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ASK FATHER: Pay the German “Church Tax” or not, given what the German Church is doing?

From a GERMAN reader… QUAERITUR: Currently, I am required to pay my income tax in Germany, which also includes the “Church Tax” as I have declared that I am a Roman Catholic. It appears one cannot just opt-out of this … Read More

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Lest BREXIT go unnoticed, a Martyrology entry: “Pridie Kalendas Februarii Luna sexta Anno Domini 2020…”

I received this from a reader. Pridie Kalendas Februarii Luna sexta Anno Domini 2020 Britanniae, anno LXVIII regni Elizabethae Reginae, Imperium, splendore radians, ab illo comitio diabolico scilicet, Unione Europaea, post annos dolorosos XLVII, (br)exiit. ‘In Britain, the 65th year … Read More

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ASK FATHER: In time of high risk contagion, nitrile gloves for distribution of Communion?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Are disposable nitrile gloves acceptable of a Priest distributing the Eucharist? Nitrile gloves are proven to help prevent the spread of pathogens. Yes, this can be done.  Should it be done is another thing. Holy Communion … Read More

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Getting a boost. Thanks.

I am grateful today for a new monthly donor.  AO  UPDATE: Also,  MB, RS, QJ, JB, DH, ML, MM Today is one of those lean days of the month, when not so many people have subscribed to a monthly donation. … Read More

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MAP and Stats: track the spread of Coronoavirus

Johns Hopkins has a live map and site that show the spread of Coronovirus.  HERE A screenshot: I refer you also to a post with some fiction and, in the comments, great fiction and non-fiction reading.  HERE How fact can … Read More

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Strong tonic to bishops and priests: “If I can’t endure the cold shower, … maybe I’m not fit for heaven.”

At LifeSite there is a a superb opinion piece (frankly, most of LifeSite is opinion) by Kevin Wells, author of The Priests We Need to Save the Church. Wells describes a program that some men are undertaking, a kind of … Read More

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The church of England apologizes for its temporary lapse into Christianity – UPDATED

UPDATED 1 Feb 2020: I have an apology to make.  Not to the cofE. Yesterday, before I had read anything else, I checked my mail.   A couple of friends with whom I often exchange news, both dire and ironic, for the … Read More

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