Newly Received! Challenge Coin – Coloring Books – Bibles – 2020 Ordo

You might remember that I have challenge coins and that I like to exchange. I received a new coin from someone who sent the 2018 version last year. They look great! Thanks.

I received two copies of a newly printed Douay-Rheims version of the Bible.  The book is small, hard bound, on very thing “bible paper”.  This is from Preserving Christian Publications.   US HERE – UK HERE  There is a red cover and a black cover.    Right now they are on sale for $28 rather than $32.

One nice thing is that it lies open!   This is from

Daniel Mitsui sent COLORING BOOKS.   They are amazing.  US HERE  UK HERE

A friend of mine said that he used these books with a friend who had memory and motor control afflictions and they were effective fending off the symptoms.

Christian Labyrinths: A Celtic Coloring Book  US HERE – UK HERE

I imagine you would need some 0.05 pens for this.

That’s a lot of dots.

Do you have a 2020 Ordo? Better slightly late than never.

From St. John Cantius.

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  1. ex seaxe says:

    No I don’t have an Ordo for the new year. Last year the Diocesan Ordo for L—— Archdiocese (UK) reached us two days after Epiphany! My parish priest checked yesterday about the new (ie current!) year and was told ‘there are problems with the printer’. Furthermore, although the Ordo does show December for both years, the editor has completely forgotten the Immaculate Conception, which for OF should appear next Monday 9th, and does not. You could not make this stuff up. END OF RANT At least the first page ends with
    E & O E all errors mistakes, proposed amendments etc will be gratefully received …

  2. Zephyrinus says:

    Dear EX SEAXE.
    May I, respectfully, suggest you E-Mail THE SAINT LAWRENCE PRESS LTD at
    and order their 2020 ORDO, which is superb and in stock. I have already received my Copy.
    in Domino

  3. iamlucky13 says:

    Very interesting choice of Mr. Mitsui to release some of his art in coloring book form.

    A relative of mine has in the past mentioned she sometimes uses coloring books as a way to relax and take her mind off of her stressful work. I might have to check if she still does this and make a gift of one. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Ellen says:

    I would need high powered magnifiers for that Bible.

    [If you have bad eye sight, you should get a large-letter Bible. I find this edition quite readable, as I believe most people would.]

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