More homosexualist rubbish from – wait for it! – German bishops!

And more from Germany… it’s always Germany…

The story in German at KathNet.

Bischöfe mit Wissenschaftlern einig: Homosexualität ist etwas Normales
Ist das lehramtliche Verbot praktizierter Homosexualität noch zeitgemäß? Ist Homosexualität eine normale sexuelle Ausrichtung? Ist eine sexuelle Beziehung nach einer Scheidung “schwere Sünde”? Darüber diskutierten deutsche Bischöfe mit Experten.

Bishops agree with scientists: Homosexuality is something normal
Is the doctrinal prohibition of practiced homosexuality still timely? Is homosexuality a normal sexual orientation? Is a sexual relationship after a divorce a “serious sin”? German bishops discussed this with experts.

Who wants to bet that they are discussing this in the same way that Dems discussed impeachment the day after the 2016 election?

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  1. acardnal says:

    Interesting. LifeSiteNews just posted a video of Venerable Bishop Sheen discussing “false compassion” shown to homosexuals, et al. Seems an appropriate response to the German bishops:

  2. Kerry says:

    In a letter from Evelyn Waugh to Lady Daphne Action, in Waugh’s book, A Bitter Trial, he wrote: ” I think it a great cheek of the Germans to try and teach the rest of the world anything about religion. They should be in perpetual sackcloth and ashes for all their enormities from Luther to Hitler.”

  3. Aegidius says:

    The link leads to „“, better known as „hä“ among believing catholics in Germany (yes, there are still some of us around!). Hä is the inofficial internet portal of the German conference of bishops (DBK), fully funded by the DBK (i.e. by church tax) but seemingly independent. It is known for its emphasizing anti-catholic and aberrant teachings. „“ on the other hand is an Austrian news portal, fully private, fully indepentent and fully catholic. They may as well report the DBK rubbish, but definitely in a critical manner.

  4. bobbird says:

    We have have the same here: The Wanderer v. Nat’l Catholic Reporter [Fr. Z calls it “Fishwrap”. I call it the “Anti-Catholic Distorter”].

    I am also reminded of Cardinal Initzer in the classic movie, “The Cardinal”. Just as he made an 11th-hour conversion, perhaps the Holy Spirit will do so again.

    And may The Wanderer ever be a credit to faithful German Catholicism! I think most of them migrated to America in the 19th century.

    If we read Taylor Marshal’s book “Infiltration”, we now know exactly what is happening world-wide.

  5. monstrance says:

    How long before the German state would force these views upon the Church anyways ?
    And the rest of Europe for that matter.
    If they’re throwing in towel now, there will be nothing left to stop it.

  6. Charles E Flynn says:

    The painting is “The Destruction Of Sodom And Gomorrah”, by John Martin (1789-1854).

  7. Marion Ancilla Mariae II says:

    “. . . they are discussing this in the same way that Dems discussed impeachment the day after the 2016 election.”

    Oh, come, come, Father. Surely we can be in no doubt that the Dems began discussing impeachment proceedings beginning in January of 2015, in the highly (to them) unlikely event that Hillary didn’t win.

  8. Amerikaner says:

    Scratch them and I am sure you will find homosexuals. That is why they push this agenda. It is to justify their sins

  9. LeeGilbert says:

    “German bishops discussed this with experts.” This is not at all re-assuring. Here in the States the “experts” have cost us billions of dollars, particularly psychiatrists. Besides that, bishops are supposed to be the “go to” authorities on faith and morals. With what sort of experts do you suppose they are consulting, moral theologians of the Thomistic school? In fact, it is PRECISELY reliance on the blandishments of psychiatrists and the like that have got us into this mess.

    If they are going to consult with anyone, they would do much better to spend time in a Eucharistic chapel, drinking in wisdom and prudence from the Source

    If only when Pius XIII ascends the throne of Peter he would found an order of penitents. Surely there is an empty monastery in the Alps that he could appropriate for use as a house for the new order of penitent bishops. The next step would be to fill it, and there is no lack of suitable candidates. Generally the candidates that come to mind seem to be very far from repentance but perhaps reducing them to the lay state will give them a push in that direction.

  10. tho says:

    To paraphrase Aristotle, everything in nature has a purpose. What is the ultimate purpose of sodomy? In a marriage the way is open for a child, even in the sin of fornication life may spring from a misbegotten deed. But in homosexuality, nothing is achieved but one human being humiliating another.

