Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra

And to all my readers, I add…

Temba, his arms wide.


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  1. jwcraig11 says:

    The beast at Tanagra!

  2. moon1234 says:

    Picard and Uzani at El-A-drel

  3. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    Darmok and Jalad. At Tanagra!

  4. Bthompson says:

    Wuhan when the bat was cooked

  5. veritas vincit says:

    One of my favorite Star Trek Next Generation episodes!

  6. Semper Gumby says:

    Fascinating, inter-galactic haiku.

  7. jwcraig11 says:

    Zinda, his face black, his eyes red.

  8. acardnal says:


  9. iamlucky13 says:

    I see the “Darmok” episode as revisit of “Arena” with a plot better suited for Picard.

    Which raises the question: how would Kirk have dealt with coronavirus?

  10. Vir Qui Timet Dominum says:

    When the walls fell

  11. ddhue says:

    I used that episode to teach my children about allusion in novels. One of the best episodes!

  12. ajf1984 says:

    Sokath, his eyes open! Thank you for this, Father.

  13. Semper Gumby says:

    acardnal: Live long and prosper.

    iamlucky13: Tribbles, lots and lots of Tribbles. Social distancing.

  14. DeGaulle says:

    I’ve read that some Chinese have recently been communicating in Klingon in order to best their censors.

  15. veritas vincit says:

    iamlucky13: ‘I see the “Darmok” episode as revisit of “Arena” with a plot better suited for Picard.’

    With the addition of an intelligent race that could converse only in a kind of metaphor, referring to past stories and legends to describe the present.

  16. The Cobbler says:

    Trump and Kim at Singapore.

    America, where the wall was built.

    (I know, not current, but I’ve been waiting to say it for a while.)

  17. FrDulli says:

    Shaka, when the walls fell

  18. G1j says:

    Mary at Fatima. As she still weeps!

  19. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Boston, when they dispensed Lenten abstinence.

    (Which is actually okay, because abstinence is supposed to be dispensed at need for people having trouble getting food. Or sick people. Or old people with health problems. Or the poor. So the archbishop is just being explicit about it, so that those who need to break abstinence can do it without conscience problems. Doesn’t stop anybody from abstaining if they can.)

  20. Makemeaspark says:

    Temba, his arms open wide…

  21. The Masked Chicken says:

    So many thoughts…

    Wall Street, when the Dow fell.

    Uzani, his confession with doors closed.

    God, his army with Masses open.

    Two other serious sci-fi stories come to mind:

    1. Sheltering-in-place on a planetary scale = The Day the Earth Stood Still.
    2. Issac Asimov wrote a story called, The Naked Sun about a planet where people stayed indoors and only contacted people by video. We have become Solaris.

    The Chicken

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