A note about sending Mass intentions. DON’T… unless you have made contact beforehand.

Dear readers,

I know that it is often very difficult to find parishes or priests for the Mass intentions you desire.

Do NOT, NOT, send me Mass intentions or Mass stipends without contacting me in advance and obtaining a response from me.

When a priest receives a Mass intention with a stipend he is obliged to fulfill that request in the way that it was agreed upon. By default he has to say the Mass within a year or find another priest to say the Mass for that intention.

If you send me money, thinking that it is a Mass stipend for an intention, I am under NO OBLIGATION to take it if I did not agree beforehand.

Priests keep their own calendars for these matters.

At times I am able to make connects between you readers and priests who are able to take intentions.

Again, I know that you often eagerly desire your intentions to be offered with Holy Mass, but do not assume priests are free to take an intention.

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