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  12. rcg says:

    Yes, homosexuality is from nature. As are two headed calves, cancer, hemophilia, any number of maladies and events that are not good for the individual or our species. I am sure that low-standard pop scientists, the sort that have confused the term ‘organic’ in the minds of laymen, do not recognise this distinction.

  13. Matthew says:

    Just the definition of the word normal (even in German) shows that it is a perversion.

    The German bishops don’t want to lose that sweet tax money they get by ignoring the Church’s authentic teachings.

  14. JabbaPapa says:

    The argument of “homosexual activities are observable in brute beasts, therefore they are natural” is specious rubbish.

    First, it falsely supposes that deviations from the norm are not possible in such creatures, which is perfectly ridiculous given that deviations from the norm exist throughout the natural kingdom. They remain deviations, and so it is perfectly unreasonable to suggest that one particular form of deviant behaviour might somehow be “natural”.

    Second, it falsely denies the very thing that separates mankind from those brute beasts, i.e. our Free Will — through intellectèd Acts of Will, every single day we choose to engage in some and not engage in other activities that a brute beast in the same circumstances might be forced into from that lack of Will. A brute beast with deviant urges, or whatever other natural urges that would be considered as being wrongful in our classical ethics and morals does not negate the rights and restrictions that are defined by them.

    A dog will return to its own vomit — our God-given Free Will is there to free us from such base urges.

  15. Leonius says:

    Bishop Sheen did not use the word homosexual he used the correct word which is sodomite.

  16. robtbrown says:

    Reg says,

    Yes, homosexuality is from nature. As are two headed calves, cancer, hemophilia, any number of maladies and events that are not good for the individual or our species. I am sure that low-standard pop scientists, the sort that have confused the term ‘organic’ in the minds of laymen, do not recognise this distinction.

    You forgot to mention that eating the young of the species (cf Jane Goodall) and eating the feces of other species are also “normal”.

  17. Spinmamma says:

    Because the secular “experts” say so, that’s why. And we will not recognize any secular researcher who says otherwise as an “expert.” See how that works. And as for consulting the real expert, Our Lord God, well, that is just so passé.

  18. Semper Gumby says:

    Speaking of rubbish from the German bishops and the 2016 election there may be a solution to our predicament…

    Thank you….thank you. You know, when I first started this campaign, people didn’t believe me. First they said, he’s not converting, he’ll never convert. Then I converted. Then they said, he’ll never get baptized, he won’t want the water to mess up his hair. But then I got baptized. Then they said he won’t get confirmed, and I got confirmed. And then they said he’d never run for pope. Well here I am, and I’m running for Pope; and I’m doing very well I must say.

    (Cheers, applause)

    The Catholic Church doesn’t win anymore. We just don’t. When is the last time Catholics won anything? Lepanto? When was that, the 1500’s? We don’t win anymore. But, let me just say, under a Trump papacy, we are going to win again. We are going to win so much.

    (Cheers, applause)

    It’s all about mercy now. The year of mercy. God has forgiven you. So nobody goes to Confession. And it makes sense, quite frankly. If I’m already forgiven, why do I need to go to Confession, right? So then the priest numbers drop through the floor. And then they say, well we have no vocations, so we need to allow married priests and women priests, and maybe even shamans. Have you ever heard of shamans? Why not? We want to be inclusive, right? Don’t we want to be inclusive? Ridiculous, it’s just ridiculous.


    We are going to have the best priests, the brightest priests. They will be lining up to enter the seminaries. And the seminaries will be the best seminaries, let me just tell you.

    (Cheers, applause)

    No more dopey professors. Most of the seminaries are a mess today, they’re a disgrace. You might as well have Bernie Sanders running our seminaries that’s how bad they are. They’re filled with dopey professors from the 60’s. Their brains are burnt from whatever they smoked. Who knows what they smoked back then, God only knows what they smoked. But they’ll be gone, I promise you, they’ll be gone.

    (Cheers, applause)

    They will be gone and the priesthood will be great once again. I will make the priesthood so exclusive. And you know how I’m going to do this? By building a rail. By building a great big beautiful altar rail in every single Catholic Church, that’s how.

    (Cheers, applause)

    A big beautiful altar rail separating laypeople like you and me from the priests. Of course, I’ll be on the other side of the rail, because I’ll be Pope, but you understand.


