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CNN settles with Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann

This is interesting in the extreme!   News outlets, including Daily Wire, have something other than the retaliation of Iran. CNN has reportedly settled with the Convington KY HS student, Nick Sandman.  You will recall that Sandman, at the time 16 … Read More

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GREAT SCHRÖDINGER’s GHOST! Research on church attendance and … CAT OWNERS

In Christianity Today I read that… I can hardly bring myself to type… the horrific revelation that Cat Owners Are Less Likely To Go To Church This explains a lot, doesn’t it. By Schrödinger… is anyone really surprised, much less … Read More

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New video documentary about Benedict XVI from German TV

At National Catholic Register the intrepid Ed Pentin has posted at there is a 30 minute video documentary in German about Pope Benedict XVI’s life in the Vatican Gardens.  It aired on German TV on 3 January.   HERE It is … Read More

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Media Report looks at the anti-Catholic bias of Associated Press writers

Take a moment at least to scan the Media Report article about how the AP (Associated Press) writes about the Catholic Church.  HERE Another reason why alternative Catholic, non-legacy, sites can be important.

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ASK FATHER: Is cooking on Sunday a sin?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I saw someone say that cooking on Sunday violates the third commandment and food for Sunday must be made before Sunday. Is this true ? No. As much as we honor our Jewish forbears, we do … Read More

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