Fr. Z with thanks to benefactors and a reminder

Lately I have received thing from my wishlist that a) arrived but I wasn’t alerted and b) there were no gift slips in the packages.

Hence, something my thanks came late and, at other times, my thanks didn’t come at all.

I know that God knows who you are.

I will say a Mass for benefactors on Saturday, 23 May.

I am grateful to all of you who have subscribed to send donations or who have donated occasionally.  Thank you.  I am grateful to you who have sent things from my wishlist.

I am also grateful that some of you use my links to buy things through Amazon.  Could I ask that more of you do that?  Whenever you use Amazon?   The small percent that comes from those purchases (I can’t see who buys what) are a major source of my income.  I just got notice that my insurance rates are going up again.  It’s getting ridiculous. PLEASE do remember me when you are online shopping. It makes a huge difference.



DONATE “ad hoc”: For a one time donation… HERE

ALSO THROUGH – CONTINUE TO GIVE(alternative to PayPal)

Some options

Finally, I will be raising some money to return to Rome for a time, in October. The last time I was there for the whole month, people seemed to enjoy my daily posts. I can promise more of the same. Watch for the wavvy Vatican flag!

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