The Traditional Latin Mass is going to be a key to any positive future for Catholicism in these USA.

The plural of anecdote is “data”.

COVID-1984 has accelerated a force operating on the Church as inexorably as The Biological Solution works on us all:  a huge demographic sinkhole is opening under the Church.  Shortly, everything is going to look quite different.   We are beyond the tipping point.

One of the results, I foresee, is that, as the “beige” Church drops into the void, Catholics with conviction and identity will be left.   These Catholics will find each other and, after some frictions, produce something vibrant.  Call it Ratzinger’s “creative minority” if you want.    These Catholics will include converts, especially from strong Scripture-based evangelical groups, charismatics with a solid grounding in Marian and Eucharistic devotion and, naturally, Tradition-oriented Catholics.

The Traditional Latin Mass is going to be a key to any positive future for Catholicism in these USA.

Back to the anecdotes.

A former Protestant pastor, Keith Nester, talks about the Traditional Latin Mass and Gregorian chant. It is remarkable how similar to mine was his reaction to chant and traditional Catholic worship affected him in his first encounter.

Also, over at LifeSite, convert and pro-life activist Abby Johnson explains why she attends the Traditional Latin Mass.

Try 10:10.   She talks about the 1st Mass of a newly ordained priest (TLM!).


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  1. Ave Maria says:

    I am at a wonderful Novus Ordo parish that leans traditional. We have the TLM on Sundays. (First parish to have live stream, then parking lot, then in the church, then all day adoration 5 days a week before other parishes in this part of the state, perhaps the whole diocese). Our new associate priest told me yesterday that his first Mass was quietly offered early in the morning at the Cathedral and was a low Mass. Oh, and all of our Masses have been ad orientem as well!

  2. Jones says:

    I love when you make these “big picture” posts. I need to brush up more on Scripture based truths. Any book recommendations on that and Marian and Eucharist devotions?

    Also around what time frame do you think this tipping point will happen? 1 yr? 5?

    I have a hunch that it’ll all coincide with this years election, what a coincidence huh? NOT

    There’s so much going on; corruption in the political sphere, church vandalism, the weather, the Benedict thesis being blow open again. Riots, old school Marxism rearing its head, extreme censorship in “big tech.” Somethings going to burst and very soon.

    I’ve never been calmer and more reassured in my faith.

    Also didn’t know the plural of anecdote is data.

  3. adriennep says:

    Jones: The Marian Catechist Apostolate was given to Cardinal Raymond Burke by the late Father John A. Hardon. Hardon’s Catholic Prayer Book is excellent. Also Hardon has a great book called Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan. You won’t outlive his recommendations. Their bookstore currently has a sale. Going through their certification program is one sure way to proper formation. I recommend it highly. Hardon was asked by John Paul II to write a catechism book years before the official one.

  4. adriennep says:

    News we can use: A priest in the diocese of Portland in Oregon at the Latin Mass July 19 at Sacred Heart, Medford, gives the “Wolves in Sheeps’ Clothing” homily, touching on false “Social Justice,” false plurality of religions, Black Lives Matter, and socialism/communism. We never thought we’d hear this locally, and from one priest, still only age 29, Father Stephen Kenyon. Yes there is hope for the Church. And it speaks Latin. This video posted on Sacred Heart site.

  5. Midwest St. Michael says:

    Mr./Miss Jones,

    I second what adriennep said. Here is a link to Fr. Hardon’s materials:

  6. arga says:

    Keith Nester’s video is great, but he implies (as many do Latin Mass lovers do) that the only place for Gregorian chant is the Latin Mass. But there is no reason at all why that music cannot be infused into the Novus Ordo.

  7. rdb says:

    I agree, but Rocco P posted something in his typical cryptic way, linking to Ecclesia Dei and then writing, “As ever, don’t mistake noise for news… yet again, the difference will be clear soon enough.”
    He has contacts among his kind and may know something bad (for the TLM) is in the works.

  8. xavier says:

    Is there a link to the bookstore in question?



  9. adriennep says:

    Marian Catechist Apostolate is at

    Their books at:

    Probably best to call them directly and get personal service.

    Yes, and Fr Hardon’s talks will rock your world. He was chosen at the time as Catechist for Mother Teresa’s nuns.

