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It has been too long since I have asked about your good news.   What’s up?  Are there good things going on that you would like to share with the readership?

For my part, I going to work on some Hebrew.   Also, I had a great tech consult this morning about using a password manager.  Moreover, I received a few more notes from people who explained how the blog has helped them.

Now I need to fight off a cold I picked up.

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  1. acardnal says:

    I started using a password manager about six months ago after doing a lot of research. I am very pleased with its operation and the fact that all of my passwords are long, strong and unique. And securely encrypted. I needed one because I have about 60 passwords right now.

  2. Anneliese says:

    I have no good news of my own but I know of others who have good things happening.

    My friends are expecting their fourth child at the end of May. Their third boy. Pray for them all because they’ve been fighting colds.

    My friend, a Dominican friar, who’s attending CUA, heard three hours of confession the other day at the Shrine, which is very exciting to hear. And he attended Mass that Bishop Hying celebrated at the Shrine for the anniversary of the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

    Also, I potentially have a candidate for a spiritual director. I’ve been looking for the past few years and haven’t had any luck. So, please pray for that and for a few other intentions. I know this post is for good news but I can throw out a prayer request so that I can have more good news to share in the future. Thanks!

  3. Good news? Lots, and I fear I would fill up your database with just the tip of the iceberg.

    Building on your support over the past 18 months regarding the restoration of the shrine to Good St. Anne (I can not help but think that +Morlino is praying before the Throne in assistance) in Fall River…we have been open since July 4th of last year and rectification of the water drainage issues which flood the downstairs shrine are being addressed and the results are promising. We have had the assistance of many priests in the diocese who’ve asked to help; a charismatic ‘Healing Mass’ is being celebrated once a month with Exposition/Adoration. We are bringing back the perpetual novena to our patroness on Sunday afternoons as had been a staple since the 1920 but fell into disuse when the last Dominican retired in the early aughts.

    Candles are being lit at the statues in the shrine. Friday afternoons, a group assembles for Rosary, Divine Mercy, and prayer before the reserved Sacrament. We have restored many of the vessels and accoutrements for worthy celebration of the Mass and are hoping that permission for the Francophone Society’s quarterly Mass can be obtained in the Shrine where they had met until the parish was suppressed.

    As if that’s not enough for a lay group running a Shrine…we will bring back the solemn novena to St. Anne in July, leading up to the feast (which will have to be moved since her feast day falls on a Sunday) with full ceremony, smells, bells, exposition, benediction.

    When we open the doors for these special events…we’re filling the pews and setting out folding chairs. My saying is that ‘there is NOTHING too good for the Shrine’; but taking a line from a movie: “if you build it, they will come” is being borne out in practice.

    God is good. And proves it, in St. Anne’s Shrine in Fall River, every day.

    [Good news indeed.]

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  4. Suburbanbanshee says:

    The little university chapel I attend is going from strength to strength, as the new pastor is following up on the work of his predecessors by making the place even more beautiful. We have an altar frontal with a picture of the parish patron saint (actually the liturgical color changes, but the portrait stays the same), there have been lots of ad orientem Masses and the occasional Latin one, we got a big near life-sized crucifix, there are new saint statues, there is a paten…. Also the activity spaces get a lot of use from the college kids, the young KoC do a lot of charity and education, and Father makes Confession available almost all the time. And our music director has started learning and singing the propers!

    I am very proud. People seem to think of amazing things when given the smallest encouragement.

  5. bobbird says:

    We had both area parish priests show up for January 22 picketing on a busy street corner near the abortionist’s office. He performs roughly one a week. We usually make our presence known at the PP clinic 12 miles away, where abortion referrals and contraception takes place. Temp was about zero and our Shepherds bravely remained for at least an hour. One pastor said, “The drive-by waves are much friendlier here than in Anchorage.” [compared population: 280,000 v. 40,000].

  6. jaykay says:

    Excellent news, Brian D. Along the lines of your ” if you build it…” we have had a large number of enquiries for our Chartres pilgrimage chapter, building on last year when we had 40. Although enquiries don’t always of course end in actual feet on the ground it is very positive at this stage. God willing it’ll be as good as last year.

  7. majuscule says:

    My struggling rural mission church is going to be the site of a Mission Youth Holy Week project. They will be helping to renovate the grounds and initiate a spark in our lagging community. Perhaps they will also be going out in the community, too. They will be taking part in some of our Holy Week liturgies and we have been invited to take part in theirs (daily Mass and Adoration).

    There are not enough regular attendees to keep up the grounds or manage the fundraisers we used to have. But there are still many Catholics in our small community who do not attend Mass.

    One of the proposals is to have 24 hour adoration when they are there. Presently we have only Sunday Mass, so wouldn’t this be a blessing, even if for only a few days!

    Here’s the local Mission Youth webpage…

    The priests are from Regnum Christi, so they could use a little positive news, too.

  8. Diane says:

    I had a visit with my Doctor in Milwaukee last Friday. After a CT Scan and X-ray he informed me that I am now cancer free! And now I don’t have to see him for six months! Thanks be to God. I know that prayers really work! And thank you Father, for your prayers. You might remember that my surgery was on your birthday!

  9. Mrs. Amen says:

    My good news is that God is so faithful. He never abandons me. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and will be having major surgery this week to kick off treatments. My doctors say I am “very young” (funny, because a few years ago when pregnant with my youngest child they kept saying how old I was) and my prognosis is very good. This diagnosis came as a complete shock to me and my doctors as I had no indication there was anything wrong until my annual screening (don’t skip your screenings!). All along this process though God has been in every moment. At the end of 2018 when I randomly chose a Patron Saint to spend the year with I got St. Agatha – Patron Saint of bakers (yay!) and breast cancer patients (boo!). I was so happy I had gotten to know her over the previous year so that on December 27th when I had my biopsies I knew whose intercession to call upon. Even better was when the ultrasound technician for my biopsies introduced herself – Agatha. I was flooded with a supernatural peace that can only come from God. I expect to have even more good news as I walk this path. Praise God for his mercy to me, a sinner.

  10. Charivari Rob says:

    Big picture?
    Bit by bit, people speaking up for pro-life.
    The large crowd in Washington this year…
    Abroad – Ireland is coming up to an election. People remember the Constitutional Amendment fiasco from last year and are pushing back – politicians leaving their parties over pro-abortion party line, new party rising up to stand new candidates against status quo.
    Minor work assignment last week that had the potential to be complete non-issue or disproportionate headache, and I got to be the guy on the ground. My boss (boss’ boss, actually) told me he’d back any judgment call I felt needed to be made, even if it meant bucking HQ. It’s really nice to hear that once in a while.

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