Great news!   One of you kind readers sent me a recording of The Internet Prayer in Catalan!   I have updated the page that has all the translations of the prayer.

I very much appreciate receiving recordings by (usually) native speakers.  Although, I would like an updated and corrected version in KLINGON.


Here is the Catalan version.


Oració abans de conectar amb la ret internet:

Déu totpoderós i etern qui ens haveu creat a la vostra imatge i haveu manat que cerquéssim tot allò que es bo, veritat i bell, especialment en la divina persona del vostre Fill Unigènit, el nostre Senyor Jesucrist, concedeu, si us plau, que, per l’intercessió de sant Isidre, bisbe i doctor, durant les nostres peregrinacions per la ret internet, dirigim els nostres ulls i les nostres mans sols envers allò que us és grat, i que tractem amb caritat i paciència a totes les ànimes que hi trobem. Per Nostre Senyor Jesucrist.  Amen.


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  1. Cecelia1 says:

    Thank you for this prayer in Catalan. For those who are interested, there are free websites of very good quality for learning Catalan. Barcelona tv3 and radio help with pronunciation as well as cultural info. I managed to find a dictionary, grammar book and Bible online, although some sources don’t ship to the US. Catalan is a beautiful language, Catalonia seems to be an extremely interesting place, although I didn’t know it existed until 3 years ago. My dream of visiting is probably not going to happen, the world being what it is… I find it very helpful to learn prayers and to read passages of the Bible in Catalan (or probably any other language) as it sometimes gives a different slant, a different insight, on things. Visca Catalunya!

  2. ic78 says:

    Hello Father,

    I learned Catalan as a third language. I’m not sure what happened, but the words of the recorded prayer do not match the written one.

  3. Cecelia1 says:

    I agree, that may be. The recording was too indistinct for me to make out parts of it. But I’m still an amateur.

  4. idelsan says:

    I am catalan and it’s difficult for me to understand the recording! I do not know where the speaker is from. But many thanks anyway!

  5. xavier says:


    I’m from Canada but parents are from there. Thanks for your comments.
    That was the second recording as I was unhappy with the first.
    Perhaps I need to do a 3rd one then.
    My only concern is the lack of online Latin/Catalan resources. I’d like to buy the Enciclopiedia catalana’s bilingual dictionary but the shipping costs make it out of the question to send it.

    Are you using the edition? If so, I’m not a fan of the Catalan translation. A better one is at It has the Liturgy of the hours+prayers and other resources.
    Another one are songs called goigs to saints, our Lady, Jesus.
    the website is

    Thanks all for your comments!
    I’ll have to translate it more accurately and speak much more slowly :)


  6. Cecelia1 says:

    Thank you!

  7. xavier says:


    You’re welcome


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