Newspaper of the Italian Bishops Conference – Avvenire – defends “Cuties”

The Italian Bishops Conference has a daily national newspaper: Avvenire.

Avvenire – the Italian Bishops Conference paper – has come out in defense of Netflix kiddie-porn – child-sex – pedophile fantasy movie “Cuties”.

I am not making this up.

Non si spiega la campagna contro Netflix: non c’è alcuna «scandalosa sessualizzazione di adolescenti» come hanno scritto alcuni tra i 600mila firmatari di una petizione

There’s no explaining the campaign against Netflix: there is no “scandalous sexualization of adolescents” as some among the 600,ooo signers of a petition have written

There’s no sexualization of adolescents.   Perhaps they are too young to be adolescents.

This is what liberal obsession about understanding “nuanceproduces: dung for brains.

Libs always… always… demand that you deny the facts right in front of your eyes.

The Italian Bishops’ newspaper defends “Cuties”.

What does that tell you?

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  1. mrs wu says:

    Sick-making. Wretched. Makes me retch. These men are false shepherds, leading their flock to disaster.
    We must pray for them – we are all part of the same broken Body.

  2. Padre Pio Devotee says:

    You’d think they’d be smart by either not commenting on the film or explain how disgusting it is considering all the bad press bishops and clergy have received over two decades of international sex abuse scandals. Honestly, we deserve any chastisement coming our way these days

    Where is anyone’s brain these days.

  3. Bob says:

    I’m so close to refusing to read the news Catholic or secular. Each day we read stories like this and it makes me feel alone in what I believe. I know I’m not but things like this makes me wonder what universe we all live in. Do we not all see the same thing? Do we not all believe in what our Church teaches? The frustration mounts but I refuse to fall into despair. May daily offering for Masses is for strength to withstand this onslaught of perversion within our own Church. I’m not an academic or theologian but I know enough to understand that “Cuties” is porn no matter how it is defended.

  4. ThePapalCount says:

    This film is reprehensible and disgraceful. “Cuties” is what it is. Soft porn. The title expresses this. The children depicted are to be seen as “cuties”. It surely sexualizes children. It makes them objects of lust. It has no redeeming social or moral qualities. Its sinful. It’s child abuse masquerading as art. So, I ask these Most Reverend bishops — would you watch this film with Jesus Christ sitting next to you? With Our Blessed Mother next to you. But, I fear these bishops Jesus doesn’t matter you see because they don’t believe. Their answer speaks to the condition of their souls.
    But, our church leadership should speak loudly to this rapacious depiction of children. The Catholic Church is ill served by too many of its clergy — especially its hierarchy.
    We are so weak. Disgraceful. God help us.

  5. Lynn Diane says:

    This makes me think the spokesman for the Italian Bishops Conference likes the movie.

  6. CasaSanBruno says:

    What does this tell me? It tells me we ought to pray and fast much more in reparation to the Sacred Heart for the sins of our priests, bishops, pope, and selves.

    Proper to the homosexual psychology is the frequent inability to perceive how others see them. Part of the disorder, resultant from detachment from the natural law, is the relatively skewed vision of everything. The sin that cries to God for justice is so utterly corrupting that it fragments the psychology in a way that other sins do not. That might be an explanation for the poor soul’s observation of the movie.

    God the Father told St Catherine of Siena that, although Satan incites this unnatural sin amongst clergy, it’s so repulsive that he doesn’t stick around to watch it play out.

  7. OssaSola says:

    Way to bring on Oneheckuva Chastisement! As a chump lay person I, have quite enough personal and family issues to pray for without having to add more petitions to keep my own shepherds in line. But, of course, I will pray.

  8. Semper Gumby says:

    Defund the Bishop’s Conferences and most of the Vatican such as the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. At Baptism, every Catholic should be issued a Bible, a Catechism such as Trent or Baltimore, and a Rosary.

  9. OssaSola says:

    Side comment to CasaSanBruno: thank you for the post about tattoos. We were able to find a priest to decommission both of our tattoos in hopes the oppression will lessen. I am so grateful.

  10. abdiesus says:

    I have a simple question.

    When is enough enough?