    Thanks for asking!

  10. Jones says:

    Wonderful! Thank you Adriennep for recommendations and the links! I have a lot reading up to do.

    Midwest St. Michael I’ll be sure to check out this site to!

  11. Luminis says:

    Jones: You can also read Fr Hardons essays and hear talks on a website that is .

  12. samwise says:

    A charismatic, TLM-going friend of mine is filming a documentary on the beauty, truth, & goodness of TLM. He was interviewed by Dr Marshall:

  13. tho says:

    Although there are many of our prelates who speak out, none do so as forcefully as Archbishop Vigano. He is our Joan of Arc. speaking out about this 50 year conflict. and calling it what it is, a parallel church that is willing to compromise 2000 years of speaking the truth, and turning us into a NGO.

  14. lifelong Catholic says:

    I just read your words about the “sink hole” opening up under the Church and wondered if you have written about the Global Compact on Education and Jorge ‘Francis’ Bergoglio’s “New Humanism”. I see that you did on on Feb. 6th with “READ: NRO piece by Daniel J. Mahoney, ‘Pope Francis, Wayward Shepherd’ “; and I certainly agree with Mr. Mahoney and your comments.

    Yes, faithful Catholics should be gravely concerned about the infiltration of this “New Religion” of Jorge’s in Catholic education, and it is entrenched. One only has to go to the “official site” of the Global Compact on Education to see how vast it is. Involved are Catholic universities, Religious orders, social organizations and now high school and elementary schools and “religious education”, etc. Recently, Cardinal Dolan opined that Catholic schools need to receive the ‘pandemic’ money or more schools will have to close. Considering that Catholic education is now dedicated to turning out students more dedicated to the New Humanism and Globalism rather than “classical Christian orthodoxy” (oh no…that’s too ‘rigid’), the question arises: Should Catholic schools remain open? At least “Catholic” schools would not be responsible for the loss of souls to the New Humanism (a new Christianity as Mr. Mahoney puts it). Many Catholics remain faithful to the True Faith when attending public schools because they recognize the secularism. In most Catholic institutions today, the lines are blurred.

    As for continually lobbying for funding, it would be a good be a good idea for the USCCB (reminder: existing in America) to stop funding Latin America with its “… Over $3.5 Million in Grants to Support the Church in Latin America, Including Indigenous Ministries and Environmental Education Programs.” Even though special collections are taken up for Latin America, the revolving door of millions of tax dollars to ‘Catholic’ entities that have gone AWOL from the True Faith, including huge amounts for resettlement of refugees, fosters continued deviation from classical Christian orthodoxy.

    If readers are interested in learning one aspect of how the Catholic Church (and other denominations) became enmeshed in “environmentalism/globalism”, I recommend Capital Research Center’s information. This statement appears on its site:
    “The Capital Research Center was established in 1984 to examine how foundations, charities, and other nonprofits spend money and get involved in politics and advocacy, often in ways that donors never intended and would find abhorrent.”
    These are the two links:
    Published in 2016, Capital Research Center by Dr. Steven J. Allen:
    Rallying Believers to Pax Gaia: If you’re pro-God, you must be Green, suggests Yale’s Forum on Religion and Ecology
    Greening the Churches The role of left-wing foundations in the rise of religious environmentalism By E. Calvin Beisner (Green Watch, December 2013

    And I just came upon this, reported by Lifesite yesterday…Sounds like the current pontificate is being “rigid” to me:

    Keep up the good work, Father Z.

  15. Semper Gumby says:

    “…something otherworldly, something transcendent…” – former pastor Keith Nester

    “What first drew my attention to the Catholic liturgy was the ancient Catholic music, Gregorian chant.” – Martin Mosebach, The Heresy of Formlessness

    “The Ancient Rite gave a powerful impulse to the new social order [Charlemagne and Christendom c. 800 AD] by becoming the chief cultural instrument for communicating the Catholic ideals at the heart of the emerging civilization.” – Fr. Slattery, ‘Heroism and Genius’

    “The liturgy is the authentic method instituted by the Church to unite souls to Jesus.” – Dom Maurice Festugiere, quoted in ‘Nothing Superfluous’ by Fr. James Jackson

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