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ASK FATHER: Father had his dog with him at the altar during Mass

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Hi Father-     I attended an N.O. Mass this morning, along with about 50 others, and I was shocked to see the priest allow his dog on the altar!  During the sermon, the priest stopped, looked … Read More

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URGENT POLL: Which pizza is better? NYC or Chicago style?

In my ongoing desire for clarity, I have posted about the burning issues of our day. For example, I have sought clarity, and found it, about the true plural of the drink made from Gin and from Tonic.  The answer … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Suspension of Communion on the tongue because of #Coronavirus

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Father, in the Philippines a bishop told people to stop receiving Communion on the tongue and receive only in the hand because of Coronavirus and don’t have the chalice too. What say you? We have seen … Read More

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VIDEO contrasts participants in March for Life and Women’s March

LifeSite posted this fascinating, predictable, video.   But an image is worth a thousand words. Listening to the view of the other side in this video is like witnessing the autopsy of long dead cadaver in really bad shape. You can … Read More

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Blog changes – speed! And “Catholic Signal Corps”

I had posted a while ago that there was going to be yet another maintenance issue coming up. As you recall, we did a massive switch to a new server last October.  That went well. This time we had to … Read More

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China, FlightAware, and You

There is an online resource for tracking airline flights: Flightaware.   It is fascinating to see the planes move in real time.  You get a sense of how important air travel and freight is for all of us. You also get … Read More

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