery, that would be denounced far and wide as “offensive.”

  3. Kathleen10 says:

    Only abortion exceeds this in depravity. To imagine the audacity of men trying to get their hands on children to corrupt them, confuse them, and parents willingly sacrificing their child to this, it makes the mind reel. Personally I find drag queens insulting. They are not women and they mock women and the identity of women, with their whorish makeup and over the top weird hooker gear. It’s a mockery of a real woman. I have a lot of sympathy for people who are lost in gender dysphoria, it’s hit my family and it’s heartbreaking, but that is no reason to aggressively seek out children to groom them for pedophilia, which is what this is. Many of the men involved have sex assault or abuse records, and parents are allowing them to influence their children? Madness.
    At the very, very least a criminal background check needs to be done on every single participant, and people should get together and demand their tax dollars not be used for it. If you make enough of a stink, you can stop these. Do people have the will to protect children?
    The group MassResistance is doing yeoman’s work in pushing back against this evidence of cultural breakdown, and they have helped many communities stop them, in the US and around the world. They know how to do it and they will help individuals or groups.
    God in heaven, help children today. Help parents to protect them, not help corrupt them, amen.

  4. Hildegard says:

    I do believe there is a strong hatred of women manifest in these events, evidenced by the garish, mocking makeup and ridiculous wigs and costumes. It is on par with wearing blackface makeup. Why would anyone expose children or anyone to such behavior?

  5. Michael Haz says:

    The semi-serious joke among those who have children studying at Marquette is that the last actual Catholic to run the place was men’s varsity basketball coach Al McGuire who left in 1977. The place has gone downhill since then. There is very little “Catholic” remaining in what was once an outstanding Catholic university.

  6. Semper Gumby says:

    Misogyny is at work during Drag Queen Story Hour, males trespassing in female restrooms and locker rooms, males winning trophies in female sports, and males claiming to be females incarcerated with female prisoners. For the modern barbarian, male or female, that’s just fine.

    Lenin is quoted as saying, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” And, “Destroy the family, destroy the country.”

    Corrupting motherhood and fatherhood, masculinity and femininity, deforms young minds. Michael D. O’Brien wrote a book about this, “A Landscape with Dragons: The Battle for Your Child’s Mind.”

    In addition to misogyny and “sex education” classes for children as young as kindergarten, the occult is at work on young minds. Here’s an article from LifeSite about “A Children’s Book of Demons”:

    Here’s how it’s advertised on Amazon:

    “Don’t want to take out the trash tonight? Maybe you’re swimming in homework? Perhaps that big bully is being a real drag? Well grab your coloured pencils and sigil drawing skills and dial up some demons! This paranormal parody is filled to the brim with funny spirits more silly than scary!”

    Ah yes, getting your children interested in sigils and Goetia to deal with life’s little problems. What could possibly go wrong with that.

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