    We have to build a rail because we cannot let anyone and everyone into the priesthood and we can’t diminish the priesthood. We want the best and brightest priests and to do that we need to make the priesthood great again. I saw one the other day he was actually riding something during Mass. I had to ask my friend, I said what is he riding? He said, a hover board. I said what the hell is a hover board? Under a Trump Papacy, you ride a hover board during Mass you can keep riding it right out the door because that’s the last time you’re going to be allowed in.

    (Cheers, applause)

    So I’m going to build a rail. A big beautiful altar rail separating the priests, the true priests, the real priests, the priests with the cassocks and the collars and the vestments, from the laity. Because it’s not the same, folks. It’s not the same. Priests are priests and lay people are lay people.

    (Cheers, applause)

    That’s right. You know where I read that? Do you want to know where I read that? It’s a book called Trent. I’m a big believer in Trent.

    (Cheers, applause)

    I’m a big believer in reverence. You have to have reverence. Because without reverence it all becomes a joke. And the Mass is not a joke, is it? And, I must tell you, that under a Trump Papacy we will have so much reverence in the Mass again, you will not believe it. You simply will not believe the reverence.

    (Cheers, applause)

    I found this book the other day. It’s a 1962 Missal. I read it, it’s fantastic. Maybe we go back to the 1962 Missal? Is that ok?

    (Cheers, applause)

    Maybe we go back to Latin. I’m a big fan of the Latin. When we used Latin we were number one. We went to English and now the Muslims outnumber us. They kept Arabic they go to number one, we ditch Latin, we go to number two. I’m just saying. Are there any Trads in the audience? Where are my Trads? Are there any Trads here?

    (Cheers, applause)

    We have to take care of our Trads, folks. Under a Trump Papacy, the Trads will be taken care of, that I can assure you. I know how to build. I build things for a living. We are going to have a big beautiful altar rail in every Church. A big beautiful rail in the most magnificent, beautiful churches you’ve ever seen. The best incense, the best music, the best everything. And all kinds of Latin Masses. We’re going to have so many Latin Masses.

    (Cheers, applause)

    It’s all going to change. I’m going to build a Holy Office so big, so mean, and so strong no modernist would even think of uttering a heresy. And if they did then God help them. They would be out of here so fast. That I can promise you. So we need to bring back the Holy Office and make it strong again. I would absolutely knock the hell out of the modernists, ok?

    (Cheers, applause)

    Finally folks, let me just end by saying this. Our Church doesn’t win anymore. We used to win. We don’t win anymore. We lose on dialogue, we lose to the modernists, we lose to the pagans. When I win, when I become Pope, we are going to take our Church back. We’re going to make our Church great again. We’re going to make our Church reverent again. We’re going to kick the *&^% out of the modernists quickly. So quickly. We’re going to win so much. We’re going to win with conversions, we’re going to win with vocations, we’re going to win with the Mass.

    (Wild cheers, applause)

    Win after win after win. We’re going to win so much that you’re going to be begging me, please Holy Father let us lose once or twice, we can’t stand it anymore. And I’m going to say no way! We’re going to keep winning! We’re never going to lose! We’re never ever going to lose!

  19. Glennonite says:

    —Bishops agree with scientists: Homosexuality is something normal…—

    And the default setting and fitting end for humanity’s fallen state…is hell. The very natural end for the unrepentant.

  20. Experts?

    Amateurs built the ark…experts built the Titanic.

    As I understand it, the word “expert” is actually a compound word:
    “Ex” as in “former” or “has-been”
    “Spurt” as in “drip under pressure”

  21. catholiccomelately says:

    Semper Gumby ….. thank you! LOL

  22. teomatteo says:

    Some German bishops; sodomy; seen in animals; natural; humans; ok.
    So if a catholic man demands sodomy from his catholic wife and she says no, does he have grounds for annulment? Has their marriage been consummated if they just do like the animals?
    If the pope doesn’t clearly, emphatically shut this down then.. then…

  23. Ipse Dixit says:

    So interesting that this post about German homosexualist bishops would occur on the same day as the following blog entry on The Pink Swastica about the prevalence of vicious homosexuals in the Hitler regime.

  24. Semper Gumby says:

    catholiccomelately: You’re welcome. A-CNN did the work, I adjusted it a bit. Have a blessed Advent.

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