National Anthem of the Papal States

When I have gone each year to the great Summorum Pontificum pilgrimage in Rome, there is a procession to San Pietro for Pontifical Mass. During that procession, the Litany is sung as well as various hymns. One of the hymns I have enjoyed singing, is Noi Vogliam Dio. I was reminded of this today as a friend sent me a link.  Biretta tip to A.


This became the “national anthem” of the Papal States for quite a while until it was supplanted by the Marche Pontificale by Gounod.

On this rather dire Friday 13th, when people are worked up about Coronavirus, and dioceses are shutting down Masses and churches, this is a spirit lift.

Here are the first few verses:

Noi vogliam Dio, Vergin Maria,
benigna ascolta il nostro dir,
noi t’invochiamo, o Madre pia,
dei figli tuoi compi il desir.
O Virgin Mary, we want God,
Graciously hear our prayer,
We invoke you, O kind Mother,
answer the prayer of your children.
Deh benedici, o Madre, al grido della fe’

noi vogliam Dio, ch’è nostro Padre,
noi vogliam Dio, ch’è nostro Re.
noi vogliam Dio, ch’è nostro Padre,
noi vogliam Dio, ch’è nostro Re.
O Bless, O Mother, upon our faithful call

We want God, who is our Father,
We want God, who is our King,
We want God, who is our Father,
We want God who is our King.
Noi vogliam Dio nelle famiglie
dei nostri cari in mezzo al cor;
sian puri i figli, caste le figlie,
tutti c’infiammi di Dio l’amor.
We want God in our families
in the center of the hearts of our dear ones;
Let them be pure sons, chaste daughters,
all on fire with the love of God.
Noi vogliam Dio in ogni scuola
perché la cara gioventù
la legge apprenda e la parola
della sapienza di Gesù.
We want God in every school
so that the dear youth
learn the law and the word
of the wisdom of Jesus


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  1. Jacob says:

    That’s cool. “O Virgin Mary, we want God!” Amen. [Yes, very cool.]

    Father, what is your thought on dispensing everyone from the Sunday obligation? That is what is happening locally with Mass schedules as normal. [Off topic.]

  2. nnn says:

    Very cool! I didn’t realize it existed in Italian, too – quick search tells me the original is French, interesting. Here in Poland we sing it quite often (as we do with all kinds of Marian hymns), usually those verses you presented, Father. It can be found on YouTube under “My chcemy Boga” if anyone is interested in a comparison.

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  4. Fr. Z, correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that Noi vogliam Dio was replaced by Hallmayer’s Marcia trionfale ( in 1857 as the Papal anthem, which was then replaced by Gourod’s Marche Pontificale in 1949.

  5. Fallibilissimo says:

    There was a great popular song born in southern Italy as a response to Jacobin and Masonic influences in the 19th century (specifically, when they briefly took control of Naples). It’s known as the anthem of the Sanfedisti, the name is “Sona Carmagnola”. Now, it’s popular and can be crude (HRC would surely call it “deplorable”) and it’s pregnant with meaning. Really, it has all the things I like in it (including a strong anti-French revolution spirit). It’s like a real good Neapolitan Ragu.

    “evviva u re cu la famiglia!!!”

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