    What are we going to do about this? I cannot believe that there is nothing that we can do. I’ll bet Italians of the past would not take something like this lying down. We may not pick our own bishops, but I’ll bet there have been plenty of times when the people have risen up and said No. we will NOT have this man as our Bishop. I don’t understand why we don’t exercise that same power today! What’s wrong with Catholics? To me, the lack of any principled resistance of this sort is even more discouraging than what is being foisted upon us by a corrupt and filthy hierarchy.

  11. arga says:

    We’re led by perverts, traitors and heretics.

    [No. Some of our leaders are perverts, traitors and heretics.]

  12. Chris in Maryland 2 says:

    Why be surprised when a conference full of idolaters, led by the Bishop of Rome, supports sex abuse of tween girls?

    These fraudulent agents of anti-Christ published a prayer to the occult fertility goddess Pachamama in April of 2019, and then led by the Pontiff Francis, they staged their idolatry to their occult mistress in October 2019, for all the world to see.

    St. Paul explained 2000 years ago that idolatry and sexual perversion go hand-in-hand.

    Let’s face facts: this papacy is like the 9th century Pornocracy in the Vatican. They are obsessed with evil. We should pray for them, as we are commanded by Jesus to pray for our enemies.

  13. CasaSanBruno says:

    Well done OssaSola! God will definitely reward your efforts. Be assured of my remembrance of you in my Low Mass – 10 minutes from now. Long day at the office…..

  14. Semper Gumby says:

    abdiesus: Fair, though nothing is wrong with Catholics, see the Parable of the Sower. “Enough is enough” is an understandable sentiment, though in “in the world you will have trouble” Jn 16:33.

    May I suggest there is resistance, and a few video suggestions to take a break from the news: the Knights of Columbus made a series of videos on Bp. Olmsted’s letter “Into the Breach,” also “Into Great Silence” (Grande Chartreuse) and “Quaerere Deum” (Norcia). Cheers.

  15. Senor Quixana says:

    With friends like these…

    One thought, not terribly comforting, is that we Americans do tend to be puritanical relative to Europeans. The other thought, downright horrible, is that whoever made the statement is among those who someday will not condemn the Church for its failures to eradicate pedophilia among us but for its failure to celebrate it. I hate to admit it but I strongly suspect this is someone who wants this to be the norm so he can stop hiding.

  16. abdiesus says:

    With respect Fr. Z, arga is correct. We are *led* by perverts, traitors and heretics. It is the perverts traitors and heretics that are doing the *leading*. There is not, to my knowledge a single response from any Bishop, Archbishop, or Cardinal condemning this statement. Not. One.

    That’s not *leadership* that’s hiding in a hole in the ground. People are losing their faith over this sort of thing – specifically the lack of *any* leadership from supposedly orthodox Bishops, Archbishops, and Cardinals. Is it any wonder we can’t get a fraternal correction of a heretical Pope when we can’t even get a fraternal correction of these pervert Bishops?

    As I said before, enough is enough. Where is Burke? Where is Sarah? hiding in holes, not leading. The only one who’s saying anything at all is Vigano.

    If they can’t bring themselves to address this kind of perversion amongst their peers in the episcopacy, it’s clear there will never be leadership from any of these folks, and it is foolish to keep on waiting for such leadership. It’s time to accept the fact that we’re all on our own to confront these perverts, traitors and heretics.

    The Laity will have to simply remove these perverse traitorous and heretical prelates. We don’t have to put up with this filth. But no one else is going to help us. We’re going to have to get rid of the filth ourselves.

  17. Gab says:

    ”There’s no explaining the campaign against Netflix: there is no “scandalous sexualization of adolescents” as some among the 600,ooo signers of a petition have written”

    Corruptio optimi pessima.

    [There has NEVER been anything “optimal” about either Avvenire or that conference. Perhaps “agere sequitur esse” is better here.]

  18. tho says:

    We have been betrayed by the U.S. Supreme Court who make all of this possible. They use the word penumbra to embrace what isn’t even remotely in our constitution. A dishonest way to cause unrest among Americans. Chief Justice John Roberts is leading the way, not in this case but in others, to soul destroying decisions that would make James Madison wretch. Hollywood and it’s perverts applaud,

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