Your Sunday Sermon Notes – 12th after Pentecost (NO: 21th Ordinary) 2020

Was there a GOOD point made in the sermon you heard at the Mass for your Sunday, either live or on the internet? Let us know what it was.

Also, are you churches opening up? What was attendance like?

For my part,

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  1. visigrad22 says:

    Heard a wonderful homily on Truth…our willingness to hear it and willingness to speak it no matter the consequence to self.

  2. Fulco One Eye says:

    Our priest gave another excellent sermon. Keying from the Gospel he spoke about true and false notions of God’s mercy.

  3. Fulco One Eye says:

    I failed to report our diocesan Tridentine Rite Mass was very much live and quite full. Attendance has increased from 30-40 to at least 120 in 3 years.

  4. smittyjr63 says:

    Our church opened up weeks ago. I went to go to the very first Mass and when I opened up the vestibule door I was met by a throng of masked people, all staring at me, unmasked. It was a most disturbing site. I was waiting for everyone to point at me and make that “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” screech. At this particular time, our governor gave us the option to wear them or not, but our diocese was another story (now the mask is mandatory, although alot of folks are still NOT wearing them in stores – I live in a red state and the COVID count is almost down to zero now…so masks – go figure). Anyway, I was asked to wear a mask by a “guard” at the door and told her I don’t wear masks. All eyes were on me. Sadly, I turned around and left. I haven’t been to Mass since this plandemic hit (6 months now?). I love God, and pray earnestly at night before I go to bed at the little Catholic altar I have made for myself (rosary, novenas, chaplets, misc. prayers). I say my spiritual communion (Liguori) and before I hit the sack I read Catholic holy books (currently almost finished “FATIMA In Lucia’s Own Words”). One day hopefully, folks will take off their masks and I’ll return to Mass. For now, I’m staying close to God in my own special way. May he understand me, forgive me, and have mercy on me.

  5. Ellen says:

    Our churches have been open since late May. We have to wear masks and while I loathe masks, I do want to go to Mass so I have been wearing them. At first there was only a handful of people, but last weekend, the attendance was so much that people had to stand in the back. We still physically distance – every other pew – and there’s no sign of peace, which I don’t miss. I am so grateful to be able to go Mass that I still don the mask. Our governor was going to shut church services for an additional two weeks but the bishops grew a spine and told him NO. I hope that soon we can toss the masks since the numbers are dropping.

  6. Gregg the Obscure says:

    good homily by a young priest who is on faculty at the local seminary.

    in the first part he elaborated on the things that divide Catholics and protestants: the role of the Blessed Mother, papal infallibility, and the Eucharist. all of these are signs of unity among Christians which many non-Catholics tend to misrepresent rather severely.

    then he briefly recounted a sick call from the wee hours of that day. he told the dying woman not to be afraid, to which she replied that she had no fear but simply trust in our Lord and our Lady. they then sang the Salve Regina

  7. JonPatrick says:

    Both under the weather so elected to livestream the Mass from St. Mary Providence RI FSSP church. An interesting interpretation of the Good Samaritan parable. We are the man in the ditch wounded by sin. The old law doesn’t help us but Jesus the Good Samaritan saves us, the oil and wine represents the sacraments and the inn is the Church the field hospital to which He will return some day.
    He then tied it into the Epistle reading, how the law does not save us but that we need to love God and our neighbor.

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