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My View For Awhile: north

I’m heading home after a maternal visit. Alas I am reading the spittle flecked raving of a hysterical and, apparently psychic, Austen Ivereigh at Commonweal. “None of this will bother Francis”! As if he has a clue about what bothers … Read More


More about #BOOKGATE and a Litany Against Modernists

More on BOOKGATE below. But first, I thought some of you would enjoy this new litany (for private use) in Italian. LITANIE ANTIMODERNISTE O glorioso S.Ignazio   fa finire questo strazio S. Giovanna d’Arco   al modernista chiudi il varco … Read More

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UPDATE – HILARITY ENSUES- Lib reactions to the new book from Card. Sarah and Benedict XVI

UPDATE 15 Jan 2020: Antonio Socci (not a fan of Francis) says in Facebook (I’m not a fan of Facebook) that Francis summoned Archbp. Gänswein, read him a riot act, and demanded that Benedict’s name be removed from the book. … Read More

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To save the world, we have to save the liturgy. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

My mantra in these electronic pages for years was and is and will be “Save The Liturgy, Save The World“. Sounds odd at first? Consider that of all the relationships we have, that which we have with God is and … Read More

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Summary of FACTS about the controversial new book by BOTH Card. Sarah and Benedict XVI

Edward Pentin has posted at the National Catholic Register a summary of the FACTS surrounding the controversial new book from Card. Sarah and Pope Benedict XVI. HERE As you know, as soon as the book was announced the attacks began … Read More

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